BTS (Namjoon Part 6(Final Part)):


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(Y/n)’s POV:

I didn’t know what he wanted to talk about, but if it’s about moving on, he didn’t have to have my permission. “I glad I caught you. We really need to talk…” “You know you can date someone else without my permission.” He stopped talking and was practically speechless. “Excuse me?!” He paused seeming a bit shocked and frustrated. “What?” “You and Kat…” “No, this conversation is strictly about us… I don’t want Kat…” he paused as I got the water out of the vending machine. “(Y/n), I miss you.” I looked at him. “No, you miss the idea of me dating you…” “Why are you doing this?” “what? What am I doing?” I asked. He ran his finger through his hair in frustration. “Why are you pushing me away?” “Because… I’m tired of the fighting, the crying, getting back together and then doing it all over again,” I stopped and looked him in the eyes. “You need to move on. We both do… this isn’t health for us.” I go to leave the room, but he caught my arm again, like before in the hall way. “(Y/n), I need you… I love you…please, don’t do this.” I could feel the tears pool in my eyes as I looked at him. I had half a mind to change my mind, but it would change things. We were in a rut, a rut that we seemed to never dig ourselves out of.

“Just let me go, Namjoon! It’s for the best! Live your life with someone that won’t cause you pain and I’ll do the same…” I go to jerk away, but he wouldn’t let me go. I looked him in the eyes, this time they weren’t filled with frustration, but with desperation. “What’s the point of being with someone who doesn’t make you feel some kind of emotion? You are the only person that I’ve ever feel anything with. You are the only person that I feel alive with…” he paused as he shook his head no. “There is no other person, but you…”

Those words pulled at my heart strings. “I can’t live without you ever since you came into my life…” My tears started to flow. Before I knew it, I had kissed him. Something that I thought I had told myself that I didn’t want to do, but really, I was dying to be back in his arms.

*A few years later*

“Would you quit?” I wined. He blew on my bare neck again. I look up at him with a glare. “Don’t…” “I’m just messing with you, babe,” he replied with a chuckle. “No, you just want to annoy me since we’re in public and you know that turns me on…” I began, but I shut up quickly when someone got close to us. “You guys ready?” the project manager asked. “Yep, total…” I heard Namjoon chuckle behind me and I shot him a glare, again.

“Do you guys need a minute?” “No, we’re okay…” “Okay! Everyone places!” Namjoon and I moved to the center of the photo shoot. The project manager instructed us to pose with Namjoon holding my waist from behind me and us looking at each other. “You look beautiful, by the way…” I had been a while since I had to really dress up in a formal dress and my hair in a up do. Of course, I was use to the amount of makeup and heels. “Thank you, you don’t look half bad yourself…” I pressed my hand against his chest feeling the fabric of the suit that they made him wear. Someone came a fiddle with the bottom of the long dress train to make it how they wanted. I stayed still and looked him in the eyes. I couldn’t help but to smile genuinely. “That’s it perfect, now…” They instructed us to a pose to where it looked like we were dancing with my back facing the camera and my head slightly turned to the side so my face still showed.

“This kind of reminds me of our wedding night…” he paused. “Except there was less cameras and clothes towards the end…” I couldn’t help, but to laugh. “Oaky, now face each other, hug each other close, and then have your foreheads pressed together with your eyes closed.” He directed. We did what we were told. Adjustment were made with the part of the dress that was on the floor again. Finally, the photo shoot finished and we could get back into our regular clothes. As we exited Angel came up to us, phone in her hand… “So how is Korea’s power couple of the year?” she looked up and smiled at us. “We’re great…” I answered. “That’s good, maybe next year you could be voted for Korea’s power family…” I shook my head frantically, but stopped as I saw Namjoon catch me. I looked back at Angel and she was going me a ‘Why haven’t you told him yet?’ look. Namjoon just looked at our exchange in confusion. “What aren’t you telling me, (Y/n)?” He had a stern tone.

“I think I’ll leave you two alone to talk…” I pursed my lips and watched her leave me in the hole she dug for me. “Can we go to our dressing room to talk?” He nodded and dragged me there. He cleared everyone out of the room I told him the news. “So, I’m going to be a… a dad…?” He paused and sat down, running his fingers threw his hair. I sighed think that I predicted what his reaction would be. “I’m going to be a dad…” the exclaimed as a grin grew on his face. “Wait, how long have you know?” “For about a week…” now he looked upset. “So, you hid this from me for a week…?” “I didn’t think you would like the news because we’re so focused on our career…” “Of course, I like the new. I love it, in fact…” he grabbed me and hugged me to him. “I’m going to be a dad…” he chuckled as we cling to each other.


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