Dongwoo - Newly Weds

The lighted tree stared back at you as you waited for Dongwoo. Not even being married an entire day, he already had to leave to practice with Infinite. You weren’t one to stop him, plus he promised that he would be home to spend as much time with you as he could.

Sitting on the couch, you lifted your knees up to your chest as you looked at the beautiful tree that you both decorated together. Pictures of the two of you were scattered around the small apartment that you both shared.

Grabbing your phone in your hand, you brought the screen to life as the light of the screen lit up your face as you looked at the time. A few hours were left til midnight as you got distracted by the background of your phone. It was of your new husband, Dongwoo. He looked so handsome as he was pressing his lips against your cheek, his hands carefully rested on your jaw as a smile was seen on the sides of his lips.

With your heart beginning to beat faster, you let the screen go dark as you rested your head on your knees before looking out the window to the beautiful lights. Snow began to fall as you smiled to yourself thinking how much Dongwoo loved the snow. Moving your feet off of the edge of the couch, you shuffled your feet against the floor as you walked over to the window that had a ledge that you loved to sit on.

Pulling your blanket up around your shoulders, you let your forehead press against the cold window as your breath blew against the window, writing your name with Dongwoo’s you smiled as you drew a heart around it.

Hours ticked by slowly, as you waited for him, nothing you wished more than for him to come home to you. Looking up at the stars, you wished with all your heart that you could see him tonight before you fell asleep.

Taking in a deep breath you let it out slowly as you played with your new ring, admiring it in the moonlight that filtered in through the window. It twinkled just like his eyes when he looked at you. A soft smile sat on your lips again as you looked out the window again.

Checking the time again, it was just around midnight as your screen dimmed and shut off. The sound of the door caught your attention as you craned your neck to see if it was Dongwoo coming through the door.

“Woo?” You asked into the cool air as you heard his bag drop to the ground as he fiddled with his shoes and coat as he put them away.

“Jagiya~ Are you still up?” He asked quietly as he made his way into the living room where he saw the soft light highlight your angelic face. A smile came from his lips as he held open his arms as he moved towards you. Swinging your legs from the ledge you wrapped the blanket around you as you shuffled to his arms.

Resting your head on his chest, you wrapped the blanket around him too as his clothes felt cold from the freezing temperatures outside. His arms wrapped around you as he slowly rocked you from side to side. With his head resting on top of yours and your ear pressed against his chest as you listened to his heart, his hands moved slowly up and down your back.

Dongwoo stopped swaying for a minute before lifting your chin with his fingers.

“How come you have to be so beautiful?” He asked with a sweet smile on his face. Blushed filled your cheeks as he slowly moved his head closer to yours as it tilted slightly. Moving to the tips of your toes, he pressed his lips against yours.

Kissing you sweet and slow, his fingers moved around your waist as you dropped the blanket and moved your hands to his neck as he continued to kiss you, the kiss began to get more passionate. Humming happily against his lips, he pressed you flush against him as the soft light lit up both of your features as you two kissed happily.

Slightly pulling away to catch your breath and his, his forehead rested against yours as your eyes moved over his features happily.

“Merry Christmas Woo~ Happy Honeymoon too” You whispered as you bit your lip softly.

“Thank you, Merry Christmas ______-ah. You are the best present that I ever could hope for, for Christmas.” Dongwoo said lovingly as his eyes got lost in yours and the night began to slip through your fingers.

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