Dongwoo - Spider Man

“AHHHHHH!” You screamed, jumping up from your reclined position on the bed to standing on your bed, clutching your phone to your chest.

Pounding footsteps got louder before the door swung open quickly, revealing a startled Dongwoo.

“Jagi, what is wrong?” His large beautiful coffee brown eyes looked up at you in worry.

“Spider!” You pointed on the wall across from the bed, the brown dot scampering up the wall slightly, Dongwoo left the door open, walking over to the wall to get a closer look, he smiled brightly.

“Are you scared of a little spider?” He turned his head and looked at you while he blew on the spider gently, causing the small body to move away from the breeze.

“Just kill it!” You squealed

“He isn’t hurting anyone” Dongwoo smiled, his big eyes lit up like a little boy’s while he watched the mysterious creature stick to the walls, taking in the beautiful and intricate marking on the body to the eight slender legs.

“How do you know! He could want to kill us!” You told Dongwoo loudly, puckering his lips gently, Dongwoo blew on it gently, bringing the body closer to the wall.

“Dongwoo stop that! Just kill it!” You ordered, your voice shaking with fear.

“I don’t want to kill it, he is just scared” Dongwoo reasoned before he turned on his heels and walked out the door with a playful smile on his face.

“Dongwoo! Where are you going?!” You called louder, your feet prancing on the soft surface of the bed below. Moving your eyes from the spider to the door, you just wished that Dongwoo would hurry up and just put the spider out of its misery.

“I just needed to get something, jagi” Dongwoo told you calmly, moving your eyes to his hands he held a scrap piece of paper and then a clear cup.

“W-What are you doing with those?” You voice got significantly softer, dropping to your knees then to your hands, you watched him intensely wondering how he is going to kill the spider with those objects that he was holding.

“I am going to catch the spider” Dongwoo looked at you with a crooked smile.

“I didn’t want you to catch it! I want you to kill it!” You told him, causing him just to smirk, you still watched him closely, gripping the comforter with your fingers.

“Somethings are not as they seem” Dongwoo replied while carefully placing the clear glass cup over the spider, the small body moved a little before he lifted one side of the cup up slightly.

Sliding the paper under the lip of the cup, he pushed it under, carefully cornering the spider against the glass before Dongwoo had the paper between the wall and the glass.

“See, now he isn’t hurt” He happily smiled, turning the cup upside down, he rested the paper on his hand before he knelt before you. Backing away, you closed your eyes shaking your head in protest.

“Jagi, he isn’t going to hurt you, I have him” Dongwoo reassured as he leaned over and kissed your cheek softly. “Just look at him, once”

Peeking one eye open, you let your grip slightly loosen on the comforter below, hesitantly moving towards the glass container, you glanced at Dongwoo while he encouraged you with little head nods every time you looked at him.

Getting closer, he saw your eyes widen, watching the little arachnid, trying to get out of his little cage that Dongwoo had trapped him in.

“Do you want me to kill him now?” He asked you quietly, turning your head slowly to look at him, you dropped your gaze and shook your head.

“Shall we go set him free instead?” Dongwoo chirped up happily. A small smile pulled on your lips before you nodded, rising up onto his feet, you stepped off of the bed and followed Dongwoo closely from behind.

“What if he comes back in?” You questioned while Dongwoo moved past the door frame.

“Then I will catch him again until he learns his lesson” Dongwoo cheekily replied. Nodding your head, the two of you walked to the front door, slipping on some flip flops, he waited for you patiently to open the door for him and his little friend.

Unlocking the door and opening it for him, he went outside, slightly bowing to you as he sat down on the front steps. Waiting for you to join him, you left the door slightly open before you took your seat next to him.

“Are you ready?” Dongwoo turned to ask you, easing the paper and glass closer to the concrete.

“Ready as I will ever be” You told him, he smiled his angelic smile before you lifted the glass off of the plate and then placed the paper on the ground.

Wrapping his arm around you, he rubbed your back gently while the two of you watched the spider crawl off of the paper and back into the grass.

“See? There isn’t anything to worry about” Dongwoo whispered playing with the ends of your hair.

“Woo?” You turned and looked at him in the eyes

“Hrmmm?” He hummed gently

“If there are any more spiders can I call my Spider Man to come and take care of them for me?” You asked, your fingers drawing on his thigh, near his knee.

“Who is your Spider Man?” Dongwoo giggled at the cute name for the little job. Smiling, you looked up at him before you pecked his lips softly.

“You, you are my Spider Man” You giggled, he doubled over in laughter at your cuteness.

“Wah! It can’t be me?” His broken words came out through his laughter, getting you back by poking your sides.

“It is you” You nodded trying to swat his hands away from you.

“Then Spider Man is going to come and get his angel!” Dongwoo curled his fingers trying to act scary but you knew well what that meant. Tickles. Getting to your feet, you quickly ran inside.

“You can’t hide from your Spider Man!” Dongwoo declared loudly before he raced after you, closing the door to your home before he raced after you with his fingers ready to tickle you.

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