Super Junior/Monsta X/Leeteuk Community Valentine's Day FanFiction Contest 

Wassup ya'll!!!!!! Kim here with some awesom and exciting news!!!!!!! But I got one question for you all.


Who likes fan fictions?????? Who likes contest???????? Well the communities of Leeteuk, Super Junior and Monster X are teaming up together to host a Valentine's theme fan fiction contest!!!!!


We are so excited to do this for the start of Febuary and for the Valentine theme!!!! So I know your wondering what are the rules for the contest, right????


The contest starts Febuary 1st and ends on Feb 13th, wiht a 3000 word count. All ships can be included. Yes we are allowing smut, but make sure you have warning for all of our underage readers!!!!! You can enter the contest multipule times, but only one story will be chosen. Each community will have their own winner (there is a prize for first place with SuJu). Lastly, we want you to have fun with it and be creative!!!!!!


I wish everyone good luck and I can't wait to read all your stories!!!!!!!! Happy writings!!!!!!!!

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