Dongwoo - Love Under the Spotlight


The dim atmosphere made Dongwoo uneasy, playing with the top buttons of his collared shirt, he followed Woohyun to an empty table, his eyes darting around at all of the fun lights and colors that were around this cafe that Woohyun dragged him to.

“What are we doing here?” Dongwoo leaned over and whispered to Woohyun

“We are seeing the singers that are here tonight” Woohyun rested his arms on the table and leaned over.

“But why me? You could have brought Sunggyu-hyung” Dongwoo whined, his fingers playing nervously with the few rings around his fingers.

“Sunggyu was too tired to go tonight, besides I thought you needed to get out of the dorm and take some time away from those video games and movies” Woohyun pushed Dongwoo’s shoulder playfully.

“I was going to win Sungyeol tonight” Dongwoo’s voice got softer while Woohyun just chuckled and looked around.

“I’ll go get us some coffee, I will be right back” Woohyun excused himself, finding a girl to talk to at the ordering counter, getting quickly turned down.

With the drinks all made, Woohyun shuffled back over to the table as Dongwoo bounced his legs up and down while taking in the pretty lights around him.

“I got you something other than coffee, since you don’t need more sugar” Woohyun placed Dongwoo’s drink in front of him as he just nodded his head.

“So what is this place?” Dongwoo spun on his stool, his eyes scanning the new atmosphere

“A karaoke cafe” Woohyun sipped his coffee slowly

“Is this a place where girls hang out?” Dongwoo turned his head over to Woohyun

“There are girls here Dongwoo” Woohyun nodded his head, feeling like he was talking to a little kid.

“No, no, I mean like where you date girls, because that girl you were talking to didn’t like you” Dongwoo bluntly pointed out.

“Aish…” Woohyun grumbled, “Maybe I should have brought Sunggyu, at least his eyes would have widened” He mumbled under his breath.

“Did you say that this was a singing place?” Dongwoo’s eyes brightened while Woohyun played with the straw in his drink.

“Yeah…” Woohyun twirled the ice around his iced coffee as he looked up at Dongwoo, seeing the wheels turning in his head. “What are you thinking?”

“Could we go up and sing?!” Dongwoo happily offered, “Please it would be fun! Then the girls can see how good of a singer you are and fall for you” Dongwoo enticed him.

“Maybe” Woohyun tapped his lips while looking around at the cute girls around, “We have to wait for a little while before we can go up though”

“Okay, we will wait” Dongwoo bounced in his seat while he sipped his drink and looked around.

The spotlight happily shined down on the shallow stage, a man held a microphone as all of the eyes looked his way.

“Thank you for all coming out tonight, well this is The Karaoke Cafe, have fun and sing to entertain everyone. I hope you all have fun, thank you” He bowed to everyone before a girl took the microphone from him, choosing a song, she started to sing.

“Wow, she is a good singer” Dongwoo popped some popcorn in his mouth, that was sitting in the middle of the table.

“She is okay, there have been better” Woohyun’s eyes watched her intently but as she finished he clapped before another girl stole the stage.

Girl after girl, and after a few guys, Dongwoo played with his melting ice as he started to got bored.

“Can we go” Dongwoo sighed, “I’m bored”

“How can you be bored, there are a lot of beautiful girls here” Woohyun sipped his drink while his eyes stayed on the current singer.

“I didn’t want to come here in the first place” Dongwoo rested his head on his arm while he swung his leg under the table.

The claps between songs filled the place and Woohyun seemed to clap louder and louder with every girl he found pretty.

“Can we go now?” Dongwoo whined

“One more, just one more girl, then we can go” Woohyun held up one finger and Dongwoo nodded softly.

“Hi, so I am going to sing Kelly Clarkson’s People Like Us” You told the crowd before you accepted the song and took a deep breath on the introduction.

Closing your eyes, you imagined yourself in your room, happily turning up your radio and dancing without another care in the world. At first, your voice was soft and slow, growing in confidence and in passion along came the strength and the your loud voice over the microphone.

The song caught Dongwoo’s attention, lifting his head from his arm, he felt his eyes lock on you and watching you move more around the stage, getting more comfortable with your atmosphere and the song. Your voice started to step out of your comfort zone, adding your own flare into the song, making it yours.

“She is pretty good, Dongwoo, don’t you think?” Woohyun remarked while Dongwoo was too mesmerized on you.

Once the song ended, Dongwoo stood up and gave you a standing ovation, Woohyun watched Dongwoo’s actions carefully.

“You like her don’t you?” Woohyun leaned over to Dongwoo, once Dongwoo was seated once more.

“W-What? I just liked her singing, she was so passionate about her singing and her voice was like honey” Dongwoo dreamily smiled while Woohyun chuckled

“Wah~ Look at you Mister Romeo” Woohyun pushed Dongwoo’s shoulder softly. “Why don’t you go talk to her?”

“I d-don’t know w-w-what to s-say” Dongwoo stuttered while playing with his fingers.

“Just compliment her, she seemed pretty nervous when she was up there.” Woohyun mentioned

“O-Okay, I will see what I can do” Dongwoo started to get up slowly, “But no promises”

“It doesn’t hurt to try~” Woohyun sang.

Nodding his head, Dongwoo headed over and tossed his cup into the trash as he headed over in your direction. Running over what he was going to say in his mind, his lips moved to try and calm his nerves. Walking over to the couch that you were sitting on, he took one more deep breath before he looked down at you.

“H-Hello” Dongwoo cooed, catching your attention

“D-Dongwoo? Jang Dongwoo?” You sat up on the couch a little taller, he plopped down happily beside you with his big bright smile on his face, his hair bounced on his head while he

nodded excitedly.

“Yeah!” He brightly smiled

“Jang Dongwoo from Infinite?!” You beamed, your eyes glazing over in star struck.

“Who else?” Dongwoo tilted his head cutely with a confused look on his face.

“Sorry, I am just… well I have followed you since your debut and I-I am a really big fan” Your cheeks tinted pink while you sank back a little into the couch

“Don’t be sorry, I actually wanted to come over and say that I am a really big fan of yours too!” Dongwoo smiled and patted your shoulder.

“R-Really?” You started to blush a deeper red.

“I heard you sing just now and you were amazing~!” Dongwoo chimed as his eyes glanced over at Woohyun gesturing for him to buy you a drink.

“Thank you, that is really sweet of you to saw” You whispered, seeing his eyes move away from you.

“C-Can I buy you a coffee?” His eyes returned to yours.

“Are you serious?” You questioned, his smile beamed on his face as he, once again, nodded his head.

“My treat” Standing up, he offered you his hand, slipping your hand into his, you stood up to your feet.

Heading over to the counter, you ordered you drink and he ordered his, paying for both of them, he made his way over to the couch with you. Both of you talking and smiling as you got to know your idol and he got to know his.

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