Dongwoo - Birthday Girl


The vibrant light broke the horizon, parting the darkness for the next night; the rays of the sun reached out, slipping through the slats that tried to keep out the light, the light still managed to lighten your room slightly.

With the sun climbing up into the sky, the light getting brighter and brighter with each passing hour, you rolled over and rubbed your eyes softly, peering over at your clock, you saw the green numbers stare back at you.

8:27 am

Covering your yawn with your hand, you took your time, sitting up and slipped from your comfy bed. Shuffling over to the bathroom and then your closet, you went through your morning routine without error.

Padding back over to the bedside table, you unplugged your phone from charging. Pulling the covers up on your bed, you tossed the colorful pillows in the center of the bed. Heading to the kitchen, you pulled out a pan and decided to make your favorite simple breakfast.

Resting your phone on the counter behind you, you listened to it constantly buzz, friends blowing up your phone with wishes of a happy birthday and maybe events that they were inviting you to. Ignoring the constant buzzing, you happily turned up your favorite song and focused on making your breakfast.

Once the food was all cooked and plated, you sat at your table, resting your plate on the table in front of you before you lifted your phone up into your hands and checked out what all was happening.

Scrolling through mounds of emails for birthday specials, messages from your distant and close friends, pictures from your family and a sweet good morning message from your boyfriend, Dongwoo. You ate slowly while replying to all of them, once all of your friends were thanked, you moved your dirty dishes over into the sink.

Calling up your parents, they wished you a happy birthday and you caught up with them for a few hours. Once the call ended with them, you washed the dishes before your friends came to your place and whisked you away for a few hours.

Seemingly to pamper you to no end, with a new dress, shoes, shirts and of course candy and anything else that you could ever want. Buying them lunch and heading out to a movie with them, you really couldn’t think of how this day could get any better. Except for maybe your boyfriend.

Walking out from the movie that your friends let you pick, you happily checked your phone. Seeing an unread message from Dongwoo, you opened it up with a smile growing on your face.

I hope you are having fun today sweetheart~ I just wanted to let you know that I will be dancing late tonight and I will contact you if I need to be picked up to spend time with my favorite birthday girl. I love you so much XOXOXOXOXOX - Woo

Reading his message warmed your heart, sending you these messages throughout the day, he knew exactly what to do to make you feel special and to make this day even more special than it already was.

Hanging out with your friends for a few more hours, all of your friends walked to your home and chatted there for a while, munching on snacks while watching a drama episode or two.

The ringtone from your phone alerted you of an incoming call, trotting off to the bedroom, you accepted the call and pressed the phone to your ear.

“Hello?” You cooed.

“Hey birthday girl~” Dongwoo sang

“What are you up to trouble maker?” You teased but Dongwoo froze, thinking that your friends told you what he was up to.

“N-Nothing” He stuttered

“Are you sure~?” You sang

“Well… I was dancing” Dongwoo confessed

“I see, and I bet you did wonderfully” You smiled, sitting on the edge of your bed.

“Thanks” Dongwoo chuckled, causing you to smile and blush a little. “Are you doing anything tonight?”

“No, not unless my amazing boyfriend has something planned already” You played with the comforter with your fingertips

“I-I don’t, I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t bother you, if I asked you to come over and pick me up” Dongwoo rubbed the back of his neck, he hated to lie to you but his members talked him into it, just for today.

“You never could bother me, I would drop everything at one of your calls” You confessed.

“Okay, I will call you when the second practice ends then” He nodded his head with a smile crawling onto his lips.

“I’ll wait for your call” You sang, while your feet brushed over the carpet below.

“I love you, my birthday girl” He told you, lovingly and softly

“I love you too, my Woo” You copied his tone before he ended the call and released a big sigh,

Watching your screen dim dark, you stood up from your bed and joined your friends that were still surrounding the tv.

“Was that Dongwoo?” One of your friends cooed

“Yeah, he wants me to pick him up tonight after practice” You settled yourself down on the couch and placed a couch pillow on your lap.

“You should put on your new dress and show him when you pick him up” Another friend suggested

“It will be dark when I get him and it will get all wrinkled in the car” You narrowed your eyes on them, wondering what they had up their sleeves.

“Just trust us” One of them cooed.

“I should go… I have some things I have to do before we go pick up my sister at the airport”

One of your friends told you as all of the rest of your friends started excusing themselves.

Escorting them to the door, you thanked them all for coming before they all left and you were alone in your home. Sighing, you walked over to the couch and finished watching your drama episode, your mind wondered thinking if you should really dress up for meeting with Dongwoo later.

Mulling it over for a while, you decided that it wouldn’t hurt, turning off the drama, you shuffled back into your bedroom. Slipping into the teal dress that you had bought earlier, you looked at your reflection, really liking the dress, you slipped on some black Keds and let your hair cascade over your shoulders.

Applying some light makeup, you checked yourself over once more, before a text arrived onto your phone.

Jagi, can you come to the park behind Woollim? I am just enjoying the beautiful night - Woo

I will be right there~

Replying to his text, you grabbed your keys and drove to Woollim, with your phone handy, you parked the car in an open parking space before you messaged him that you were here.

Begging you to come and see something that he found, you shook your head and stepped out of the car.

Walking around the building, a faint light caught your attention, the lights hung from the trees and the small playground before you saw Dongwoo waving at you.

“Hey Dongwoo” You trotted over to him with open arms, he hugged you tightly and smiled down at you.

“Happy Birthday!” Everyone called once they jumped out from their hiding spots.

Jumping a little in Dongwoo’s arms from the sudden greeting, you looked up at him with big eyes.

“Is this for me?” You quietly asked

“Is there another angel that is having her birthday today?” Dongwoo tilted his head to you cutely

“Thank you” You wrapped your arms around his neck and stood on the tips of your toes before your friends pulled you away from him.

Enjoying the party, your friends, all of the lights, food and, of course, cake and ice cream, you couldn’t have been happier. A mountain of presents was piled high beside the table and most of the food was eaten by the end of the night.

Bidding a goodnight and your thanks to the last of your friends, you took in the twinkling lights around you before you sat in the swing, gently moving back and forth.

“Hey birthday girl” Dongwoo cooed from behind as he sat in the pairing swing next to you.

“You are too sweet” You dropped your eyes into your lap, where your fingers played with each other.

“I didn’t do much” He giggled with a bright smile

“But you did, you threw me a surprise birthday party” You lifted your eyes, turning your head to look at him, he smiled and nodded.

“You’re worth it” He gently confessed, his eyes looking into yours. “So… I got you something for your birthday”

Pulling something from his jacket, he held it out in his hand for you. Lifting it from his hand, you smiled at the bow that was taped on and you gently peeled it off and sat it on the top of his head.

“Aren’t you my present” You giggled tapping his nose

“I got you something else~” He giggled and took the bow from his head and placed it on top of yours.

Watching you carefully, he bit his bottom lip while he watched you lift up the lid on the velvet box that sat in your hands. The sparkling bracelet caught your eyes, snapping your eyes up to Dongwoo, your breath caught in your throat.

“I thought you could use something to go with your dress” He smiled and tapped your wrist gently

“H-How did you know?” You titled your head at him

“I planned it all, everything” He confessed with a pink tint filling his cheeks.

“Now I am sure that you are the sweetest” You leaned over and kissed his cheek softly, “Can you put it on for me”

Nodding his head, he carefully took the bracelet and wrapped it around your wrist and kissed the back of your hand.

“Happy Birthday, I don’t know where I would be without you, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me and I am so happy to have you in my life” He leaned in and pressed his lips gently on yours.

Slowly, his lips danced with yours, sharing himself and his while heart with you. Making sure that you knew how special you were to him and how much he loved you, especially on your special day.

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