My Bloody Valentine (Onejunn Oneshot)

Hey everyone! It's Jenny! Today is Fanfic Tuesdays lol. So here is my oneshot. Its a Horror Valentines day oneshot.

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It's Valentine's day. Couples giving each other hugs and kisses, chocolates and flowers, rings and teddy bears. They are seeing the red hearts in the sky while I am seeing red blood on the walls.


6 DAYS AGO (Tuesday)

I walk back home hand in hand with Onejunn. We have been dating for almost a year and Valentine's day is coming up. I already have an idea of what I want to give him.

“Valentine's day is coming up. What are you going to get me?”

“Nice try.” He tells me. “You find out on Valentine's day.”

“Tell me.” I say pouting.

“So cute, but no.” he says.

We arrive at my apartment building.

“Are you free Friday?”

“Yeah. I don't go to the university or work.”

“Ok. Let's go eat. I don't practice either.”

“Ok. Sounds like a plan.”

He kisses my forehead and he leaves.

I make my way up to my apartment, take off my shoes, and plop on the couch. I am tired.

I start to close my eyes when there is a knock on my door.

I open it and see no one but a single rose in front of the door.

It has a note with it as well.

Hope you had a wonderful day- Your Valentine.

Awww it's probably from Onejunn.

I get a vase and put the rose in it.

How sweet of him.


I am in my English class when someone comes in with a rose, saying it was for me. Everyone starts to Oooo. I get the rose and it has a note on it.

Hope you have a great day in class- Your Valentine.

I continue throughout the day, with the rose in my hand. When I get home, I put in the vase with the one I got from yesterday.

Onejunn is so cute.


I am working when on of my coworkers calls me over and tells me that I have a delivery. I see what it is and it's another rose. I read the note that came with it.

You are so beautiful. Have a good day at work- Your Valentine

All my coworkers are asking who it's from and stuff, wondering who my Valentine is.

After a hard working day, I get home, put the rose with the other two flowers and go to sleep.


I get to see Onejunn today. I get ready and meet him at the our favorite place. Once I get there, I see he is with his group members.

“Hey you guys!”

“Hey Y/N!”

“Hey Y/N, they wanted to come along.”

I laugh. “It's okay. The more, the merrier.”

We order our lunch and sit outside and eat.

“So Onejunn hyung, what are you going to get Y/N for Valentine's day?” Sungjun asks.

“A surprise.” He says

“Is it a great surprise?” Minsu asks

“Yup. Now stop asking questions.” He continues eating.

“What are you going to get your boyfriend, Y/N?” Suwoong asks.

“A surprise.” I tell him

“What's with the surprises? Just tell us.” Sunwoo exclaimed.

I laugh. “Nope.”

I take a bit of my sandwich. “Mm. Onejunn. I love the roses you sent me.”


“Yeah. I get roses with the cute notes.”

“I haven't sent you roses.”

“Oooooo! Y/N has a secret admirer!” Sungjun says.

“Someone has a crush on your girlfriend!” Suwoong says, laughing.

“Who is it?” Sunwoo asks.

“I don't know. All the notes end with “Your Valentine”” I say.

“It's a sign.” Minsu says, laughing. “That Y/N should get another boyfriend.”

“Ha ha. No.” Onejunn says. “It's just a little crush.”

“Aww. You're jealous.” I tell him. “It's okay, I still love you.”

We finish eating and Onejunn walks me home.

He hugs me, gives me a kiss and leaves.

I am in my apartment and looks at the roses.

Who is this Valentine?


I’m at home, watching a drama and doing homework when I get a knock on my door. I open it and there is no one there but small paper bag. I pick it up and take it inside. I pause my show and open the bag. It's another rose, but covered in something red. I take the note out.

How dare you think it was your stupid boyfriend you gave you the roses. Enjoy your bloody rose, my love- Your Valentine.

I drop the bag and the note. I throw both away and wash my hands.


After working so hard at the restaurant, I get home and rest on the couch. I go to the bathroom and when I turn on the lights and there is red writing on the wall. You're mine. Forever. - Your Valentine.

I freak out and call Onejunn.

He called the police and they came to check it out. They took samples, asked many questions, they take the flower and note that I threw away yesterday, and cleaned it up. Their guess is that it's probably fake blood but they have to make sure. Onejunn stayed the night, making sure no one broke in.


After Onejunn left this morning to practice, I wake up, make breakfast and get ready for school. I try to concentrate in class, but I couldn't. I decide to leave early and take my mind off what happened on Sunday. I go shopping for a dress and some shoes for my date with Onejunn tomorrow. I get home and see and a note on the floor.

I'm better than him- Your Valentine

I text Onejunn

Me: I got a note.

Onejunn: From who?

Me: Idk

Onejunn: What does it say?

Me: I’m better than him- Your Valentine.

Onejunn: I'm coming over.

Me: No. It's okay. You should practice. I'll give the note to the detective.

Onejunn: You sure?

Me: Yes. See you tomorrow. Love you.

I leave the note on the counter and start on my homework

Valentine's Day (Present)

I get ready for our Valentine's day date and try to forget that's has happened. Onejunn picks me up and make me put on a blindfold.

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere special.”

The seems to take forever but we finally get there. We walk for a little bit. He unties the blindfold. We are the the beach. There is a blanket setup with candles around and a picnic basket in the middle.

“It's amazing!” I take off my heels and run around in the sand. I run at Onejunn and hug him.

“Happy Valentine's Day” He says.

“You are an awesome boyfriend!”

We go to the blanket and eat the food he packed. We exchanged gifts and then went to sit near the water.

“I love you, Onejunn.”

“I love you too.”

After our date, we take a ride around the city and then he drops me off back to the apartment since I have work tomorrow.

I walk up the stairs, until I get to my apartment. I dig around my purse to find my keys when the phone rings. It the detective.

“Hello?” I says trying to find my keys.

“Good evening, Miss Y/L/N. About the blood samples we took from your apartment?”

“Yes?” I say, finally finding the keys and opening the door, walking in, and turning on the lights.

“It's real human blo-” but I didn't hear the rest because I drop my phone. I look straight at the wall. It's covered in red. Red bloody handprints and a big drawn heart in the middle with the words, I missed you, written in it. Then the lights go off and the door closes. Someone grabs me and pins me against the wall. I scream but it covers my mouth.

“Shhh.” He says. “I won't hurt you.”

I try to scream and squirm to try to escape but he is too strong. I can't see his face. Then I bite his finger. He lets go in pain and I run towards the door, but he grabs me and pushes me to the ground. He ties my hands together and then my feet. From the moonlight shining through the small window, I see his face. My eyes widen. It's Minsu.

“Minsu? What are you doing? Let me go!”

“No! I finally have you and I can't let you go!”

“Why are you doing this!”

“Because! I loved you first! You were mine from the beginning but HE took you from me! I have always loved you Y/N!

“Please.” I says softly. “Let me go.”

“NO! You'll run back to him! Do you see what I have done for you! The roses. The notes.”

“What about the bloody rose and the written words on the wall!”

“I was mad! I am better than Onejunn! He doesn't love you like I do!”

“Minsu, please let me go!”

He puts a bloody knife against my neck and he is so close to my face. “No.I love you, Y/N!” he says. He puts duct tape on my mouth. He sits me up against the couch.

“I love you so much! I am never letting you go! You are mine forever!”

I feel tears going down my face.

“Don't cry. It will be over soon.”

He takes the knife and make two deep slits both his wrist. Blood gushing out. So much blood.

“Your turn.” He takes the knife and slits my wrist. I muffle in pain. Please make it stop. I cry even more when he slits my other wrist. He take the my blood and writes something on the wall.

“I’m your Valentine. Your bloody Valentine.” He says.

I start to get light headed and see how much blood I lost on the floor. He holds my hand and puts his head on my shoulder. I feel really dizzy and start to black out. I close my eyes. Open them again and see darkness. I close them. I open them again and see a bright white light. I must be dying. I see two people fighting. My vision starts to blur and I see a bright light. Someone is yelling at me. Then I black out.

I wake up in a hospital bed. I have an oxygen mask on and needles in my arms. I see Onejunn sleeping beside the hospital bed. I see both my wrists wrapped. What happened?

“Onejunn.” I say quietly, tapping his head. Both my wrists hurt so much. He wakes up.

“Y/N! I'm so happy you're awake.” He says, tears going down his face.

“What happened?”

“Minsu.” he says. “Minsu was behind everything and he planned to kill himself and you, so you can be together “

Then everything comes rushing back to me. The blood. The knife. Minsu. Onejunn explains that the detective was the one who sensed something was wrong and went to see you when he saw me and Minsu sitting on the floor together. He had fought with him until Minsu jumped out the window. They are looking for him now.

I begin to panic and cry. He is out there somewhere. He could back and hurt me. Or worse. Kill me. The doctors come and I start to yell until they sedate me and I slowly fall asleep.

I wake up, Onejunn looking at me.

“You're okay, Y/N. I'm here now.”

I start to feel better and we watch some TV until he leaves. It's almost midnight when a nurse comes in and hands me a small red box.

“It's from your boyfriend.” she says.

I sit up and open the small box. I scream. It's another bloody rose. There was a bloody note as well.

Don't forget about me. I will finish what I started. I love you. -Your Bloody Valentine.


Hope you enjoyed lol :D

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