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Narrator's P.O.V:

Jungkook and J-Hope stood beside Yoongi, as he sat at Jimin's desk. Woo Bin sat in front of him, crossing his legs calmly as both his guards stood next to him as well. Taemin opted to stand next to Jungkook nervously.

Yoongi calmy laced his fingers together, resting them on the table. Woo Bin stared at him almost as if he was trying to read his every thought and future move. Yoongi calmly stared back, even though he was beyond nervous. He kept his cool, no pun intended.

"What is it that you wanted to speak to me about, Kim Woo Bin-ssi." Yoongi asked calmly. Woo Bin smiled as if he was waiting the entire time for him to ask that. He adjusted his jacket, moving forward in his seat slightly.

"Well, I've been interested in this club of yours for quite some time Park Jimin-ssi."

"Exactly how long?" Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Jimin had only owned the club for a few years, so how long exactly was "quite some time?"

"Since before you mysteriously became the owner of it." His smile cocked up into an accusing one. Yoongi didn't need to struggle to know his motives, and simply smirked.

"Ah i see," Yoongi laughed a bit. He plucked his hat from his head, laying it in front of him. He stared back at Kim Woo Bin, who still wore a sly smirk which Yoongi wanted nothing more than to burn off his face. "You want to know exactly how i came to own this club, and attempt to buy it from me, yes?"

"I should give you credit for figuring it out that fast," He huffed. Yoongi's fingers twitched a bit before he laced them back together in front of him. The tension was thick between everyone besides Taemin. Hi and Sage were both staring at Jungkook, and Taemin was left there to gulp nervously.

"Tell him how i got the club, it won't mater. He'll never have it. You know the story jagi, go ahead," Jimin whispered to him through his earpeice. Yoongi could feel his face heat up at Jimin calling him 'jagi,' but he kept his attention focused on Kim Woo Bin.



This was it. Yoongi was known for making up plans quicker than he could start a fire. Now, he'd just have to make up a lie just as quick.


"But he was sentenced to life in prison."

"Exactly," Yoongi smirked, pleased that his lie would be easily wrapped up with his next few words. "Neither of us knew he'd be sentenced to life, since he hadn't gone on trial yet."

"How exactly did the buisness stay up with so much illegal buisness under it's belt?" Yoongi groaned audibly, wondering when his questions and pressing would end.

"Everyone who worked here was investigated and every single one of them were seen not guillty. None of them knew what was going on. I also had the list of men who he sold too, which he gave to me, thinking i'd need to get into contact with them to continue selling children. I coughed that list up to the police, and agreed to spontanious searches for the next ten years. Meaning, a group of anywhere from five to twenty police officers can come in at any moment and search the place top to bottom. Does that answer all your questions?"

Woo Bin nodded, tapping his lip for a moment. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and smiled, tapping the screen a few times. "I'm going to make a quick phone call." They both nodded, and J-Hope watched the three of them exit. As soon as the door closed behind him, Yoongi let out a shaky breath that he didn't know he was holding in.


"I'm here. What happened? Are you okay? What's wrong? Did he l-"

"He's outside on the phone. Be careful. I don't know if his guards will go out there and sweep the area."

"I'm well aware. Now i'll ask again. Are. You. Okay?"

"Yes," Yoongi bit his lip, closing his eyes to calm his fast beating heart. "I just... needed to hear your voice. That's all."

"I'm here. I'm not leaving any of you guys and i won't let anything bad happen."

Yoongi smiled, looking up to see if Jungkook was okay. Supprisingly, he still held a hard look on his face, ready for them to come back in the room at any minute. His hands rested calmly at his sides, knuckles rolling over eachother ever so slightly, signalling that he was ready to fight at any given moment. He cracked his neck, looking down at Yoongi, and giving him a hard nod. Yoongi raised a brow and nodded, waiting calmly for them to come back in.

Once the door clicked open, they all stiffened. Kim Woo Bin took his seat once again, and his guards took their place.

"I'll be blunt and make this quick," He smiled genuinely. "Sighn the place over to me. I'll deal with the cops and all of that, there's no need to worry. Make me the owner, and i'll pay you more than enough to get you by for the rest of you life." Yoongi scoffed, folding his arms over his chest.

"What exactly do you need this place for?"

"You don't need to bother yourself with the details."

"Oh, but i do. Considering we don't plan on selling this place, at least not in my lifetime."

"Oh?" He cocked his head. Sage lifted her head slightly, and three knives past by Yoongi's sight. He stood up imediately, looking to both his sides. Knives were pressed threateningly against Taemin's, Jungkook's, and J-Hope's neck. Yoongi felt his eyes lighten orange in anger as he looked back to glare at Woo Bin, who held his hands up. "What about their lifetime?"

"Let them go," Yoongi growled threateningly. Everyone's minds were a mess. J-Hope knew that he could easily get this knife away from him, but if he did, Jungkook and Taemin's life could end just as quickly. Jungkook knew he could teleport away, but they'd probably kill Taemin and J-Hope because he did so. And Taemin knew he could save one of them, which was the closest to him, but both he and J-Hope would be killed for it. As for Yoongi, he ignored Jimin's questions and Namjoon's warnings to get out of there.

"Just tell me what you plan on doing. Good or bad, i just need to know." Yoongi asked more calmly. He tried his best to stay collected, but he couldn't in this situation. Lives were at stake, and he knew what he needed to do. It would eat away at him for the rest of his life, he'd lose sleep over it, cry for hours and attempt to burn himself alive... but he had too. It was the only way for all of them to get out of this situation.

"Will you sighn over if i tell you?"

"Yes." Yoongi spoke hard. It was a lie. Jimin knew just from his tone that it was a lie, but still, he threatened to go in there. Namjoon yelled at Jimin to stay where he was. Taehyung was currently watching the scene unfold in front of him through the eyes of a fly. His heart broke as he watched Jungkook desperately press himself against the wall. Two knives were poking at the veins on either side of his neck. Taemin and J-Hope were in the same situation.

"If he goes in there... hyung.... they'll k-kill them," Taehyung whimpered from the couch. Jen tried her best to comfort him, knowing exactly how he felt. J-Hope was in there, and while she knew he could take care of himself, there was a chance not all of them would make it back alive. Namjoon relayed the information to Jimin.


"What kind of goods?"

"I'm tired of talking," Woo bin sighed, pulling a gun from his back and pointing it to Yoongi's head. His eyes went wide as he realized the gravity of the situation. Hi, Woo Bin's other body guard pulled out a gun of his own in case Yoongi tried to grab the one pointed at him, or move away from it.

"Don't make me do this," Yoongi warned him. "Please don't make me do this," Yoongi sighed brokenly. His heart ached. He knew he couldn't allow him to take over Jimin's club, not because it was Jimin's, but because of what he would do. Yoongi knew damn well he'd either sell drugs, import weapons, or sell people. In fact, it might have been all of the above. He silently wished Jin was here to try and toy with their minds, but there was no time.


"I'm sorry... I wish we could have made you a better man," Yoongi whimpered. His lower lip quivered slightly before he gathered up all his strength. The air in the room slowly began to thicken, his eyes glowed a bright orange, and before any of them could react, they were set on fire. Kim Woo Bin, Hi, and Sage all dropped to the floor in screams of pain. The knives dropped, the guns dropped, and so did Yoongi. Their screams rang through his head, and he held his ears shut, willing himself to keep their bodies burning. He watched the sight he was causing in front of him, and knitted his brows together as a scream ripped through his vocal chords.

He could've stopped. He could've let them live. But if they lived, who knew what else damage they'd cause. What other establishment they'd threaten to take control of. Not to mention the fact that he was a gang leader. How many had he wrongfully killed and take from? What else had this man done? For all he knew, this crime could have been the simplest he'd comitted. It seemed logical. It was logical. He continued to try and convince himself.

Jimin burst through the door after hearing Yoongi scream. He held his hand over his mouth as he watched the bodies slowly stop moving, becoming burning corpses. Jungkook and Taemin could only drop to their knees in shock while J-Hope held his hands over their eyes.

Jimin rushed over to Yoongi, and cupped his face in his small hands. Tears escaped both their eyes and Yoongi couldn't bring himself to close his own. He wanted to see what he did. He felt like he deserved to suffer for ending the lives of three people so quickly.

"Stop crying jagi," Jimin whispered through tears. His thumbs smoothed over Yoongi's cheeks, making Yoongi's eyes flutter. He was desperately trying to use his persuasion on him. "It had to be done." Jimin cooed, letting one of his thumbs brush over Yoongi's lower lip. Yoongi shook his head, not trusting himself to speak. The flames had stopped and the room was quiet, save for Yoongi's heavy breathing. "You're tired jagiya," Jimin continued to try, finally getting somewhere. "Shhhh, sleep." And with that, Yoongi's eyes fluttered shut.

Jimin picked him up, walking over to a still shaken up Jungkook. Taemin didn't look up, begging J-Hope to keep his hand over his eyes. "Take him home Jungkook-ah. Take Taemin-ah with you. I'll stay with J-Hope-ssi and clean this. We'll be fine. Taemin, when you're ready, teleport Jin here. Of course, have Jin keep Yoongi asleep for as long as possible though."

Taemin nodded shakily, and so did Jungkook before he took Yoongi in his arms and left.


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