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Registration Make registration more user-friendly as their main page contains many information. I think it should emphasize action: “register”. Design I believe that the user should be able to choose his own way to settle groups and make design for his page (choose the main color schemes). Ability to regulate the number of columns on the page. Every device on which you use Vingle can have own columns settings, for instance: laptop from 1 to ∞, tablet pc from 1 to 5 and smartphone from 1 to 2. Therefore design improvements: 1. Less ingormation in the main page 2. Ability to set different font sizes 3. Let user choose his page color and style of writing 4. Give a user the possibility to set number of columns at his taste Technical side: 1. Add articles under each photo 2. Add : “people who clipped it also clipped” 3. Ability to predownload the new articles /photos in advance to watch later. (download in the morning at home while in wifi zone not to use mobile slow and expensive traffic. 4. Ability to set the image quality in the android app (don’t know about iOS app due absence of iDevices) 5. Create chat groups that allow users to discuss photos between limited number of people 7. Offer more languages in settings 8. Division followers to different groups: family, friends etc 9. Different kinds of promotion in order to get bigger audience 10. Extension to Google Chrome - when you enter new website and you like it than you can drop it to Vingle 11. Create safety level for people under 18 12. Creating community-group rules My propositions about including new stuff in travelling community 1) Photos of the places with detailed info in the description about the price, root difficultness and personal star rating of the place, so people can immediately understand whether they can afford a trip. For some of them, if the trip is not affordable they might be interested of the luxurious type of vacation that rich people go on 2) Maps, roots and all “how to get there” info, so the group members will easily know how to get to the place and will not lose their track and will not miss worth visiting places 3) Hotels/hostels prices – the housing prices to plan the budget. In addition, a special place to stay like hotel in the forest or a hotel made from ice cubes etc 4) Videos about amazing views in travelled country so people will know why they want to visit such places called “Amazing Video”. 5) Audio songs while the followers reviewing the photos report. While listening to the music, you are dreaming about place on the photo so it makes you feel like you want to get there. It means that song will demonstrate the feeling and wishes to get to those places. As the example 2 photo Media content According to the info that I observe the most in my social networks and in the internet the most popular topics nowadays are: 1) Funny memes; 2) Latest news (politics, sports etc.) 3) Travelling tips 4) Information about “Helping others” (animals, human etc.); 5) Beautiful sceneries, uncommon houses & other stuff; 6) Smart ideas & applications; 7) Famous people – young & old comparisons; 8) Emma Watson&Robert John Downey; 9) Comics (Batman & Superman & Spiderman & Deadpool etc.) 10) Pokémon; 11) Computer games; 12) Scientific experiments; 13) Cosplay; 14) TV shows quotes; 15) Childhood reminisce stuff (gameboy etc.). Writing style: It might be a cool feature to add different writing style depending on the person’s age, sex etc. For instance for young male the Vingle can have notifications like “Dude, check this out, new feeds from your awesome groups”. Of course, there should be special option to switch back to “normal official”. Being more personal will make Vingle your friend not just the computer service without soul. Photo 3 Example I have created the group that describes the tips which I can give people who want to travel at the same place. How this community can be better?! Hot countries It will show the type of season of this country. Therefore, travelers can decide whether to go to this country or it’s better to visit another one. My road Destination that previous traveler achieved will be reflected on the map. It will show what places I have visited and with the help of which transport I reached that places. Accommodation The names of hotels, hostels, rented houses can see every user just clicking on Accommodations. Maybe this click will lead to Agoda web site or will just show photos with those living places. Video! This is pointing out on video taken during the trip. As usual, it represents beautiful places that the traveler should visit. Audio! The owner of the community can set his song while other followers will review photos report. Otherwise, followers can turn off this sound.

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