(Creds to Soompi for the article)

B.I.G will be making a comeback with their new digital single “1, 2, 3.”
The group plans to release their new single on February 13, nine months since their last song “Aphrodite.”
“1, 2, 3” will have an upbeat string accompaniment and funky sound, carried by a strong drum and bass beat. Danish singer-songwriter Ilang is said to have collaborated with Premo, who worked on SEVENTEEN’s “Adore U,” to create the song. The lyrics will reflect the passion and desire of a man who falls in love at first sight.
B.I.G’s agency stated, “The members are working hard to show a new side of themselves ahead of their comeback, and we hope fans are excited to see B.I.G make their return.”
The group received a lot of love for their mini album last May. Along with the new album, Benji is set to to play the violin at music director Ryo Yoshimata’s concert on March 5.


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