You Never Walk Alone Concept 1

Oh my gosh I was killed so early this morning with these pictures.

Jin...ahh why you gotta look at me like that...and your hair looks a lot better here...

JIMIN!!! TAKE THAT COLOR PUT NOW...JK I love this color on him a he's look sexy..what we'll call it pinky orange.

Oh Min ...stop being sexy....and the blue mixed in with the black I love it so freaking much.

JHooooope!!! that's it too sexy pull the shirt up....I am thinking thoughts....why does he have to shoe his collar bone...and the pink...I love pink hobi!

yay confetti and omo they all looking good....wait there's more...I need the last 3...

Oh Namjoon! I love the yes!!!! and why him and Jin with the Popsicles? And those dimples...

I'm Screaming! KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!GET BACK IN YOUR LANE!!! Legit I'm trying to scream with a lost voice...why does he have to be so damn sexy here...I want him!!!

He'll no I take that back I want this man. JEON JUNGKOOK!!!! WHY YOU GOTTA PLAY WITH MY FEELS!!! He doesn't look like a baby here...gosh I want him...lucky me he stays as bias and UB.

So this concept I love all the hair colors with get...I hope y hey have it in March. Ugh I'm going to die!!

Hi everybody! I'm excited to meet and talk to people who also love kpop and k dramas.
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