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Word Count: 1017


(Y/n)'s POV:

I was confused on why he was here. “Hey,” he said as I walked up. “Hey.” We were silent for a second before he grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the stage. “What are you doing?” He didn’t respond. He stopped next one of the staff on the side of the stage and he began to speak on his headset. J-Hope turned and smiled at me. “Hold on, I have something planed.” Suddenly the host started the program, but stopped mid-sentence to listen to someone telling him something over in his ear piece. He grinned to the words that were relayed to him. “Oh, we have two unexpected guess with us today. We not only have the seven boys from got seven, but we have J-Hope from BTS and (Y/n) from GFY here with us. Why don’t you two come sit with everyone here?” J-Hope dragged me on the stage and made me sit next to him. “So, what made you come on the show today?” The host asked. “Um… well, I have an announcement to make…” “Well, go on ahead, what is it that you’d like to share?” “Well, um…” he looked at me then looked back as he camera as he nervously rubbed his hands on his lab. Now I knew what he was about to do. I reached over and grabbed one of his hands to comfort him. “(Y/n) and I have been dating for a while now.” The live audience gasped and I smiled.

“Wow, that’s some surprising news!” the host had a smile that went from ear to ear. I caught Mark in the corner of my eye, even though I could tell that he was upset, he had a good way of hiding it. after our announcement, we continued the rest of the show with GOT7. “So, (Y/n) there’s a rumor that you know Mark…” “Yeah, we met when we were younger, we went to school together…” there was a lot of talking about everyone’s old personal lives, relationships, etc. The show finally ended, I said my awkward goodbye to Mark and my goodbyes to the rest of the guys before I left with J-Hope.

*a few months later*

“Guess who!” J-hope covered my eyes with his hands as I tried to get ready. “Hoseok! You’re not supposed to see me until I walk down the aisle…” I pouted. “I couldn’t stay away from you that long…” he pouted back. Hugging me from behind as I look at us in the mirror in front of us. He kissed the back of my neck and I could feel him release his breath through his nose and it tickled the hairs there. “You look amazingly beautiful…” I could feel my cheeks starting to warm and my heart flutter. “You look amazingly handsome…” I replied turning around to look him in the eye even though my wedding dress weighed a ton. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he smiled and looked down at me.

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you…” “You stole the words right out of my mouth…” I laughed. “Oh, I did, did I?” He asked. I nodded and gave him a peck in the lips. “(Y/n), I can’t find… oh, there you are J-Hope…YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THE BRIDE BEFORE THE WEDDING! GET OUT!” Angel screamed as she realized what was happening. I held in my laughter as she pushed him out the door. “Okay, we’re starting in ten…You ready?” “Yeah, I’m just glad I don’t have to pee right now…” I joked because it would be practically impossible to pee in this dress. I could see her shake her head in the mirror. “I’m so happy for you, (Y/n) … You are one luck girl, getting to marry the love of your life, I mean.” I turned and looked at her. “Just ask him out already!” I shook her.

“Huh? Wait, you know?” “Really, He’s the best man at my wedding… He talked to me about asking you to be his date today, but I told him that you were going to be my maid of honor. It really wouldn’t have been that special for y’alls first date, and it should be special.” Her mouth dropped. “What?” “I don’t know whether I should be glad you did that or kind of pissed.” I laughed. “Maybe a bit of both?” I joked and she sighed. “Okay, are you ready to start the rest of your life?” “Only as long as I have my besties in it of course.” She smiled at me and helped me get the train out the door. By the time, I got to my position, all of my brides’ maids and his grooms men had already made their way down the aisle along with the flower girls and etc. I smiled under my veil at Hoseok as he was standing at the altar. His smile grew bigger when I came more into his view. I looked at the crowd of friends and family members in the pews ahead of me. It was nice to see everyone so well dressed for the occasion.

The music started on the organ and I started to steadily walk down the aisle. I told myself that I wouldn’t cry, but I found tears slowly start to run down my face. I looked at everyone staring at me, even Mark came to support me. He smiled, giving me a thumbs up as I walked by him and I tried my best to hold in my laughter. I glance over to see my family crying and also saw some of my brides’ maids, which were all of my group members and angel, doing the same. I looked over at the grooms’ men and gave the best man, Jin, a smile before I had to finally gotten to the altar. I took Hoseok’s hands as we said our vows, exchange rings, and kissed the first time as a married couple. Sealing our life long contract, until death do us part…


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