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Hello Dear.. I will review about the Indonesian Muslim designers. Some of which we know as the Irna Mutiara , Tuti Adib, Jenny Tjahyawati, Monika Jufry, Anne Rufaidah, Merry Pramono, Nieta Hidayani and much more, and do not miss the talented young designer who recently very popular Dian Pelangi. Their works are represented Indonesia in the international fashion arena. The work is very admirable, and show the world that Indonesia will become the center of Moslem Fashion Industry in the world. few examples of their work that invites admiration of the world’s eyes… Please let our eyes.. and there's so many Indonesian Muslim designers are making their country proud, hope Indonesia will be inspiring the muslim world and be what we hope, it’s center of Moslem Fashion Industry in the world at 2020. And not only the fashion industry, but the muslim women it also has the best quality as Muslimah.. Amiin Allahumma Amiin | Moslem Got Style & Rule | view my complete Blog :

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