Playmate Ch.8

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Warning: Angst in this chapter! Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...Ju Kyung's POV The way she wouldn't settle in her sleep even after he'd taken her so gently, something he didn't even think he was capable of, unsettled him. Something's she was trying to leave behind. Her devil ex. Damn. He'd heard so much about him, the bits that she would explain. Somewhere along the line it seemed like she was sharing too much and her stories became less descriptive; she stopped giving detail and mostly made vague remarks. Y/n was talented in turning everything into a joke or a sarcastic remark, especially the things that hurt. She was tough, she didn't really let anyone know she had weak points. Jay and Cha Cha saw them less frequently even before she met him. Ju Kyung saw them the most. When she came home with the bruises on her arm, it took him forever to force her to tell him who did it: the dick boyfriend she was dating at the time. Ju Kyung couldn't even remember his name. He sent a few of his guys after him though, he got really fucked up. His connections to the streets remained but he was much more careful now. Anytime he saw Y/n physically hurt though, he called in men to hurt the guys back. He'd gladly do it with his own hands but his image would be on the line. He couldn't have his entire business fall. Ju Kyung hated the men she chose. She always chose the wrong men, the ones that hurt her. The ones that didn't care that they broke her heart. She chose the ones that were angry and fucked up and liked sex as much as she did and had no problem with forcing her down. They called her a bitch or a whore and any other world they could think of. She took the hits and the insults. She pretended not to care, she laughed it off or made it worse. Fuck. He was just the same. Maybe worse. He cared about her but anytime she said something sarcastic one side of him found it funny and amusing but he wanted to punish her. He wanted her strapped down like before, he wanted to torture her body until she cried... Fuck. She was really beautiful even when she cried. He would never dream of making her cry the way the others had. He wouldn't dare leave a scar behind or bruises. The worst he's done so far was the spanking that hurt her butt. Although, she became incredibly upset when he had her suck him off. He went too far, he lost himself as he was playing with her. His darkest side wanted to play with her but he just wanted to touch her. He wanted to touch her for so long. She always chose other men, the wrong men. She should've just been with him. Y/n was in the shower right now, he brought her a change of clothes and laid them on the bed. She decided to shower in the same room he gave her the suits. He wondered why she wanted to go down the hall instead of his shower. He touched the knob and tired to turn it quietly. She had locked it behind her. His other half wanted to scare the living hell out of her by punching the door but he thought about how restless she was. Whatever and whoever she was remembering, she was scared of them. He didn't want her scared of him too. He grabbed the key that sat on the top of the door frame and he unlocked the door and crept in. He started to undress and no doubt she was aware of his presence but she didn't say anything. She didn't even turn to look back at him. He climbed in behind her once he was undressed and his hands wrapped around her body, pulling her into a back hug. She was standing under the water and he stepped back slightly pulling her from under it at the same time. "I locked the door." She said quietly. "I opened it up. What do you want for breakfast?" He asked as he started sucking on her neck. She let out a small moan, his hand came down to her clit making soft circles to get her heart racing. Her hands grabbed his arms and she said lowly, "I'm not your bunny right now." He turned her around to face him, "I know that's how I want it. It's how I want you." He said backing her into the wall. He kissed her hard and she immediately moaned into his mouth. Her hands went to his bare chest and he slapped her hand away. "Ask for permission." He said bringing his finger up to her bottom lip. "I'm not your bunny." She whispered. "You still have to ask." He said coming closer to her lips. His finger came down and slid down her folds making her moan. Her hand came up, reaching for his arm and he quickly said, "Don't. Not until you ask." "Ahh-please Ju Kyung let me touch you." "Is that a question?" He gave a small smile. His fingers pushed inside her and she moaned loudly and grabbed his arms. She breathed heavily. "Get your hands off until you ask properly." "Ju Kyung stop being mean." She whined. He pulled his fingers out of her and grabbed her arms and pinned them against the wall. He held them together with one hand. His other hand came to her neck and he wasn't sure if it was the steam from the shower making her hazy or if she was just that turned on. He came up to her lips but he didn't kiss her. He spoke closely to her mouth. "Baby you're going to have to behave if you want me take you." "I never asked." She whispered. "If that's how you want it." He said. He licked her lips quick but in the most teasing way ever. She moaned and her head came forward to capture his lips but he backed up. He kept her hands against the wall. He looked to the shower head and smiled. He took it off its hook and brought it down. He looked back at her and slowly turned the water to cold. He made the shower stream lighter than what it was before. He let the shower head hang for a moment while his hand went back to her waist. He looked her in the eyes, still holding her arms against the wall. "Hello Velvet." He said. He saw her pupils get a little bigger, she looked so turned on. She was breathing hard, especially since his hand was roaming her body. "Master." She moaned. "You're going to behave aren't you my sweet bunny?" He said. She looked at him with defiance. What was with her today? She was doing fine before and now she seemed like she wanted to cause a problem. She was bringing out that side of him that wanted to do so many bad things to her. He wished he had the flogger near by, he'd love to see her skin turn red and her moans echo off the wall. He kissed her, his tongue going deep into her mouth and taking over her. He made his dominance obvious, far more obvious than before. He quickly grabbed the shower head and let the cool water hit her body. She screamed at the cold water. Her voice filled the bathroom in the most delicious way for him. He let her hands go and she wrapped her arms around herself. He pulled the water away from her. Her body twitched a little. He pressed his head to hers. "Are you going to behave my sweet bunny?" He said again. "I'm hungry." She said looking down upset. He gripped her chin, "The fuck is wrong with you? You're being very disobedient today."

She looked down and avoided his face. He sighed a little frustrated. He thought it would be amazing having her in his arms to scream and play and love. Somehow it was a trial for both him and her but as long as she wasn't with another man he was okay. She was still with a man that hit her though. He wasn't as mental as them. He couldn't be. He wouldn't ever consciously decide to slap her around or abuse her. He just wanted her to listen to him and obey. She was right he was a control freak. He always wanted to force her out of her other relationships; he wanted to control who she saw. Now that she was his pet he could but he wondered how long it would last. Would she make it to the four months? If she did, would she renew the contract or end everything. They had just changed the contract so that he could do more to her. He could punish her more, he could use more. He wanted to use the fucking machine on her. She seemed uncomfortable with it but perhaps she'd open up to it more. He wanted her on the saint Peter's cross. "Stop!" She screamed. She was pushing at his chest and he snapped out of it. He had been staring in her eyes the entire time. His hand was on her neck and he had been squeezing her hard. Harder than he intend. Harder than he was supposed to. He stopped paying attention to her.

He let her go and she punched him in the chest. She punched him again, she was so upset, her face was red. She looked good even when she was furious and he saw the tears spilling down her face. "You're not pay attention to me!" She said furious. "Did you say it?" "I said it twice!" She yelled at him. "Keep your voice down." He said. "I'm going home." She said. She made a move to get out of the tub but he stopped her and pressed her against the wall. "When you make me upset, it makes it harder for me to be good to you." "You just want to see me struggle." She snapped. "You're right Y/n. I want you struggling and I want your body red, I want you crying and moaning and saying my name. I want you to fucking obey me. Onlyme. I'm sorry I did that but I don't want to kill you, I don't want to lose myself. I just wantyou." "You said you'd pay attention." "Then obey and I'll pay attention." He said He let the cool water hit her again. She covered her body and leaned against the wall. She bit her lip and sheltered herself more. "Are you going to listen?" he said. "Fine! Please stop!" She said running from the water. He turned it back to hot water and brought her under it once it heated up. Her tense body relaxed as if it we're being thawed out by the hot water. He kissed her lips and down her chin to her neck. She kept her hands together and close to her chest. "Ask to touch me Velvet." He said. "Can I touch you Master?" She said. He looked at her with a little grin. "No." "Fuck." She breathed. "Say please bunny." He said. "Please, please let me touch you?" He smiled and tapped the back of his neck. She looked him in the eyes then the spot he tapped. She cautiously reached for the back of his neck. He nodded, he tapped his side for her and she touched his side as well. Once she had her hands on him, he kissed her hard and hungry. He smacked her ass making her yelp into the kiss. She held onto him, wrapping her arms around the areas he pointed out. She tried to break the kiss to breathe but she only got a single breath before he was on her lips again. "We might miss breakfast." He said. Her stomach growled in return but it was a small sound. He grabbed the wash cloth and poured some of the soap from the bottle onto it. He started washing her body, his hand moved slow up down her stomach while he kissed her. He bit down on her bottom lip, while his hand slowly slid up between her breast. He washed over her firm mounds and kissed her harder. He felt her fingers go into his hair and she tugged lightly. He groaned in her mouth coming up for a second to look down at her. "Turn around." He said. He grabbed her by the hips and forced her to turn around quickly. Her hands were off of him now. He pulled her butt out and began to wash her ass. His hand smoothing over the roundness of her butt he wanted to change the color of it. He wanted to kiss her beautiful ass. His eyes went up and he saw the scar and got mad. Ever since he noticed it he got upset that it was there. How did it even happen? That devil ex of hers; she never told him who he was. She was so tight lipped about it. She wouldn't give a name, not even a hint. He wondered if this was the wound she got when she lost the baby. He leaned against her back while washing her side down to her thigh. His hard on rubbed against her ass and he could hear her soft moans. His other hand came up to her breast and he kissed the nape of her neck. "Who gave you the scar?" He asked. "I told you my ex." "You never gave me the devil's name." "Try Lucifer." She said sarcastically. He slapped her ass hard. He started rubbing his head against her a bit harder. Her cry bounced off the walls just how he wanted. He looked at her ass, she wasn't red enough for him. "What's his name?" "I've forgotten." She lied. He slapped her ass harder and her ass turned redder. Still not enough. Not for him. He pulled her butt out more and found her entrance. He slammed inside of her making her scream never louder than before. She whined while he moved; he smacked her ass again as he moved. He could feel her tighten around him. "Tell men who he is bunny." He said. "No." She said defiantly. He slapped her ass again. She began to move her hips a bit from the pain. He tossed the wash rag onto the bottom of the tub. He leaned over her and pulled one of her hands down. He placed her finger on her clit and he set the pace for the circles she made on it. She moaned against the shower wall. He grabbed her other hand and brought it behind her back. "Fuck you feel so good." He said going hard. She was moaning hard and her voice echoing in the room made it so much better for him. "Tell me his name Velvet." He said between thrusts. "No, no, no." She said against the wall. He slapped her ass harder, he kept slapping her ass until it was burning red. He turned her head and kissed her. She was so fucking hot against his body, she was wet and moaning;her tongue was hungry. He bit at her body, "Master." She mewled. "My sweet bunny is so fucking naughty." He slapped her ass again and he kept slamming into her. He played with her butt. "This sexy little ass." His moans were heavy as well. "Master make me cum, please I want to cum!" "Don't do it. Not yet." he said. He pulled out of her and turned her around. He lifted her leg and slipped back into her. He started fucking her fast again. She gripped his shoulders, her screams mixed in with high pitched squeaks. The more he heard from her the faster he fucked her. "Ju Kyung!" She screamed. Her release came in an explosion the same time his did. She wrapped her arms around his neck while her entire body squeezed him. Her whimpers lingered for a long time in his ear. She wouldn't let him go, her body shook against him. His hands went to her ass and massaged her cheeks. She kissed him, probably to quiet her moans. Her hands cupped his face and she pulled him deeper into the kiss. He moved slowly in her making her whine. She couldn't handle anymore movement. Her body was still shaking. He came down to her neck and he licked her collarbone all the way up to just below her ear. He sucked on a piece of flesh until it had made the perfect mark on her. His hand came up to her neck, he was obsessed with her neck. He looked her deep in the eyes while he lost himself, moving slowly in her. She gripped his shoulders hard and his hand got tighter on her neck. He went back to her lips and felt her flee a little but he pushed on her lips harder. His hand got tighter on her neck. She slapped his hand off her neck, "Stop." She said annoyed. "Tell me his name." He growled. He was losing himself again. His need for control, he need to know. He'd kept up appearances before when he was with her in public. When she didn't know how bad he could get, all that suppressing made him want to let it out at once. His hand went through her hair and he kissed her again, "Who is he?" "Stop it, stop it." She said. She shut her eyes and shook her head. "Who is he?" He said again. "Why do you want to know?" She snapped. He pushed her deeper into the wall and said, "I want to hurt him. No what he did to you, he deserves worse." "Stop it." She whimpered. "He scares you so much that you can't even tell me who he is? You won't let me find him." "Stop it Ju Kyung. Stop it! Looking for him only beings more trouble in my life, you wouldn't be helping." Her hands beat on his chest. She started crying softly. "He is the devil and you can't defeat the devil." "You want a bet? Tell me his name." "Stop it. Ju Kyung stop. You're not on the streets any more you're a CEO you need to stop. Stop. Haven't I given you enough, I've told you the names of the others, I've let you see more of me than the others. So just stop!" She was panting and he felt her hands shake against his chest. He looked at her strangely. The way she was breathing was too erratic like she was...panicking?Was she having an actual panic attack? He placed her on her feet and she tried to get her breathing in order. "Just breathe." He said. He began to pet her head; if he smiled she would calm down, right? He bent over so that she could see his face and he cupped her face in her hands. He smiled small then gradually let it grow. She stared at him with wide eyes but her breathing evened out until she was calm altogether. He washed them both up once she was calm. He turned off the water and wrapped his arms around her. She buried her face in his chest. "We should stop this." He said. She looked up at him. "No." She said. "Y/n I keep doing this to you. You can't handle it." "Don't tell me what I can handle. You gave me the option to end it whenever I want. I don't want to stop." "Why won't you tell me who he is?" He asked softly. She looked down at his chest and rested her head on it. Her arms wrapped around him and she said, "I'm not afraid of much but he's the one person in the world that scares me. His hold on me was stronger than I meant to allow him to have. Giving you his name, you trying to punish him for the past, you're bringing him back into my life. There's no promise that he won't be able to control me again." "You're mine." He said. She looked up, "That won't matter to him." She slipped out of his arms and got out of the tub. Her stomach growled harder as she picked up her clothes. "I'm hungry." She said. "So I heard. I guess breakfast is out of the question." He said. She looked at her phone, "We maybe fine. It's only ten o'clock. I know this place that still serves breakfast until twelve." He nodded. He went and helped dry her off. She watched him the whole time, places he touched that she didn't want him near, she would guide his hand away from. Her mid back and her neck, those places she made off limits. Her breast and arms, her ass and thighs he had the ability to take over. When he lingered at a certain place, she'd look at his hand and then at him. She seemed to be paying more attention to his eyes. Like she was trying to find when... When he'd lose himself. He wasn't punishing her though. He wasn't hurting her but that dark side still wanted to. She backed away from him suddenly but she didn't say a word. He stared at her as she stared back at him. She grabbed her clothes and put them on and once she was dressed she walked out of the room. "It only takes me being scared for you to be gentle." She said. "I don't want you afraid of me, the way you are of him. The dynamic of our relationship has changed Y/n. I've seen more of you than Jay and Chase ever could." "There's a reason for the secrets Ju Kyung." "You asked me if I wanted to know your secrets and I did. I still do." "Why, so you can use them against me? Or do you want to know me better?" "I want to know you better. I know I've hurt you but I've already had a better time with you than any of my other pets and it's because I already know you so well. This is my biggest secret Y/n." She shook her head. "No...It's not. There's something else you're hiding and it explains why you have such a weird obsession with my neck. It explains your need for control. Hyunsu is an ass but so far, all he's proven is that he sees his pets as pleasure toys, others at the club so far are either like Hyunsu and find the undying adoration of their pets as the only point of having a pet or they like to hurt them, seriously hurt them and you say it's all done with consent but trust me I read that contract forward and backwards and no where did I consent to being choked out during sex or punishments. So please don't act like you've shared some huge grand scale secret with me when it's only a fraction of what's really going on in your mind. The first day I met you, I couldn't figure you out. Honestly, I'm just as confused about who you are now as I was then." She said. "I'm Sun Ju Kyung from Gwangju." She gave a small smile, "Whatever Gwangju boy. Let's go eat I'm starving." She said. She walked out of the bedroom fully dressed and Ju Kyung followed. They made it to the place she liked having breakfast at in time to order. She ended up texting Jay and Chase that she was eating with Ju Kyung and invited them over. They probably wouldn't make it in time for breakfast but they'd be just in time for lunch. They went back to a normal functional friendship. It was like the moments he made her cry never existed; they reacted to each other very smoothly, it was natural. They were friends first but Ju Kyung felt a possessive nature over her. It was why he was trying to get the name of her ex out of her. Perhaps possessive wasn't the right word. He only really referred to her as his when she was Velvet, his sweet little bunny. When she was Y/n, she was his best friend but she was taken advantage of by men. She walked into the terrible relationships. Fuck she even walked in it with him. He gave her chances to get out but she wanted to stay in. He was making her laugh now, she had a cute laugh too. She tried to hide the giggle behind her hand as she ate. Then her phone rang, "Hello?- Yeah.- Well I'm out having brunch with a friend but I'm not coming into the office today.- Wait he said what? Are you sure?" She looked to the side biting her lip as she listened to who was on the other end. Ju Kyung watched her eyes flit up to his. He stared at her with his eyebrows perked up. "Uh, y-yeah I'm here with him now I'll ask him about it. You should tell Mr.Lee I can't guarantee he'll come and next time he might consider calling me personally instead of through my office." Her tone was slightly irritated at the fact that he had gone over her head. She politely said goodbye and put down her phone. She looked at her food and started picking things up with her fork. "Are you waiting for me to ask?" "No I'm waiting for you to forget." She said. "What does Mr.Lee want?" "He would like to meet with us at an event he's having soon. In New York." She said. "How soon?" "By the end of the week." She said. "I'm assuming it's a suit and tie affair." He said. She nodded. "Do you not want me to go?" She looked up at him and sighed, "Part of my job is to appease the client as much as possible, make them feel relaxed and reassure them that their company and their profits will be handled with the utmost care. The other half is meant to entertain the client and make them as happy as possible meaning, like it or not, I have to do my best to convince you into going." Her finger started to circle the rim of her drink and he smirked at that. She was flirting with him, he noticed her flirt the same way with Mr.Lee. "You're desperate for me to go huh?" "In light of the fact that it is your fault Mr.Lee even knows our close connection I think you owe me this." She said. "Well I told you I needed an advance on things like this. I've got a meeting Saturday morning." "Then cancel, you're the boss." "Oh so I should just move my appointments because you asked. I'd need more incentive than that my sweet bunny." "You're really asking for her right now?" "I am. I'm more than willing to make a deal. After all, I'm a business man too." He said. His manner changed and she noticed, her eyes said it all. She sat up straight and sighed. Her eyes looked at the table as she crossed her arms and then she looked back up at him, "Alright Ju Kyung what do you want?" "Hyunsu mentioned the show and you haven't under gone any- practice for it. So tonight you come to the club in your tan suit and I'll set you up for the show." "You're not going to make me do what the others did, are you?" She said quickly. "I promise what you will do will only fit you. Kittens are playful, bunnies at not." "But bunnies are wild." "And wild you will be." He smiled. She bit her lip while she thought about it and he couldn't help but want her again. She came so hard on him this morning and to play with her in public would be amazing. "Fine, if you move your meeting or at the least cancel it and come to New York this weekend then I will do the stupid show." She said. He smiled and held out his hand. She took it in hers and they shook on it. "Good girl Velvet." He said smoothing his hand away from hers. He saw her shiver at the chills he sent through her body and then Jay and Chase's voices entered his ears. He smiled because he hadn't let her out of her Bunny state yet and she knew it. She looked at him hoping for him to end it but instead he kept it going.... Y/N's POV Damn it, Ju Kyung was such an ass sometimes. He called out your pet half and basically you were forced to obey everything he asked at lunch. You knew if you disobeyed he'd take pleasure in punishing you later. You had an addiction to Ju Kyung though. It's what made you stay. No maybe not an addiction... something was there though. Instead of pulling away from him you came closer. When you kissed him, your body loved it and your mind went blank. He had a different effect on you unlike any of the other men you'd ever been with. Still you couldn't understand what it was that made him lose himself during punishing. Last night he was so gentle, so focused on you and your body and making you relax and stop thinking about- fuck! Taehyun was in your head all last night. Once he returned to your dreams he came back with a vengeance. Especially, how you lost the baby because of him. You told yourself not to cry, not even for Ju Kyung but when he kept pressing you about getting his name, panic rushed through you. Just so much fear of who he was and what Taehyun would do to him and what Ju Kyung would do to Taehyun. The idea of that bloodbath was too stressful. Taehyun was too stressful. He'd given your life hell but it was almost like a Stockholm syndrome type thing; you were all for Taehyun and his abuse and you couldn't bring yourself to leave. You reasoned things in your head, you gave yourself reasons to stay but you shouldn't have. You shouldn't have stayed with any of them but no one knew how to take hits like you did. No one knew how to be a bunching bag like you did. You had your mother to blame for that. Your father too. You learned by example. She got slapped around and so did you when you defended her. When she died, she found sweet release meanwhile, you took the rest of the beatings meant for her. There was a greater desire of getting away then there was to submit to his beatings so you left the house at sixteen. You stayed with a boyfriend of yours; he was twenty one at the time. You slept with him in secret and paid your way through college once you had the chance. You worked at a club as a stripper, it was his club and he loved showing you off which eventually led you to hate having so many eyes on you while you were naked. You left him after that, after five years of living with him and putting up with his shit. Your father found you again just as you were building your career. You were in another relationship that time.

That guy was worse than the last. He hit when he drank and apologized when he was sober it took a few months for you to realize he wasn't worth the hell. You wouldn't allow your father close enough to hit you again though. He was the only one without that ability. Once you left him, just like you left the others, they didn't get a chance to touch you. You were addicted to these types of men though. You were used to the abuse so being without it was hard. Never had any of them seen you cry. Not even your father, you always figured that's why he came down on you harder. Your mother cried and he'd be satisfied with that but you never gave him what he wanted which only infuriated him more. The others were about getting what they wanted but even they didn't see you cry. Your smart mouth had been your defense and you'd harden to the point nothing they did could get you to shed a tear. Not until Taehyun came. For most of the times he beat on you, you didn't cry.

It was when you were pregnant. It was when he pushed you and you fell down the stairs, it was when he kicked you unaware that there was another life trying to grow inside you. Not that, that would've changed anything. You hated him, you hated him so much and when you miscarried you felt broken. You felt stuck. It was the only time you cried but perhaps it was for the better. You always found yourself in these types of relationships. You'd be no better than your mother, letting yourself get hit by a man in front of your own child. You'd have to grow more fight in you before you could even think about having a kid. It was why you went to birth control. You and Ju Kyung knew each other when this happened but you never told him who it was. You found yourself opening up to ju Kyung easily though. There was always something about him that drew you into him. You weren't sure what it was but aside from his goofball nature he was easy to just talk to about those things. Jay and Chase were always busy and for some reason, despite them being your best friends, you never found the confidence to let them in as much as Ju Kyung. Ju Kyung's pain was different. He hit you but he created the sensation of pleasure. He gave you some say in what he could and couldn't do to you. He was mostly fine until he lost himself. He had the strange obsession of grabbing your neck and normally it was hot but the more he lost himself the harder his grip got. He never wanted to give you a pain without the pleasure that followed but he kept doing it. He'd hurt you then soothe you but it wasn't like he promised never to do it again. He just needed some control. He hated not having control and you wanted to know why. Aside from his past and how he brought himself up to power, there was something specific that made him crave control the way he did. There was something specific that made him lose himself during play mode and punishing you.... For now you two were in the red room as you liked to call it. The timer was close to going off and today he had you hooked up on the Saint Andrew's cross. He told you to count today. He had you count backwards by twos from five hundred. You would get distracted from the pain of the flogger snapping back and forth against your skin and he'd have you start over again. He had done a fair job at staying focused. He tortured your body with another vibrating toy and told you not to cum. Ringggggggg!! The timer went off and his thirty minutes of punishing was done. He looked at the timer and shut it off and he looked back at you. The top of his shirt was unbuttoned and his sleeves were rolled up. He came over to you slowly savoring the look of your hands tied up and your legs open. He released one hand for you and you looked at his chest, seeing the tattoo he had on him. He rarely showed it. Your finger moved his shirt to the side and as your other hand came down your fingers traced his tattoo. He grabbed your hands to stop you and he kissed you. He pulled your hands around his neck and you locked them in place as his hands came down to your waist. "You did good Velvet." He said lightly. You rubbed your nose against his in the cute bunny kiss he taught you. He smiled making you smile back. His hand came up to touch your cheek and your heart started beating faster. "Clean yourself up and get dressed. We have to go meet your trainer." He said. "Trainer?" You said tilting your head. The ears must've moved because he chuckled and brushed the side of your head lightly. "You didn't forget our deal, did you Velvet? I cancel my meeting so we can go to New York together, in exchange for your performance." He said. You nodded, yeah you remembered now. You went to get yourself cleaned up

and put your body suit back on. He grabbed your sides and told you to wiggle your butt and then laughed when you did. He found the bunny tail really cute. "Master it's close to being your birthday what do you want?" You said. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into him. He pecked your lips before he said, "I don't need anything." "Need and want are two different things." You said. "I want you, that's all." He said. He smiled and you swore your heart was playing tricks on you. He pulled you out of the room and out of the hall of pain, which is what you nicknamed it. He took you to an underground level which you hadn't been in before. The lights were pretty and changed in intervals from green to neon purple, pink and red and blues filled the room one showing up then disappearing only to be replaced by another color. Curiosity got the best of you and you started walking off when Ju Kyung quickly caught your waist form behind like you were a child running off into danger. He kissed the back of your head and came to your ear. "You need to be careful down here, remember Velvet. Some of the Masters here get rough. I don't want them getting to you." He said in your ear. His voice was a bit deep and husky. You liked the way he was gently rocking you as he spoke. "Do you understand?" You nodded, "Yes Master." You said turning your head to see him. He grinned at you and reached into his pocket. He had a plastic bag in it with marshmallows in it. The strawberry ones you liked. He pressed it to your lips and you took it in your mouth happily. "So this is the famous little bunny I've heard so much about." An overly dramatic female voice came to your ears over the music and you turned your head to see her. She was in a shiny latex type, halter top and her skirt was latex too. She had fishnets on and black boots up to her knees that clicked with every exaggerated step she took. She walked hard and swished her hips like she were a model but a very bad one. You bit back a laugh. She had decent make up though and a long high ponytail that stared off black changed to a deep purple and then faded into a fiery pink. Her cat eye was sharp and the blue contacts she wore made her look more exotic than she already was. "Hello darling." She said in perfect English. You looked at Ju Kyung, you understood her obviously but you weren't sure what he wanted you to do. You actually noticed that he was resting his chin on your shoulder now and his hands were wrapped around your waist as he looked at her. "Good to see you Catlynn." He said in English. You looked back at her and she smiled. "What a purrrfect surprise. Hyunsu has had a lot to say about this cute little pet of yours. He's anxious to try her out." She said looking you up and down. "He just likes to piss me off. I told him he could touch her when I gave him permission not before for after." "But you let Queen please her." She argued. "Hyunsu is a man and Queen is a woman." She smiled amused. "So what do you want me to do with her?" He stood up straight now, "Train her obviously, for a show." "We don't have any bunny shows coming up." "You do now." She laughed but then looked at him curiously. "I thought Hyunsu said she was a new pet." She said. "She is but she's performed before. She'll be fine. There are a few rules with her though. No men can touch her during the show or training. If you want to use women fine but make sure they're clean." He said. "Don't I always." "It's still a rule that needs to be stated. You can use only a few punishments on her and absolutely no suspension." She chuckled, "Yes I heard about that." "Clothes pins, vibrators, and a paddle should do it. Don't do the flogger she actually likes it or the spanker she likes those too." He explained. "Alright." "Here, these are her favorites if she behaves well. I suppose kissing her would be fine too but I'd rather you use the marshmallows. If she's been really good I can over look a few kisses." He said handing her the bag of marshmallows. She narrowed her eyes on him but her smile grew bigger. You watched Ju Kyung and listened to the half business manner he had but the other half sounded more caring and sincere. "Do anything you want with her for the show but like I said no men, I don't want her body revealed and keep the sex to a minimum." He said. "This one you want all to yourself." She laughed. "Even with these restrictions you can do something with her. She likes to dance." "If I have her dance it'll be sexy. Bunnies aren't normally sexy they're cute." She said. "Look at her Cat. She's sexy so use what she's got and make it worth the watch. If she does a good job I'll let her play with Queen again." He said looking back at you. You kind of liked Queen. Although, you liked the pups too. Your face turned at little read thinking about the fun you could have with all three of them. Cat chuckled, "Do I get a chance to play with her too?" She said. She walked over to you and grabbed your hips. She pulled you a little closer to her and you slightly hopped over to her because of your footing. She leaned down to you but you looked to Ju Kyung who had his hands in his pockets looking at you two. He sighed and said, "Fine, I don't care just make sure she does a good job for the show." "You're so generous Ju Kyung." She purred. "Velvet, behave. My rules still apply even if I'm not around." "Yes master." Cat giggled, "What a sweet little bunny. She's well behaved for a newborn. Especially as a bunny." "Just wait." Ju Kyung warned. Catlynn laughed. She wrapped her arm around your shoulder and said, "Come on sweet Velvet." You glanced back at Ju Kyung but she pulled you along with her slowly and into a back room. Once you two were in, she closed the door and you looked around. There were toys like circus stuff. Batons were in a corner along with a few steps of different colors. A mini trampoline sat in another corner while hula hoops and jump ropes were hanging off the wall. It looked like a play room, like an actual play room. There was a gymnastics mat on the ground. You walked around looking at everything and hadn't noticed that Catlynn was leaned up against the wall with her arms crossed, watching you with a little smirk. This was probably the first time that you were actually left alone in the club and Ju Kyung was no where near you. That slightly made you uncomfortable. You turned back to face her, having satisfied your curiosity. You stood on the other end of the room and she beckoned you over with a finger. "I'm trying to figure out what Ju Kyung sees in you. Your curious nature is cute, you're very good looking too but there's something more. He feels for you in a way he never would another pet. He's even become stingy allowing a select few to play with his pet. Most of which are women, Hyunsu has been itching to figure out what you are." "What I am?" You asked curiously. "Yes darling. Only someone with power could get Ju Kyung to feel anything for someone let alone a women. So whatever power you have over him, it's stronger than even he's willing to admit." She took your jaw in her hand and she came closer to your lips. She brushed them over yours lightly. Only slightly giving a kiss. You stared back at her and she smiled, "Unfazed by me?" She said. "Not unfazed, confused." "About what darling?" "Why everyone wants to taste me." She laughed and pulled you over to a chair she had. She sat down and made you straddle her. "Ju Kyung had always shared his pets. It's natural for us to want to play with them. When he restricted play time with you, everyone became curious. What is it about this sweet little bunny that Ju Kyung would want to keep the taste to himself? No male pets, no male trainers other than him, no other man should touch you without his express permission but the pets before you, the koala, the puppy, the kitten, the red panda, all of them were touched by multiple Masters without permission needed at all. Most of them enjoyed being played with. Is it because you like women?" She said. "I don't like women." You said. "Is that so?" She pulled your head down so she could capture your lips in a hard and hungry kiss meanwhile her fingers met your core making you moan into her mouth while one finger circled your rim and teased entering you. She came off your lips with a satisfied smile, happy at the reaction you gave her. "Seems to me you do, little Velvet." "Liking women and liking sex are two different things. I prefer men, women are just for fun." You explained. She smirked, "Well then little bunny. Let's have some fun. Get on your knees and stick out your tongue." She said. You got off her lap and onto your knees. She opened her legs and lifted her skit and pushed her panties to the side. You looked at her heat then at her. She leaned over and said, "Let's see if Queen was telling the truth about how talented that tongue is." Her hand met the back of your head and pulled you close to the space between her legs, with the first swipe of your tongue she was in love with it... 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