Playmate Ch.8

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Warning: Angst in this chapter! Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...Ju Kyung's POVSomething's she was trying to leave behind. devilFuckMaybe worse.Fuck.tooDon't

She looked down and avoided his face. He sighed a little frustrated. He thought it would be amazing having her in his arms to scream and play and love. Somehow it was a trial for both him and her but as long as she wasn't with another man he was okay. She was still with a man that hit her though. He wasn't as mental as them. He couldn't be. He wouldn't ever consciously decide to slap her around or abuse her. He just wanted her to listen to him and obey. She was right he was a control freak. He always wanted to force her out of her other relationships; he wanted to control who she saw. Now that she was his pet he could but he wondered how long it would last. Would she make it to the four months? If she did, would she renew the contract or end everything. They had just changed the contract so that he could do more to her. He could punish her more, he could use more. He wanted to use the fucking machine on her. She seemed uncomfortable with it but perhaps she'd open up to it more. He wanted her on the saint Peter's cross. "Stop!" She screamed. She was pushing at his chest and he snapped out of it. He had been staring in her eyes the entire time. His hand was on her neck and he had been squeezing her hard. Harder than he intend. Harder than he was supposed to. He stopped paying attention to her.

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That guy was worse than the last. He hit when he drank and apologized when he was sober it took a few months for you to realize he wasn't worth the hell. You wouldn't allow your father close enough to hit you again though. He was the only one without that ability. Once you left him, just like you left the others, they didn't get a chance to touch you. You were addicted to these types of men though. You were used to the abuse so being without it was hard. Never had any of them seen you cry. Not even your father, you always figured that's why he came down on you harder. Your mother cried and he'd be satisfied with that but you never gave him what he wanted which only infuriated him more. The others were about getting what they wanted but even they didn't see you cry. Your smart mouth had been your defense and you'd harden to the point nothing they did could get you to shed a tear. Not until Taehyun came. For most of the times he beat on you, you didn't cry.


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