Sundae Loving! (Bts one shot)

Its time for Tae to step up and see what he's up too! I believe that Tae would be a freaking tease in bed, like no joke a tease.

Now Warning! Smutty smut smut!

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Tae was focused on making the ice cream sundaes that he didn't hear me enter the kitchen.

"Baby, do you want to watch a movie with desert?" I asked coming up to the counter opposite him. He looked from the bowls of ice cream to at me. A grin appeared on his face and he nodded.

"Can we watch horror?" Tae asked making me laugh.

"No, you think that will terrify me into holding onto you, but you'll be sorry when you can't sleep after" I told him.

"Fine period drama it is" he sighed.

"Yey! We're on episode 5 right now!" I exclaimed happily.

"U/N" tae chuckled. "Your addicted to those" he said turning around.

He opened the fridge to pull out the toppings. Whip cream, caramel syrup and chocolate syrup.

I couldn't help but stare as he stretched up, my eyes roamed down his arms, his back all the way to his tight ass. He was wearing those skinny Jeans again, damn him.

"Sprinkles " Tae said excitedly as he turned around shaking the bottle.

"Yes!" I giggled.

I came around the counter and took the whip cream from him. With a devious grin I took the cap off and sprayed a bit on the tip of his nose. Then like I did nothing I put whip cream on the ice cream in my bowl.

"Hey!" Tae said. He set the toppings down and wiped off his nose.

"That's wasteful" he said as he took the caramel and started putting it on his ice cream, but then changed directions and moved to my bowl, which I currently had my hand over. He drizzled the caramel over my hand.

"Tae Tae" I exclaimed. Ignoring me he took my hand and licked the caramel off my knuckles.

"This isn't wasting it" he grinned at me.

"No, not wasteful at all" I said as he took a step closer which pressed himself right up to me.

He leaned in and kissed me. His tongue tasted sweet and when he deepened the kiss I caved in. My arms wrapped around his neck and tangled in his hair. His hands wrapped around my back and hiked me up. Going with it I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved up so that I was better positioned.

"Hmm will you be my desert instead?" Tae teased as he pulled away.

"Baby, your getting me turned on" I chuckled as he started to walk away from the kitchen.

"Wait wait go back" I said patting his shoulder.

"Why?" He asked.

"We forgot something" I said.

"Oh" he chuckled he turned around and headed back. I grabbed the whip cream and caramel, set them against my chest and grabbed the chocolate syrup and for good measure a bowl of ice cream too.

"You want that sundae after all?" Tae chuckled.

"Oh yes" I grinned. "Just not in a bowl" I said in between pecks of kisses.

We made it to the bedroom and he set me down on the bed. He took the can and caramel and stood up. Before he could do anything I put the bowl and chocolate on the night stand. I pulled off my covers and blankets from the bed and let them pile up on the floor.

"What was that for?" Tae questioned.

"Like hell I'm getting that dirty" I chuckled. "Now strip for me baby" I said turning to him.

"You first" tae grinned.

Chuckling I lifted my top off and slide out of my pants. He did the same before I finished taking off my bra and underwear. I sat on the bed as I watched him slid his boxers off. A slow smile came across my face as his cock bounced out and straight up. I stood up and went to his. I wrapped my hands around his waist and was about to kiss him.

"Get back on the bed" Tae said jerking his chin to the bed. Chuckling I paused at that command, but the look he gave me, I laid on the bed, stomach up. I watched as he grabbed the bowl of ice cream and grin.

"I changed my mind I want my sundae after all" he said.

"What?" That shocked me

"Hmm yes. Ice cream. Cold ice cream" he said coming forward.

"You can't be serious?" I said then chuckled "I'm laying here waiting for you to fuck me and you want to eat ice cream" I couldn't help the anxious feeling I had

"Ice cream" he said eating a spoonful.

He stood over me and dropped a spoonful of ice cream on my stomach. It was cold and I shifted. Tae bent down and licked the ice cream off my belly. His tongue cleaned it and started making small circles.

He dropped another spoonful on my breast then the other. He pressed kisses up my belly until he cupped my breasts and licked the cream off.

"Tae, you devil!" I cursed as I let my head fall to the pillow.

"You know you like it" he mumbled.

The next few minutes he teased my body with the cold sensation and then his warm mouth licking it up. My body was on fire.

"Tae you tease, please just touch me" I finally said.

"U/N. You want me to touch you" his hand grabbed my wrist and he pulled it to his cock. I looked up to see what he was doing. "I need you to touch me" he said.

My hand wrapped around his cock. He was so big. Slowly I moved my hand up and down his length. I played for a moment, testing what he liked. Before I knew it I had crawled onto the edge of the bed then knelt on the floor as I took him in my mouth. He tasted salty but sweet.

"Move your hand sweetheart" Tae said.

I did so and was shocked enough to open my eyes as he drizzled caramel on his exposed skin. Taking his tip out of my mouth I dabbed at the liquid before I started licking. I licked him like a lollipop until he was clean.

"My turn honey" tae said as he pushed me away from his cock.

"I wanted you to come in my mouth" I pouted but he chuckled.

"Next time. I want to be inside you" he groaned. I laid back on the bed.

"The other way U/N" he shook his head.

"I want to see your face when you climax" I moaned as I cupped my breasts. A groan came out of him. He grabbed a foil package off the nightstand and undid it.

"I give, I want you to scream my name" he grinned.

Climbing on top of me he leaned down and kissed me. It was a sweet tasting kiss and I became addicted. I didnt let the kiss end. Even when I felt him enter me. I gasped and his mouth stayed on mine and he swallowed my moans as he moved inside me. It was slow at first but then it picked up. It was so frantic the pace was random, I couldn't take it. I wanted it to last. Flipping him over I started slowing the pace as I slid up and down on his cock.

"Sweetheart more. . . more . . . . I need" he broke the kiss and in gasps he spoke.

With his last words his hands were on my hips and I felt him move. He lifted his ass off the bed and pumped into me. Sitting up right, I closed my eye and tilted my head back. This reminded me of the moves he did on stage, oh the image came to mind and I had to open my eyes. The image in my mind was pg compared to what he looked like now. He was thrusting into me, his cock was slamming into me as he moved. I felt his fingers against my slit and saw that his hand had moved.

"I'm coming" tae groaned.

"Me too" I breathed out. When he came I couldn't help my body as I did too.

Tingles still were there so as he relaxed on the bed, I continued to slide up and down, milking out those tingles. I fell to his side as my body gave out, to weak to move.

"That was the best sundae" tae said making me chuckle.

"We didn't even get to the whip cream and chocolate" I laughed turning to see the unused items.

"Hmm. You still have to eat your sundae" tae said.

" When I can move again I will" I said turning to face him.




Second round can be your own imagination lol. But yup Tae and his teasing! That boy, sigh that boy!

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