Who is all caught up with Missing Nine?!


There needs to be a discussion about wth just happened in the end of episode 6!!!!

Don't scroll down and keep reading if you aren't caught up. I don't want to spoil the drama for anyone.

I feel like this drama is getting to me way too much!!!! And it's not even over yet! D:

My heart sank when Tae Ho killed Yeol!!! Then he goes and kills So Hee... like wtf?! Now it's 3 people he has killed.

I seriously was SOOOOO close to throwing my phone at the end of episode 6. I effin knew Tae Ho would be alive! I don't want to wait till next Wednesday!!!!!! And I'm waiting for Joon Oh to show up!!

Sigh.... well anyway, my question is to you guys:

What do you think will happen with What do you think will happen with TaeTae Ho being back? Ho being back?

Want to know something about me? Send me a message! xD Don't worry, I'm friendly.
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