Cross Gene, the Korean-Chinese-Japanese unit group reveals their ambition, “We’ll become no.1 in Asia!”

The Asian unit group Cross Gene that is composed of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese members, took their first steps in Korea. Cross Gene’s Shin Sangmin, Yongseok(from Korea), Casper, J.G(from China), and Takuya(from Japan) held a showcase at Seoul Ax-Korea on June 7 at 6:00 p.m to celebrate the release of their debut album, Timeless. On this day, Cross Gene opened the stage by performing their title song “La-Di Da-Di” with fancy performance and powerful choreography. In addition, they performed “Sky High” “For This Love” and heated up the stage. After the performance, Cross Gene’s Chinese member Casper revealed, “Starting with this show case, we will have many activities in Korea. We want to be number one in Asia, and later hold world tours.” The group’s leader Takuya revealed, “We are so glad and want to thank you all for coming here. I still cannot believe that this is our debut stage.” He added, “We are happy to show you what we have been preparing for a long time.” The Korean member Shin Won Ho stated, “I believe that our group will display unique charms when our different cultures mix together since our members are from three different countries.” The name “Cross Gene” refers to the “cross” of people who possess outstanding “genes” from different countries including Korea, China, and Japan. They revealed that they are a global project hosted by Universal Music and Amuse to bring a new Korean wave, and will stand tall on the world stage as representatives of Asian artists and represent other Asian pop stars. Many media from different countries attended the concert and paid a lot of attention to the group. Their title song “La-Di Da-Di” is an electronic dance song that has a powerful groove and an addictive hook. Four songs besides the title song were included in the album, and one of them “Sky High” was chosen as the background music for Hong Kong’s Pocari Sweat commercial. Cross Gene will have their debut performance on June 14 on Mnet’s M Countdown. Source: STARNEWS

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