Begin (Jungkook One Shot)

Missed the other one shots? Well here you go.

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He had fallen hard for her before he figured it out she had come to him crying about being hurt by another boyfriend. "(y/n) you deserve a guy who will treat you better." "I can't seem to find the right one" "Maybe you are looking too far." "What?"

"I...." He stopped "I'm just saying maybe you're trying too hard." He said thinking he played it cool. "Who do you think would be good for me?" She had finally ended the tears. She knew the guy she was dating was just a distraction. They all were. Although that didn't stop her from falling for them. "I can't pick a guy for you." He said "I'm not asking you to pick, I'm just asking your opinion. I'm getting sick of falling and getting hurt."

"Then don't. it's not that hard to just stay single." "Jungkook...I can't be alone." "You aren't alone you have me." "Yeah till when?" He couldn't take it. Her looking at him with those beautiful eyes. She really was worried he'd leave her like everyone else. She didn't know how he was too far gone. Before he could think properly he pressed his lips to hers. He realized what he did and quickly pulled back. She was still shocked. " I'm sorry...I couldn't stop myself." "Jungkook..." "No, now that I did that you need to listen, you can tell me to go after I finish my peace." "Ok"

"I have liked you for awhile and I didn't know what to do, you never saw me as anything more than a friend, I had to be a friend if I wanted to spend time with you." "That's not true." (Y/n) quickly slipped in. "It was, but now I worry, about who's going to kiss you next, if it's not me I hate the idea. So I'm going to love you now, and even though I know it'll kill me if you say no, I just want to believe that you want to give me a shot. I want us to begin as a couple, not friends." "Can I talk?" (y/n) asked and he nodded

"Ok, first off you have always been there for me Jungkook, when I've hit my worst you are still there and even though I am terrified you'll leave me, I know only you can make me leave the darkness and come to light." "So what are you saying?" He asked moving closer to her again. "Who's going to kiss you when I'm gone?" She smiled "Noone just your lips are what I want." This cheesy line made her blush. "Jungkook...I'll love you now." She said and pressed her lips to his. He pulled her closer to deepen the kiss. "This is when we Begin. And I hope we never end" Jungkook said as he smiled and pulled her close to hug.

Alright all that is left is Jhope....I'm sorry I didn't post sooner thanks to@SweetDuella I was able to knock off a lot of time with posting.

Hi everybody! I'm excited to meet and talk to people who also love kpop and k dramas.
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