Suzy unwraps gifts galore for her birthday

Suzy turned 19 (20 in Korean age) on October 10 and she went on a photo spree to show off the love from her mother and fans! Suzy tweeted, "Mom, thank you. I love you", and enjoyed a traditional Korean birthday breakfast with seaweed soup prepared by her mother. Suzy also thanked fans for their gifts and cake as she tweeted, "Ooh wah. Suzy Gal. Everyone in Suzy Gal. Thank you so much. I will read the letters well. Ooh wah ah." "Thank you. Bae Chi Mi jjang jjang ㅠㅠ Bae Chi Miiiiiiiii" There were even decorations at her place and Suzy didn't miss out on the chance to turn it into a pictorial and shared, "My mom decorated it. My mom is jjang jjang girl" and "'Suzy yah that this that use this and sit over there' Eung mom.." Suzy looked beautiful with her birthday hat and bunny ears as the birthday girl. Happy birthday, Suzy! Source & Image: Suzy's Twitter

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