A visit to Brian's house on 'Barefoot Friends' reveals what a neat freak he is

On the latest episode of SBS' 'Barefoot Friends', the cast visited singer Brian's house. From the entrance to the kitchen, the cast was amazed and surprised by how neatly everything was organized. Even more amazing, when they visited Brian's closet, they found that all of his hangers were facing the same direction and everything was arranged depending on the length of the arm sleeves and colors of the clothes. Brian said, "If my house is messy, I can't do anything. There was even one time I cleaned for twenty-four hours." When Kang Ho Dong jokingly played around with the hangers, Brian burst out at him to everyone's amusement. The singer also taught the cast how to clean the gas stove to keep it looking like new and revealed his latest favorite workout. The episode will be out on October 13!

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