Whip Me Baby! (bts oneshot 19+)

The last of the boys is finally getting his turn! Yoongi Smut is here!

oh other news I recently Joined@amobts and@QueenLele in their quad for "House of Extessy". So much smut and dirty talk lol such fun people are in the group. Anyway just wanted to add that before I get started!

One last thing before we get started, it is a smut and with smut comes all the bells and whistles of warnings! So . . .

Smut commence!

Damn me and my filthy mind. It was the reason I was in this place, actually my feet's fault that got me here, but it listened to my dirty brain.  Inside of this place it was like a whole new world, there was rooms, some had glass doors that you could see what was happening inside and some did not.

"Miss" the bouncer at the door said catching my attention.

"Yes" my eyes went to him, he was huge, tall and buff.

"Do you have an appointment?" He asked.

"Oh yes, its under Butterfly" I said. A smirk was on his face at hearing that.

"Butterfly? Alright wait here a moment while I get him" he said. I nodded and waited.

A couple minutes later I saw a guy come up to the front. He was only wearing leather pants and black gloves. There was black bands on his biceps and on his wrists. The way he walked was with purpose and straight towards me.

"Yoongi this is butterfly" the bouncer pointed to me and he nodded. His eyes scanned me, I felt a little over dressed now in my navy blue dress, and though it came thigh high and sleeveless, I still felt overdressed.

"Butterfly" the word rolled out of his mouth lazily.

He led me back into the club and into a room, it was a private room that had a metal door and no glass to see out, thank god. Inside was a wall that consisted of several toys, dildo's of various sizes, different whips, rope, cuffs, and several other things I didn't recognize.

"So you want to be tied up?" He asked turning to me. His dark hair fell in front of his face and he brushed it aside. He eyed the wall and then the table in the room. It was padded, it reminded me of the tables at a massage parlor.

"Yes" my voice came out barely above a whisper.

"Strip for me" he said crossing his arms over his chest. His intense stare was on me. After a couple minutes of silence, I did what he said. I unzipped the back of my dress and shimmied out letting it hit the ground. Underneath the dress I had a blue corset on that has metal clasps and a matching thing. A grin appeared on his face.

"Sexy" he growled. "I never thought you would be so sexy" he said stepping forward. A blush appeared and I turned my face away from him.

"Should I take the corset off?" I asked.

"No, leave it on" he was closer now. I looked back towards him and he was walking towards me.  I hadn't been prepared and took a few steps back only to bump into the table.

"You know, I investigated this room while I waited for you" he leaned in to me. He smelled so good, a musky manly sent wafted from him.

"Can I say your name in here?' I asked him sheepishly.

"I prefer you do" he grinned.

"Yoongi" I smiled sheepishly

"Butterfly" he said. "Sit on the table" he said. I wiggled my body and then did as he said.

I jumped up and wiggled to get comfortable. He pressed a button beside me, his arms trapped me in my spot and when he hit the button, half the table came up, meeting my back and a woosh of air came out of me.

"Are there rules here?" I asked as I stared into his eyes. I really wanted to kiss him.

"Rule 1. You do not touch me, only I can touch you, 2. You do what I say when I say. 3. No kissing on the lips" he emphasized his last point by putting a finger against his lips.

"Now, let's get you situated" he grinned pulling away from him.

Yoongi went to the wall and looked through the ropes, he picked a thin black rope and a thick black rope that was longer, then turned and came back.

"Hands behind your back" he said. I did what he said, putting them behind my back, behind the table too. He tied my wrists together.

"Now spread your legs for me" he whispered close to my ear. Tentatively I did as he said. The soft material of the rope wrapped around my ankle, then the next one. I was tied up, spread open and wrapped up.

"Like a pretty bow" he whispered next to my ear finishing my thought out loud.

His teeth closed over my earlobe and a tingling started in my clit. His hand came from behind as his hand wrapped around my neck.

When I started to fidget yoongi let go of me and came around to face me.

"You won't need these" he said pulling at my thong. The Material slid between my ass cheeks and rubbed against my clit before it was ripped off me.

"Now, what am I going to do with you?" Yoongi chuckled. My eyes trailed over his body, looking at his toned muscles and tight leather pants that seemed to be to right for him now.

"Maybe one of those whips" he was looking at the wall.

My clit tightened and started to pulse at the thought.

"You like that idea" he smirked. "Naughty Naughty' he clicked his tongue.

I watched him walk over and to the hall. He fingered the large leather whip that I winced at, yoongi moved on.

"Do you know they call these flogs?" He asked.

"Hmm yes" I said. His fingers wrapped around one that had several strips of material. He put that one back and the turned to face me, a long handle and at the end was a piece of folded leather.

"I think this will do" he said approaching me.  He whipped it at my shoulder, the soft leather stung my skin.

He repeated the action down my arm, testing how hard he could go, he could go hard.

My body spasmed when he did it on my clit. A grin appeared. He toyed with the whip, hitting my pussy over and over and when I couldn't take it and let out a moan the tip of the whip slid in between my lips and he shifted it so that he was rubbing my clit, the friction felt so good.

"Do you like that?" Yoongi's voice was husky as he knelt down in between my legs. I moaned again. He took the whip away and then replaced his with his hand, the leather gloves he wore were a new sensation as he fingered me.

I was close, so close.

"Not yet" yoongi hissed as he removed his hand. He stood and walked around me.

"U/N" he said my name "baby do you know how erotic it is to see you getting turned on by a whip" he whispered into my ear.

"Yoongi, its hot as fuck that your doing this to me" I sighed.

"Can I untie you now?" He asked.

"Please" I nodded. He untied my legs, but he left my hands tied.

"I think I like you tied up like this" he said all of a sudden as he came around.

His cock was sticking out of his pants now and I couldn't help but lick my lips at seeing it.

"U/N, I'm going to fuck you so hard" he said as he readjusted me on the table and then he was pushing his tip inside me. I took an intake of breath as he did so and he started to move. Yoongi grunted and moaned as he slide in and out of me, my hands pulled at the ropes, but I couldn't move them, I couldn't wrap them around him and touch him.

Yoongi's body stiffed for a moment and then he pulled out and came on my thigh. The warm liquid and looking down at his cock still coming, I came myself.

"U/N you are so fucking amazing" yoongi said, his forehead pressed against mine

"Your amazing yoongi" I said. A chuckle ce out of him before his lips were on mine.

The next couple minutes yoongi untied me and I put my dress back on. Yoongi had a black shirt sitting in the corner and he put it on.

"Are you ready to get out of here baby?" Yoongi asked putting an arm around my shoulders. I smiled at my lover.

"Yea, one round of this and I'm good" I giggled.

"Did this live up to your fantasies" he asked.

"Hmm I'll be going off this for a while" I told him.

"Let's go home " he said as we left the room and the bdsm club.



How did you like it, twist of it being Yoongi and U/N are a couple already and renting a room at bdsm club (I've never been, I swear, but well um 50 shades hello *waves*)

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