~Red Velvet - Rookie/Russian Roulette/Dumb Dumb Mashup~

Morning everyone!^^


So I think many of us know RYUSERALOVER as a master of mashing up kpop songs to make awesome remixes.

AAnndd iitt hhaass bbeeeenn ddoonnee aaggaaiinn

This is literally amazing.

There are no words to describe how much I love this mashup!!


What do you think? Would you listen to it a lot?

BBeeccaauussee II ssuurree aamm ggooiinngg ttoo hhaavvee iitt oonn rreeppeeaatt

*Savage Thunder Mafia*


~The Randoms~

A –@ArtCrazy@awkwardjazzy

B –

C –@CrystalBlunt

D –@destiny1419

E –@ESwee

F –

G –@Gaarita100

H –@HeichousRegalia

I –@imiebegay14@IsoldaPazo

J –@JaxomB

K –@KassieXiong@KenyaMendoza

L –

M –@MaggieHolm@ManduBum@MaritessSison@MelissaGarza@MissMinYoongi mrsyookihyun

N –

O –@OppasManBun

P –

Q –@QueenPandaBunny

R –@roseeoh

S –@SerenaArthurs@Shadyllamas@SierraBecerra@Starbell808@sordidgame

T –@TeaTimeFoxy@TKOtaku@turntuptae

U –@UnicornSuga

V –@VKookie47

W –@WolfLune

X –

Y –@YviLole15

Z –

(Credit to RYUSEALOVER and owners of gifs!)

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