Learning Korean 

I have been learning the Korean language for the past 5 years but have never fully developed any proper speaking skills. Most of my learning has been through dramas, variety shows, and music. Starting this year, marking the sixth year of my learning, I have decided to become more serious and active in learning the language. 

Starting with the book shown above,the Integrated Korean, I will begin my journey into learning how to speak and write Korean properly. This will be mostly self study but I am also reaching out to anyone that can speak Korean to correct me or help me better understand what I am learning. 

If anyone is familiar with this textbook series, then you may also know that it does not come with an answer key and that you also have to pay to get the answer key from the website. I instead want to challenge myself and not get the answer key at all if possible. 

So without further delay, I will begin to expand my knowledge of the Korean language through this book.

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