Introducing Dahyun

Dahyun (Kim Da Hyun)

Dahyun is the lead Rapper and Vocalist in the group. She is the loveable member and she loves her fans and members alike. Dahyun is the playful cheerful one of the group that gets along with everyone, she likes to spend time with a lot of the other artists in JYP, playing games and taking photos with them.

She was first noticed at a youth dance festival where did did a dance solo. She was still a middle school student at the time. In 2012 she passed the audition and became JYP Trainee.

Lil bit more!

Dahyun was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Was popular for a video of her dancing at church (Its on Youtube somewhere)


Fans would like to see Dahyun and Vernon from Seventeen on the show “We Got Married”


Her nicknames are Tofu and Dubu


Dahyun wears contact lenses.


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