Eterna: 4ever Eternal {Ch. 2}

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Chapter 1

No one answered his question for a while. It was as if everyone was scared of talking to each other. So, he decided to go first.

"Well since no one else wants to speak, I guess I will. My name is Hansol Vernon Chwe, but you guys can call me Vernon for short. I am 18 years old and I was born in the U.S. I like watching movies and uh..."

"Why do you look so american?" The third guy piped, interrupting Vernon. Vernon paused and sighed lightly before answering.

"Well, my mother is American and my dad is Korean. I look more western because of my mother." He said, seeming a little upset by the question he must have gotten a dozen times before. Bo-Yeong glanced over at him to see that he was now waiting for someone else to go. She glanced at the other two, hoping desperately that one of them would go next. And someone did.

"Uhh, I guess I can go next." The third guy spoke, breaking the silence. "My name is Byun Baek-hyun, I am 24 years old so I guess that makes me the oldest. I like all types of food: if it is edible I will eat it. And I enjoy watching movies as well, especially sci-fi and action movies. That's about it..." He then waited for one of the last two to speak. Bo-Yeong waited to see if the rude guy wanted to go next but seeing as he was hardly paying attention enough as it was, she thought that it would be good to introduce herself. 

"I c-can go," she whispered, not wanting to look at the other boys. They all turned their attention to her, wanting to her about her as well. "My name is H-Hae Bo-Yeong. I am, um, 20 years old and I used to live in small rural town outside of Busan. I-I really like to sing and I like reading fantasy novels..." She then trailed off, hoping that was enough information and that the rude man would go next. 

"Well nice to meet you Bo-Yeong unnie," Vernon called out, making Bo-Yeong embarrassed. 

"N-Nice to meet you guys too," She mumbled, smiling a little as she fumbled with her fingers.


"I guess you guys seem okay," Baekhyun stated, intrigued by his new bandmates. He then turned to look at the last as he stared at the ground. "Oi! It's your turn." He yelled, trying to get his attention. The rude man quickly responded as he stared Baekhyun down. Baekhyun flinched a bit, startled by the glare of the man. 

"Why should I have to share anything?" He spat, seeming to think that this whole idea was stupid.

"Considering we are going to be members of the same band, it would be good to at least know your name and some things about you. We all shared something. Now, it's your time to give us a little intro about you." Vernon explained, appearing to be the most mature out of the three guys despite being the youngest.

The rude man, stared at him for a bit as if testing him when he looked away, and glanced at the other two in the room. He looked at Baekhyun to see him waiting as well and then at Bo-Yeong who couldn't even meet his eyes. He thought she was weird. Really weird. But he knew that if he didn't even try to talk to these guys that the CEO would have his hide so he accepted his fate.

"Since you all seem to want to know me so badly, I guess I can share a few things." He smirked, as if finding himself hilarious. Vernon rolled his eyes and Baekhyun shook his head and laughed, thinking this man was way too overconfident about himself.

"My name is Kim Taehyung but you guys call me V. I just like it better, no reason why. I am 21 years old and I like rapping I guess. That's all I am gonna tell you punks so just accept that and move on." He then went back to doing whatever he was doing before. The other three just let him be as he was clearly wanting to be left alone.

"Well, that's all of us. I just wish the CEO wouldn't leave us all in here for another 2 and a half hours." Vernon groaned.

"He could have at least given us something to do." Baekhyun agreed, picking at a piece of the hardwood. "Like give us our song or something. So we could look over it." He sighed. 

At this time Bo-Yeong didn't know what to do either. She wanted to talk to the guys a little more but at the same time she wanted to get away from all of this. So instead, she started to get up from the ground and look around. The other guys watched her as she began walking around the room.

"What is she doing?" Vernon whispered to Baekhyun, confused by the girl's actions.

"No idea." He answered, watching her walk slowly around the room, touching the walls and observing the area. Even Taehyung was interested in what she was doing as Bo-Yeong seemed so absorbed into the room. 

Bo-Yeong on the other hand, thought there was nothing strange with what she was doing. She examined the area step after step. She smiled slightly, happy to think that this was now their practice room - her own space to sing and work hard. She gently ran her fingers along the wall, finding the cool concrete wall comforting in a sort of way. She kept her hand on the wall as she moved, wanting to get to know the place mentally and physically. 

After reaching the corner of the room, she then met the mirrors and was intrigued. To think that so many mirrors could fit on one wall was fascinating. She could see her exact reflection and it made her smile. She looked all around and stopped when she saw the three guys all staring at her strangely. She turned to face them, feeling embarrassed.

"W-What," She murmured, now feeling vulnerable. She wondered how long they had been watching her. 

"You are really weird. Like alien weird." Taehyung said, a look of disgust on his face. "Seriously, what is even interesting about the wall? Why would you touch it like that?" A little upset, she tried to calm herself down before answering.

"I-I don't know. It's just...I wanted to know the room we will be practicing in. T-That's all..." The two laughed at her comment and Taehyung couldn't care less. Bo-Yeong had decided to just go sit back down as to not draw any more attention to herself. 

"Don't mind him," Vernon whispered. "He is just grumpy." Baekhyun laughed a little at his comment and Bo-Yeong smiled lightly. She didn't mind Vernon too much, he seemed pretty nice. Baekhyun seemed cool too but Taehyung...she didn't even know where to begin with that guy.

"So what now? We can't just sit here doing nothing for the next couple of hours," Baekhyun stated. That got them all thinking, wondering of the possibilities to do in the room. They all sat and thought for a bit, even Taehyung as he was incredibly bored. 

"I think I have an idea..." Vernon spoke, smiling at the thought. The other three were intrigued, showing interest. He then clapped his hands together and got up off his feet. "Why don't we have kind of a dance-off? It would be fun and the time would definitely go by-"

"No way. Not a chance," Taehyung interrupted. "I don't want to dance with you losers." He scoffed, laughing slightly at the idea. Vernon walked closer to him, testing his patience. 

"Why? Afraid we would be better than you?" Vernon smiled, trying his best to get his rowdy new band mate to cooperate with his idea. Taehyung immediately got up from the floor, walking close to Vernon. 

"In your dreams, boy. You want a competition? Well, you got one." Taehyung walked towards the center of the room, hitting Vernon's shoulder on the way. Vernon knew exactly what buttons to push on Taehyung and it seemed to work. Bo-Yeong and Baekhyun just sat back and watched it all unfold. 

Taehyung stopped in the center and started to pull out his phone. After scrolling for a bit, he reached a song that he knew would be hard to beat. He glanced at the others through the mirror as the song came on. He smiled.

"Watch and learn boys and alien. Watch and learn."


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