The Inheritors (Heirs) Episode 3 Live Recap

Refresh to read the live update!!! ======================= We are back at the theater, with KT translating the exchange taking place in the movie. KT: Do you like me? ES and KT just gaze at each other. ES says "probably not." KT: "Why?" ES: "Because you are engaged." KT: "even so." ES: and you look younger. KT: "But that happens often in Hollywood. ES: "We're in Hollywood????" KT and ES are outside, where they see the Hollywood sign. ES: "We're at Hollywood!!" (lollll that transition knocked me off). KT and ES are back at KT's home. ES takes her luggage out. ES: "I'm sorry for bothering, but can you check if there was a response on that post I made on my friend? Thanks for everythi-----. And then KT sudden picks up her luggage and goes back home, forcing ES to follow him. KT confirms that ES' friend made the post, but tells her that he's taking shower and leaves the room. Back at KT's room, he receives a call that KT's brothher will be meeting him,. told by 실장님 Turns out Bora's father was KT's brother's.... 실장님!!! (The guy below the executive.. forgot what it's called ^^;;;;) KT comes dressed up in suit. tells ES that she should not go anywhere, and takes her for a drive because KT's American friend suddenly came back. (Uploaded the drive scene!) KT's mother is caught saying something on the phone that she's not suppose to by ES' mother... can't exactly tell what the scene is about :( We are back in California. KT and ES arrives at the banquet. KT tells ES to stay by his car. Small house party, we see KT's brother socializing with business associates. KT and his brother suddenly meets eye-to-eye. KT's brother's eye suddenly turns cold. Goes over and tells him "Follow me" without saying anything or even seeing one another. ES is walking around almond farm, spies on KT and his brother talking. KT's brother tells him "why did you come? who sent you?" KT says "how have you been? It's been 3 years? how could I not come when you are here?" KT's brother basically says "You should have never come" and leaves. KT, left all by himself, starts to "barely" tear up, and wind suddenly blows all the almonds around? (this scene is really pretty!!!!! so hard to describe omg) ES then approaches KT. KT: "Why did you eaves drop?" ES: "I was going to jump in if you were in danger" KT: "Why didn't you jump in?" and then leaves. KT and ES are driving back, all quiet. KT: forget everything you saw. ES: I will forget everything, it's all a dream for me it seems. Afterwards, there's suddenly a rock blocking the road, KT swirls the car around to avoid it. KT and ES did not get hurt, but the car is stuck in sand. The phone signal is not working as well. KT asks, "you can't drive right?" The next scene, we see ES trying to push the car while KT tries to get it out. They fail. badly. hahahahah. Afterwards, KT tells ES that they should just abandon the car and just walk to nearest town, despite ES protest that they are in a scary movie situation where bad thing can happen to them. but they walk anyways hahah. As they walk through the desert, ES shares her snack (pictured) and KT tells ES that her friend left comment on her facebook. The two book into a motel, sharing a single room because there's no extra. KT takes his shirt off and instruct ES to look away. (LMH BACK is..ahem..pictured). After he changes, ES remarks what every girl would have said, "Darn, I should have looked!". We see KT and ES dining, and they fool around before ES almost falls down, with KT throwing his body to grab her. The most intense skin-touch between them yet! ES and KT talks for a bit (again about ES' friend on FB lolll) before ES suddenly falls asleep, with KT covers her with blanket and just watches her sleep (this scene is sooo beautiful omggg) KT and ES finally arrive at KT's place. Chanyoung suddenly shows up, with ES and CY suddenly meeting, KT could be seen all jealous and heads back home. ES tells CY that they should head into KT's home and say farewell. ES tells KT that she's about to leave. KT tells ES to stay. However, CY tells KT "you are Kim tan" KT responds "Do I know you? have i bullied you in Middle school" CY: "No, it's not that simple" and leaves the place with ES. At CY's place, when ES asks how she knows KT, he responds, "I just know him, but he's not a good guy." CY offers to pay for all the expenses. CY and ES are walking around somewhere at Hollywood. ES sees a t-shirt that says "I <3 california" and she's immediately thinking back to KT. CY posts picture of his tour with ES on Facebook. Rachel immediately calls CY and KT gets exceedingly jealous loll. KT meets up with Rachel at her hotel. Suddenly Rachel's mother calls her to tell her, "The story will be that you are in US because KT begged you to come. Hang up.". Youngdo is introduced as KT’s best friend before KT went off to US. Youngdo receives a call from his father. Next scene, we see YD’s father throwing him around at judo. When father asks, “do you know why you lost?” YD: “I should be like father, but I’m apparently like mother.” Father leaves, obvious sense of YD calls Rachel, says “You will come back home now. I don’t give damn how, you will do it.” KT and Rachelare together now. Rachel wants to goto the pancake shop, KT is reminded of ES, so tells Rachelto not go. Rachel says, “lets go, see if this is fate or chance”. And we see ES at the pancake place with CY. KT tries to leave the place, but Rachel recognizes CY and sits her and KT at the table. Turns out, all of them goto the same school. Rachel could be seen obviously agitated at ES, while telling everyone Bora was KT's ex, and is CY's current bf. KT takes Rachel out, says something about her being very disappointing. Rachel runs into KT's brother. Rachel suddenly asks KT's brother if he could take her to wherever he is going. Next scene, we are at Kim Won's mother's cemetery. KW thanks Rachel for coming. Bora's father suddenly calls KW about business. We suddenly see Rachel's mother appearing on the scene. Turns out.. Bora's father and Rachel's mother used to be married. (All this relationships criss cross is soooo complicated!!! @_@) We are back at KT's residence. He is waiting for ES's phone call (KT told ES to call him before she leaves US). She was unable to (i'm not sure why). Instead, she leaves a message, "It was like a dream this summer. Thank you. Good bye" on a bulletin board of KT's school. KT goes to airport to see Rachel off to Korea. Rachel asks hugs KT, saying, "I haven't forgiven you yet". ES suddenly sees Rachel hugging KT, turns around to leave, but KT sees her and says, "Eunsang, Stop right there!". and the Episode Ends!!

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