๐Ÿ“ฃ Let's Take Cross Gene TO #1!

My favorite Group Cross Gene had a comeback on the 8th. Their First Music Bank performance was this morning [Which is great btw]

Wonderful News: Cross Gene is #1 For Mnet Japan!

Great News But Could improve significantly: Cross Gene is #3 For Mnet Korea

Now, whether Cross Gene is a favorite of yours or not, there is no denying that they have comeback Swinging and left you in a daze if you loved the video. I absolutely have given my heart and soul to these 6, and they have never disappointed me at all. That's why, if you are a fan, old or new, they are so close to getting their first win. They were #2 for Last comeback; so close it drove me bonkers.

Stream their MV, Download the music, Buy albums etc. Stream their MV, Download the music, Buy albums etc.


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Performance Music Bank:

Love How they coordinate their role with the Black and white Suits. Good: Shin, Sangmin, & Yongseok Evil: Seyoung, Takuya, and Casper I'm extremely proud of my boys, and I hope they finally get the recognition they so rightly deserve โ™ก

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