Playmate Ch.12

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung

What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)

Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes...

Y/n's POV

He'd taken you back to his place. This was the same place that haunted you and you were back in it. He pushed you to the couch and said,

"Sit right there and don't fucking move."

He walked off and all you could think of was how fast you could move to get to the door and out of the house. You had no where to run and if he caught you he was sure to kill you. Your heart raced in your chest and you tried to control tears but they silently fell. Your legs wouldn't get up no matter how much you begged them to. You wanted to run but fear paralyzed you.

Ju Kyung lied.

He kept lying to you. He promised you Taehyun wouldn't hurt you again. He said you two would stay friends but he'd told you he was going to stay away from you. You wanted to throw something. You felt Taehyun's hands pull your hair back like he was making a ponytail. Then you heard the sound of sheers. Your heart raced faster.

"No. No don't." You begged.

"Shut up."

You tried to pull away from him and he yanked you back. You felt your hair loosen once he cut it off. Your heart sank.

You never cut your hair. Aside from getting a trim you never cut your hair. Seeing the long strands hit the floor, you couldn't believe he'd done it. You cried in disbelief.

"Why!" You screamed upset.

He pushed you down on the couch.

"Shut the fuck up."

He made his way on top of you and you pushed him away from you. You punched his chest, more fight came to you the more he laughed at you. He let you hit him all you wanted. Your panic attack set in and you stopped moving so you could breathe.

"You're such a little bitch. Why did he think he could make you a pet?" He said.

"I'm not yours to do this any more get off!" You screamed.

He grabbed you by your neck and smacked you across the face.

"Don't talk to me like we're equals."

"No you're fucking lower than me you're a stupid piece of shit!" You screamed furious.

You had enough, it was enough. He'd abused you, made you miscarry and now he'd cut your hair. He got the cruelest enjoyment out of hurting you. Different from Ju Kyung but somehow the same. Ju Kyung cared and he'd stop if it was too much. If he saw you crying he'd eventually snap out of it and stop touching you. Taehyun was not the same.

He was the actual devilactual devil.

"If you keep talking I'll kill you." He said.

"Do it. Kill me please. I am so sick of you and every other fucking piece of shit doing this to me! You cut my hair, you took my baby and you think you can just keep claiming me like this! Do it Taehyun, just fucking end this for the both us. Fucking kill me!" You screamed at him.

His angry face stared back at you as he held your hands down against your chest. He stared at you pissed then he started to laugh.


You spit in his face. He hit you in the face again, splitting your lip slightly and hitting your cheek bone. Your face hurt, everything hurt and you willed the tears to stay in. You didn't show him before you could hold them in now.

"Say you're mine."

"Go Fuck yourself!" You bit.

"You're still as stubborn as ever. He made you a bunny, he clearly understands who you are." He smirked.

His hands went up your shirt making you suck in air. He quickly scratched down your stomach making you clench your teeth at the scrapes he made. He licked up your stomach where he made the scratches,

"You said something about a baby. What baby?"

You glared at him. His eyes narrowed on you,

"Don't tell me your dumbass got pregnant? You're such a fucking slut." He chuckled.

By reflex your knee went up and hit him in his nuts. He retracted in pain and you quickly scurried to get off the couch and to the door. He caught you by your ankle though and you fell to the floor. He slapped you repeatedly in the face. His anger twice as worse as before. He ripped your shirt open and his lips attacked your neck. You pushed against his chest and tried twisting to get away from him but he took off his tie and tied your wrists up.

"You're gonna fucking scream for me baby." He growled pissed.

He quickly removed your pants and stood you up. He made you stand and walk to the door in the back and you already known what was back there...

Ju Kyung's POV

Ju Kyung had everything on his planner canceled for today. He didn't know how Taehyun knew he was having her watched but he was smart enough to take her in secret. He was furious with his men for losing her but he was furious with himself as well. He promised her Taehyun wouldn't get to her and Minjun's vindictive ass went and got her hurt. She had nothing to do with it but he knew if she was hurt or killed he'd feel the same pain he did. He could only imagine the amounts of torture he'd place on Minjun for doing this but Taehyun was first.

"You need to stop pacing, pacing is not going to get her back." Catlynn said.

"He's going to kill her." He said furious.

"No he's not, Taehyun isn't stupid."


Catlynn sighed, she knew he didn't mean to snap at her because it wasn't her fault but all he could do was stress out about this. He'd gone by her house with Catlynn three times already. He went to Taehyun's penthouse, his office, his hangouts. He had Mr.Kim tell him if he showed up at the club at all. Minjun was enjoying the scare he was giving him but Ju Kyung was honestly ready to kill him and Taehyun.

"Killing him will be easy Ju Kyung. Stick to your plan. If she's really sick of it she can testify, she can get him locked away for a long time for the things he's done to all those other women."


Catlynn sighed. She knew this side of him all too well. She knew the side of him that enjoyed power but above all, she knew the side that wanted to claim Y/n. She was his even when she didn't know it. All the other men he had taken care of because they had touched her didn't compare to what he wanted to do with Taehyun; he wanted everything gone, he wanted to torture him and then he wanted to kill him. He wanted his bunny back. He wanted Y/n.

His Y/n...

That conversation with Catlynn had happened an hour ago and she was just calling him up now.

"I went back to the house, she was sitting out front here. She won't go to the hospital with me. Look, Ju Kyung she's really scared right now you need to be calm when you come over." She said.

Ju Kyung wiped his face feeling the need to throw something. He wanted to smash Taehyun's face in. Minjun was probably lurking waiting for him to slip up so that his company could be compromised as well. He shook his head and said into the phone,

"Tell her to pack everything she needs in her suitcase she's not staying there."

"Where do you want me to take her?" She asked.

"I'll be home before you guys so the door will be open. She's going to stay with me but don't tell her until the last minute." He said.

He knew Y/n would still be pissed at him for letting her go and he also knew that she'd hate him for not keeping his promise. What was he thinking staying away from her? He wanted to stop causing her pain but he left her wide open to be beaten by Taehyun again. The fact that he touched her made him furious. He called his men and put a hit on Minjun first. Minjun was going to disappear for a little while but his torture wasn't nearly going to be as bad as the torture he was going to put Taehyun through. He called one of his best to go and run a background check on Taehyun. It was going to take sometime to find anything solid but he was going to find something to start making his world crash down around him. He got into his car and headed home as quickly as he could. He beat the girls there and he quickly changed out of his work clothes into street clothes. He needed to make her feel comfortable around him but he doubted there was going to be a smile to pop up on his face.

He walked downstairs when he heard the door open. He could hear Catlynn talking to Y/n.

"It's best if you don't stay at your place for now anyway okay."

"I don't want to be here. He doesn't want me here." She said lowly.

"Yes he does. Now listen little bunny I really think you should go to the hospital."

"You guys should just let me die." She said.

Her voice was half dead already. There was almost no life in her.

"We can't do that bunny girl. We like you too much." She said cheerfully.

No matter how sweet Catlynn was trying to be to her, Y/n didn't care. Ju Kyung came down the steps, trying to keep his anger at bay but when he saw her face he wanted to scream. He gripped the railing of the stairs.

"What the Fuck did he do to you?" He seethed.

No gentleness could be found in his voice at the moment; he was way too furious. Catlynn came between him and her as he came up to look at her. Y/n was looking down so her face couldn't be seen by him but he had seen enough. She had bruising all over her face. Her cheeks were bruised, her lip was cut and swollen, her eye was swelling too. She had marks on her wrist like she had been tied down and her long hair was gone, cut too short.

"Please tell me you cut your hair Y/n." He said.

She shook her head.

"Taehyun did it. He did everything to her." Catlynn said.

He moved past Catlynn to get to Y/n.

"Be careful." She warned.

He gently placed his hand on her cheek to make her look up at him. He was so furious he actually had tears of frustration running down his face as he looked at her. He could see her trying to hold it in as she looked back at him,

"I promise you baby, I'm going to destroy him." He said.

She started crying and he brought her into his chest and she cried on his shirt. She cried hard. She cried so hard at one point her voice had muted and came back up with a sharp gasp because she was trying to get air. He touched the back of her head. He cut her hair so short.

Why would he cut her hair?

Her hair meant a lot to her though. She'd never gotten her hair cut before. Her hair couldn't hide her bruises either. He was showing his work, he was making sure she knew what he could do to her. She beat on his chest as she cried. He rubbed her back up and down trying to soothe her.

"I'll kill him. I'll take everything away from him and I'll kill him." He said.

"Ju Kyung we should really get her to a hospital and file a police report." Catlynn said.

"Y/n, she's right. We need to get him taken care of. We have to make sure your face is okay." He said to her.

She shook her head,

"He'll come back for me."

"Y/n he's not laying another finger on you. If I have to cut them all off to make sure he doesn't touch you again I will. You're going to the hospital no arguments."

"He's going to kill me, you want that don't you? Why don't you just do it yourself and save him the trouble? Why don't you just kill me? Kill me!"

"Stop it. Stop it right now. How many times do I have to say I love you before you believe me?" He said.

"Is it natural to leave the ones you love? My mother loved me too and she's dead. She left me alone to an abusive father and you left me alone for Taehyun to come after me. Anyone that says they love me, leaves me."

"My sweet bunny," he said brushing her hair with his fingers.

"I'm right here okay. I'm not letting any man touch you again. I'll break their arms if they touch you. I'm not leaving you again okay. Fuck what I said yesterday, I'm not leaving you alone for a minute. Taehyun isn't going to touch you again. I love you Y/n. I love you so fucking much, there's no way in hell he's touching you again. So we're going to the hospital and you're going to get looked at and then I'm going to bring you back home and put you to bed ok."

She nodded slowly. He looked back at Catlynn and pulled out his phone.

"Here, this is her office number. Call them and tell them she's not coming for the rest of the week." Ju Kyung said.

"Ju Kyung I have to go to work."

"You're going to listen to me Y/n. You're not going in for the rest of the week. You're going to get some rest." He said.

She looked down. He wrapped his arm around her and she flinched. He looked down at her. He turned to her back and she tried to stop him but he looked up at her and said,

"Y/n let me see." He kept his voice calm rather than demanding.

She looked ready to break down again. Her back was covered in welts from being beaten but some had broken the skin and had a little bit of blood that had formed. He raised her shirt higher and looked at her stomach and saw scratches going down her stomach.

"Damn him!" He shouted.

"Ju Kyung calm down." Catlynn said.

"What did he do to you?" He said furious.

His hand ran through his own hair. He threw his lamp to the ground just to get some frustration out.

mother fucker

"Don't kill him." Y/n said.

Ju Kyung looked at her shocked.

"Your company and your life will be at risk if you kill him. If you do that he maybe dead but the devil will still have won. Don't kill him." She said.

He calmed down for a moment for her. He grabbed her hand and walked her out of the house. He put her in the car and drove off to the hospital. He kept his mouth shut and made sure not to voice his thoughts of murdering Taehyun for everything he did. When he got there, a female nurse checked her in but when a male doctor came in he sent him out.

"I can assure you I'm highly qualified Mr.Sun."

"I don't care. Bring in a female doctor no men are going to touch her." Ju Kyung said.

She was lying down with a bad headache from crying and her beating.



The doctor eventually gave in and nodded before he left. Five minutes later Dr.Park, a female doctor, walked in. She greeted both Y/n and himself before she started checking her bruising and her scars.

"Well I can give you some medication, it'll take the pain away and help with the bruising but there's nothing seriously wrong. There's nothing to worry about Ms. Y/n." She told her.

Y/n nodded. Ju Kyung began to pet the back of her head. Her short hair was odd to touch but the petting did the same thing as always. She melted into it. The doctor left out to get her pain pills and Ju Kyung cupped her face gently so he didn't hurt her more. Just looking at her like this made him upset he let him get to her.

"He had sex with you didn't he?" Ju Kyung whispered.

She nodded and her eyes squeezed shut. She wrapped her arms around his neck and cried again. No matter how upset she was at him she was more upset at being beaten up, forced to sleep with him and he cut her hair. He whipped her, he whipped her hard and aside from applying a light ointment to her wounds the doctor said there was nothing seriously wrong with her. Not physically at least. The doctor came back and gave her the pain pills to take. She described the dosage and how many times a day she should take it to Ju Kyung. He sensed the doctor had made the assumption she may try to overdoes on the pills. He'd be lying if he said he didn't have the same fear. She'd be living with him now, he'd keep a close eye on her. Taehyun wasn't going to come near her again. He wanted to send her home so he could find Taehyun but she told him she'd make a police report. They were only there for a good half hour getting a restraining order out for Taehyun. Once the police saw her bruises and the scars on her body they quickly placed a restraining order on him and wanted to charge him for domestic violence. Y/n got scared at that point and asked them to only do the restraining order. The more they tried to push to get her to file charges on him the more she freaked out. He had to get her to calm down, she did say the one person she was afraid of was Taehyun and she meant it.

Ju Kyung ended up taking the cop's card. He told him to try and convince her into filing charges against him because it could get him locked away. She was more afraid of him getting to her before he got locked away. She was afraid the restraining order would piss him off too but Ju Kyung believed she thought it would keep him under control. She desperately didn't want Ju Kyung doing something to ruin his career and so she decided the restraining order was enough. He sent her to the master bedroom before he gave her, her pills. Catlynn had called her out of work for the rest of the week and Ju Kyung decided to cancel his meetings for the rest of the week so he'd be with her. He wanted to stay as close to her as possible for right now. Catlynn had left and Ju Kyung had ordered in food for them. When he got upstairs, she was just coming out of the shower.

She was staring in the mirror and her hand was messing with her hair. She looked so broken up over it. He came up to her slowly and kissed her head,

"You're still beautiful with short or long hair. It doesn't matter." He whispered to her.

She looked down without a word. He wanted to rub her back but he feared hurting her more.

"When I was pregnant, I decided I was going to leave him. I didn't tell him any thing I was just going to pack my stuff and leave. He saw the bags though and assumed I was cheating on him and leaving him for another man. So we fought. When he pushed me, I fell down the stairs and he just called me a stupid bitch. He was so angry. He started kicking me in the stomach, he didn't know but I knew." She started crying.

She knelt down till she was on her knees.

"I told him what he did, I told him he took my baby from me and he didn't care. He just said good, like that life didn't matter. He knows he terrifies me, he knows I can't fight back. All I want is my baby back." She cried.

Ju Kyung picked her up off the ground and she held onto him. He brought her to the bed and laid her down.

"No one is ever going to hurt you again. Whether you're my pet or not Y/n, no one is going to hurt you. Your hair will grow back, your wounds will heal and Taehyun will never see your face again."

"You've already lied to me a few times why should I believe you?" She said.

He chuckled and came to her lips softly so he didn't hurt her.

"Because one thing I've always done is protect you, even when you didn't know it my sweet bunny. None of my men could find you and Taehyun. We looked everywhere and even checked some places three times."

"He took me back to the old house he had. It was just on the edge of Seoul. There's a back road to get to it. He used to take it all the time so no one could see him coming or going from it." She explained.

He didn't know about the old house, he never would've found her if he didn't let her go. She could've been killed and he would've never known. He got a text from his men saying that they had Minjun. He texted back,

Ju Kyung: Rip off his nails and break his arm.

That was only a warning for him; he deserved more than a warning but his focus was set on Taehyun at the moment. Ju Kyung gave Y/n her pills and the side effects was causing her to feel drowsy. With all the crying she'd done, she was bound to fall asleep anyway. He wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep beside her forgetting the food he had bought the both of them to eat...

Y/n's POV

"You won't ever stop being my bitch." Taehyun said.

"Stop! Let go of me!"

"Shut the fuck up."

He had slapped you. He repeatedly slapped you when you resisted him. His body rode into yours despite you not wanting it. Your hands were tied up and he had you suspended off the ground.Your panic had set in and you wouldn't stop screaming for him to let you down but your screams did no good ju Kyung wasn't there. He couldn't come in and save you this time. Taehyun just took advantage of you and your bodyHe did whatever he wanted and you were just broken.

You felt your body shaking and your name being called,

"Y/n. Y/n." You heard.

Your eyes opened slowly to see Ju Kyung beside you in bed. His hand was on your shoulder shaking you awake and he had called your name to wake you up.

"You were crying in your sleep." He said.

The events of yesterday had visited you in your dreams and something as traumatic as that, you weren't sure when those dreams would go away. It was worse the second time around and it took forever for you to get rid of the dreams when he did leave you.

"You need to take your medicine." He said.

You nodded, he placed his hand on your cheek. It didn't hurt so much anymore. His hand felt soft. The cut on your lip was still there but you could see Ju Kyung clearly and your face wasn't swollen anymore. You leaned closer to Ju Kyung and kissed him. You wanted to erase Taehyun's touch from your skin. Your hand met his neck and pulled him in deeper to kiss you. He backed away for a moment.

"Y/n are you sure?" He said.

"I need this right now." You said.

He nodded and kissed you again. His hand came up your shirt and your stomach tried to flee from his ghosting hand. His hand made it to your breast feeling the soft large mounds and teasing them through your bra while he kissed you. He laid you down on your back and lifted your tank top. He kissed down your stomach, using his tongue to leave a wet trail behind.

"Ju Kyung." You moaned softly.

"Yes baby." He answered in a soft voice.

You were just now realizing he'd been very gentle to you recently and you appreciated it but if you were going to erase Taehyun's from your mind you needed Ju Kyung to move a bit faster.

"Take me harder." You requested.

He sat up to look at you in shock.

"Are you sure?"

You nodded. He looked uneasy about it but he acquiesced. He pulled off your pants along with your panties. You tossed your tank to the side and let down the straps to your bra. He stared down at your scratched up stomach. He peppered sweet kisses up your stomach and over your breast until he was back on your lips. He pushed a finger into your heat and brought it out, he pushed a second finger inside you and you moaned louder for him. His fingers curled up while his thumb played on your clit. Your hands went to his shoulders.

"Look at my sweet bunny all wet for me." He said lowly.

He kissed your neck and your back arched and tried to give him more room to kiss. You sighed into his touch while his fingers continued to move in and out of your core. You tightened around him and he quickly said,

"Don't cum yet baby."

You kissed him while he continued to play with your body. He moved down your body using the tip of his tongue to make a trail until he got to your clit. He made a circle with his tongue before he began to suck on it making your back arch off the bed high. You moaned loudly enjoying the feeling of his tongue and his fingers. His fingers sped up and a third finger joined the other two in you. He continued sucking on your clit. His tongue worked like magic on your heat. He flattened his tongue and licked you up long and slow. He pulled his fingers out of you and spread your folds. He licked around your rim and his tongue pushed inside of you making you scream for him. His tongue moved in and out of you quickly. You could hear the wet sounds from his tongue turning you on more and you squeezed around his wet muscle. He got up and pulled his pants down and then his boxers, releasing his thick length. He crawled over you and gave you a kiss but he was careful not to be hard on your lips. He raised your leg over his shoulder and pushed inside you with no hesitation. He started moving his hips. He snapped them into your body and the way he had you felt so good. You gripped onto the sheets saying his name.

"Oh fuck Ju Kyung. Give me more." You said.

"My Bunny wants me to fuck her so bad. Why don't you beg for me baby?" He said.

"Please, please Ju Ju. I want you to fuck me harder. Please fuck me harder." You begged.

"You sound so sexy baby." He said.

His voice was low and husky. It sounded amazing. He pushed into you faster and hovered over your body bringing your butt up a little higher. He fucked you faster. Your moans were high and mixed in with screams. He felt so good he was stretching you out and wrecking your heat.

"I love you Y/n."

"More." You replied.

The sound of your bodies slapping together filled the room. It felt great, it sounded seductive. He tasted delicious. He came back down to kiss you and slowed his hips. He pulled out of you to turn you around. He opened your legs a little more. He lifted your butt slightly off the bed and slipped back inside of you making you sigh into the pillow. His hands came up to your ass and he started to move inside of you. He lifted your butt more and started to move hard into you. You gripped your pillow moaning against it and he leaned against your back.

"My sweet bunny you're such a good girl." He said.

He kissed your cheek then the nape of your neck while he continued to ride into you. He squeezed your ass lightly. He was in the perfect position to play with it.

"I love this sexy little ass." He moaned in your ear.

He pushed one of your legs up and you felt him move faster. His hands went to your lower back. He pushed into you harder. You moaned into the pillow louder. Your hand went back to touch his hand. He shooed your hand away and he continued to squeeze your ass.

"Fuck, my little bunny tell me I make you feel good." He said.

"It feels so good."

"Should I fuck this little ass of yours harder?" He said in your ear so hungry.

"Yes. Fuck me harder." You said.

He was already reaching so deep and he pulled you up to all fours. He gripped your waist and started fucking you faster, your moans were loud.

"Oh my god! Yes! Fuck me!" You moaned loudly.

He pushed you down and flipped you over on the bed. He pulled out of you making you whine and he licked you up quickly. He returned to your heat and lifted your legs high. His hips snapped hard into your body. He went down on you hard. You tightened around him.

"I'm gonna cum. Master please let me cum!" You whined.

You covered your mouth when you realized what you said. He chuckled,

"Go ahead my sweet bunny. Fucking cum on me." He said.

He kissed you and you grabbed his face. He hooked your legs under his elbow and slammed into you. He changed the rhythm of his hips and moved faster inside of you. He moved deep in you and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Ju Kyung!"

Your body erupted under him once you reached your orgasm. He had met his release too and he filled you up. He licked your neck and kissed you around your jawline.

"You need to take your medicine bunny. Afterwards I'll take you out to go eat." he whispered in a husky turned on voice.

"I don't want to go out looking like this?" You said.

"Baby you're beautiful. Everything has healed up nicely aside from the cut on your lip."

"If you make me your pet again will I be punished?" You asked.

He looked at you a little shocked. You switched the subject so abruptly.

"Baby I'm not making you a pet again."

"You said you only do pet Master relationships." You said.

"Yes I know."

"I want to be with you so I'll be your pet again I just wanted to know."

"Y/n, pets get punished if they're disobedient. I don't think it's good to even put you in that situation again." He said.

"I want you. I want to be with you. I'll only be your pet."

He gave you a sympathetic look. You hugged him tight. You couldn't be upset at him anymore because you wanted him.

"Y/n." he said softly.

"I'll be good as a pet. I wasn't bad before and we can discuss the contract, right? I don't need to be punished anymore, right?"

"OK listen baby, take your medicine first and then we'll take a shower. I'll take you out to eat and we can talk about it then." He said.

You looked at him and he cupped your cheek. He brushed your cheek and smiled at you. You relaxed even more for him and when he smiled bigger making his eyebrows arch you laughed lightly. He pressed his forehead to yours and his hand met your waist.

"Time to get up bunny." He said.

He pulled you up from the bed and went to get your medicine but not before kissing you. He petted the back of your head and told you he'd be back and that you should get the bath ready. He left the room but his scent still lingered. He was still in the house, you knew this.

Yet somehow you still hated being alone...

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