Hyunseung: Don't Judge


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Hello B2UTYS, Lemon her reporting on our dear sweet sugar bug Hyunseung here. For my free day, which is late due to a busy work schedule, I'm going to talk more about this cutie pie.

Just as the photo set above states, Hyunseung has been through quite a rough 6-8 years. Those 6 years have been with B2ST and the years prior with YG company.

Through the years with B2ST it seemed hard for Hyunseung to open up at first. He was labled the quiet one for a long time. We know him now as the 4D prince. But before he we quiet and kept mostly to himself.

During variety shows you often see just how quiet he is. But that doesn't stop him from loving his members and laughing at their jokes. Even stories his members tell you can see Hyunseung listening intently.

The issue that we as B2UTYS are still trying to find out is what caused B2ST to leave cube and Hyunseung to leave B2ST?



My same face I made when I found this out. What? Why don't you like this man? The reason that CUBE, which I'm super angry at right now, gave for Hyunseung leaving was due to artists having different ideas. B2ST wanted to go into a different way while Hyunseung went in the way of his solo career. Of course at this point everyone was beyond confused!


I can't and still can't wrap my head around the idea that Hyunseung left due to musical differences. I am in doubt yes. Fine. But I really believe the reason he left was due to Nietzens. The last concert B2ST has, Yoseob was in tears. Everyone were pretty upset. Even Hyunseung himself. So you can't tell me he left out of his own volition.

What I still question is why each and every B2ST member deleted Hyunseung from their instagram and the same goes for Hyunseung. Did they do it to give him his own space? How does he often feel about leaving the group? In a recent interview while he was filiming for 'Hit The Stage' Hyunseung opened up a bit about his struggles after leaving B2ST.

"If my score [on the show] is bad, I can't help but be bothered even when I try not to be. Honestly, I do feel fearful after departing from B2ST. I'm getting judged for the first time since my departure and I am more scared now of the hate I’ll receive if I don’t do well.” "I was a bit apprehensive because it was my first official promotions after I left B2ST. I just chose something that naturally makes my heart beat. I was in the dance studio for 12 hours. I immersed myself entirely in dance practice. It's been six years since I debuted, nearing seven years."

To read this breaks my heart. He is now struggling as a solo artist just the same when he was a trainee nearly 7 years ago.

I'm cheering for you all the way Hyunseung! FIGHTING!

So when you see any news on Hyunseung from no to the near future just know, the kid has been through a lot. In fact all the members have been through a lot. But it's our words that really bring them down. Moving forward, I shall be buying anything and everyhting 'B2ST' Around Us and Hyunseung make.







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