Surprise Valentine's Day for Inuyasha ( + 19 )

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This may be sloppy cuz I've typed this damn story 3 times into Vingle and it deleted all my ish! I apologize but I'm not gonna waste anymore time.

Warning for mature audiences


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“I really don’t care about that ish. Valentine’s day is for losers anyways” Inuyasha said while placing he clean dishes in the cabinet as I passed them to him. “It is not that bad honey. Don’t be like that.” I said while passing more dishes. “I’m surprised you even want me. I think that is more than enough.” Inuyasha said after placing the last dish into the cabinet. Inuyasha and I have been dating for a year and I wanted to do something special. I thought this day we would have sex for the first time. I know it is hard to believe when you see him that we haven’t touched in that manner. However, I am learning that hot people have issues too. He said that he was surprised that I wanted him. Hell, I was shocked that he wanted me and all these curves. I thought he preferred skinny females since he last woman was very thin. He has a back history with relationships. His mother passed away the week before his high school graduation. For all his life he has had only her in his life. She died of brain cancer. He recently has been communicating with his father who was absent all his childhood and teen years. His father is this rich business guy and is paying for Inuyasha’s college. This is where I meet him at. His last girlfriend wanted him to change. She did not like that he locked rock music and video games. She wanted him to change too quickly and fit in with her friends. I was hooked up with Inuyasha from my bestie Sango. She said that we would click even though he did not let people in so quickly. Inuyasha and were friends for about 2 years and began dating last year. He was very protective of me and I will say I thought he would not be a good boyfriend at first. However, he has proved me wrong over the past year. We just moved in together about 6 months ago and I loved living with him. Inuyasha was in the living room playing a video game. I walked in the living room and sat on his lap. He gave me an irritated look. I quickly planted a deep long kiss on his lips. I pulled away to see his reaction. He licked his lips and attempted to kiss me again. “Baby you mean so much to me. Don’t ever think that you are less than what you are worth.” I said while looking him in his amber eyes. “Is that what that kiss way for—smpaythy kisses?” Tears began filling my eyes. I held them in. “Inuyasha, I know you been through hell and back. But—I just wished you knew just how much you mean to me. It hurts me that you don’t see that.” Inuyasha wiped away my tears and kissed my cheek. “Don’t cry. I know you love baby. I love you too.”

The big day was here. It was Valentine’s day and I had a huge surprise for Inuyasha. I had rose petals all over the house and I had a hot bubble bath running with champagne near the tub. I had blush colored and gold tea lights all over the place. I had on my silk blush colored robe and gold strap heels on. He walked in from hanging out at some video game convention. He dropped his book bag at the door and looked confused as hell.

“Baby…” I walked out the bathroom and his eyes got really wide. I licked my lips. “I know you didn’t want this but I just thought— Inuyasha was standing before me before I could finish my sentence. He grabbed my face and planted a deep kiss on my lips while grabbing my butt. “You look so good baby.” “So you are not mad?” “Hell no. I am super surprised though.” He said before kissing me again. I lead him into the bathroom. “Strip for me.” I said while standing by the tub.

Inuysha blushed as he smirked. He quickly pulled off his red tee shirt showing off his nice chest and abs. I licked my lips thinking about what I wanted to do. He unbuckled his black belt and took his time removing it. Then he slowly unbutton his black ripped jeans. “Take it off already!” I blurted out. I covered my mouth, because I did not mean to do this. Inuyasha smiled and walked closely to me. “You can’t wait? You pull them down.” I placed my hands on his pants and pulled them down, only to see that he had on no under wear. He grinned when he seen my reaction. He thought he was slick. So I began stroking his hard wood. He let out a groan and pulled me close to him. “Get in the tub mister.” I said. He walked into the tub and sat down looking up at me. “Now you strip for me.” Inuyasha said. “Well there is not much to take off.” I said in a husky tone. Inuyasha puppy dog ear perked up and wiggled when I said this as his eyes got bigger. I slowly removed the satin belt that held my robe closed. The robe quickly opened and my robe fell to the floor. Inuyasha let a low moan escape his lips when he say me nude only in my heels.

“Come here and let me removed those heels.” He said. I placed my left foot on the rim of the tub and he reached over with his wet hand and unbuckled my heel strap. He threw the heel behind me and ran his hands up my leg. I bit my lip as he asked for the other leg and did the same. I had one leg up and he grinned. “You smell so good baby. You want me that bad?” “Inuyasha—you are such a freak” I said He smiled and began playing with my womanhood. He inserted a finger inside me and began pumping slowly in and out. I gasped as he did so. “So tight baby.” Inuyasha said while allowing me to step into the tub. “Come here” He said. He had me stand over him and he leaned back and began sucking on my nub and fingering me. I moaned so loudly as I could feel myself getting even wetter. He made loud noises as he replaced his finger with his long tongue. He began moving me back and forth on his tongue and I thought I was about to die. He paused right when I was about to come. I sat down and watched him lick his lips and his fingers. He gave me this wild look. He looked like a sexy beast in the candle light. I wanted him to murder me with that member of his. “You taste so sweet baby.” He said while moving over to me. He opened up my legs and entered me without mercy. He began pumping me like a monster. I gasped and dug my nails into his back. I began sucking on his cute ears as he began sucking on my nipples while he continues banging me in the tub. Water was splashing all over the place. He was moaning so loudly as I screamed out his name. Suddenly he quickly pulled me out the tub at supernatural speed and against the bathroom wall and began nailing me from behind while pulling my hair. He was diving deep into me. I was super shocked; because I forget that he is half yokia. All I could hear was us moaning and flesh slapping. He reached around and began playing with my swollen numb. I could feel my legs about to give out as I began coming and squirting all over the floor. Inuyasha pulled out and released himself all over my back side as he slapped my butt. He caught me before I fell. “Damn baby—you are so good at what you do.” I gasped while kissing him lips. “Well that is more where that comes from.” He said while putting me over his shoulder and walking to the bedroom. I know I will have to call in for work tomorrow. I will not be able to walk!

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