BigFlo is coming!

Something that I actually can be excited about!

Apart from all the large group promoting comeback this month this group is, by far, my new favorite one! Even though I began to stan them less than a week ago!

For those of you who don't know who they are (ahem, the majority of the population) they are the dorkiest group ever. Straight up!

The best way to decribe them would be to take VIXX and BTS and combine them, both on stage and off.

They are so squishy!

This boy group is part of Entertainment. As of this year, two members left the group, and three more were added. They debuted in 2014.

Group Profile


He’s a former member of N-Train. – He took part in composing, writing, and arranging their 1st album and is BIGFLO’s main producer. – He can speak Japanese. – He loves working out and has a great body. – He can play piano, guitar, bass, and drums. – He’s currently enlisted in the Military, starting June 2016, so he’s currently inactive.

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