Playmate Ch.13

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung

What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)

Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes..

Ju Kyung's POV

He was downstairs in the kitchen getting her pills off the counter. He was happy she wanted him, more happy than he thought was possible. The thing was, his desire to punish wouldn't go away. His body knew how to be gentle to her when she was scared but just moments ago he'd fucked her as hard as he could. He still wanted more of her. The taste of her lingered on his tongue. His beautiful Y/n had been battered and beaten but she still wanted him. He didn't want to be like the other men. He wanted to be different.

Yet he wanted her as a pet.

He didn't want to hurt her though; she had been through enough. None of his men got back to him either. Minjun was still being held in the care of his men and he wasn't ready to let him go yet. The others were still digging up stuff on Taehyun but every passing minute Ju Kyung couldn't help but want to sink his teeth into him. He hurt someone precious to him and Taehyun would not get away with it. He held his thoughts of vengeance and blood inside as he headed upstairs to his room. He opened the door hearing the shower water running already. He opened the door with her pills in one hand and the glass of water in the other. She was naked, standing in front of the the large full body mirror, staring at herself. She was touching the left over marks on her stomach and then turned to look at her back. She looked dissatisfied with the way she looked now. Every place her eyes fell a scar was there to greet her.

"Come here baby, take this." He said.

He walked over to her and handed her the pills. She took the pills and drank the entire glass of water. She handed him the glass and headed into the shower. The steam filled the large bathroom and gave her a sort of ethereal look. She began to wash herself in silence as he watched her. She was beautiful to him. Far more beautiful than any woman should be, if only she knew how strong her hold on him was.

He took a breath.

Only one other woman had done this to him and that was Jooyoung. Long before he met Y/n and around the time he first met Jay, Jooyoung was the woman he fell in love with. She was charming, had nice legs and a beautiful ass. He loved watching her saunter away, she had a perfect little swish in her hips. He was unaware she was working under JYP. She was the perfect little spy to bring in. Ju Kyung was raising an empire quite efficiently and very quickly. He shared some things with his lady love but not everything. She had a lot of access around his growing company and even his criminal connections. Jay had broken away from JYP after a little scandal within their group. He saw potential in Ju Kyung, especially since he quickly turned Taecyeon into his bitch.

Ju Kyung and Jay formed an alliance with each other while Jay went and recruited Jung Kiseok as his second hand. Out of the shadows, they were billionaires with great poise and seemed friendly enough. Within the shadows, they reached an entire new field of darkness. Ju Kyung once killed twenty men with a seven round gun. He took it apart mid fight and just started using the pieces to kill the men. It was ridiculous. On Jay's end, he's had at least thirty men killed as a CEO but his recorded deaths by his hand was beyond two hundred already. Ju Kyung never saw the difference between man and woman. If you were an enemy or if you betrayed him you died, that was his law.

Jooyoung was no exception.

"best friend"

He had loved Jooyoung.


For this reason, Ju Kyung stopped falling in love. He took his pleasures deeper and started pet and Master relationships. Something about controlling his women to the point that they had to obey or be punished appealed to him. He never abused his pets but he would lose himself during punishments, the memory of killing the woman he loved would come back along with the anger of being betrayed. He allowed his pets to place limits on him to keep them safe. He never loved his pets though. They were simply playmates. He toyed with them how he wished and when he was done with them, when the contract was up, he would move on to the next.

Then he met Y/n.

His entire body screamed for her. She was wild and she had a sophisticated sexiness to her when she was working. When she went clubbing with them, she was wild and alluring. Her hair was long and she was short but she was playful. Her sarcastic mouth was unable to be tamed which drew him in more, she was going to be a challenge to have. He kept himself under control though when Jay told him she had a rough past. Jay was careful of her, the same as Chase. They took her out drinking and partying to give her a break and let her have fun. Somehow they gravitated towards each other and became friends. The closer he got to her then more he found out about her abusive relationships. He became protective over her. The decision to make her a bunny didn't come out of nowhere. It wasn't even decided after she had agreed to be his pet. The more he got to know her the more he saw her as an innocent little bunny. She was curious, had a wild heart and was stubborn. She was hard to catch but she was just a small little thing wanting desperately not to get eaten up by a predator.

Ju Kyung was able to display a less serious side of himself around Y/n that had helped in gaining her trust. The closer they got however, the more his craving for her grew. He wanted to protect her from these asshole she dated. He wanted to show her how well he could love her. He wanted to make her feel so damn good.

He wanted her as hishis

He struggled with the decision though. For one thing, she was Jay's friend and she had a history of getting with abusive men. Asking her to be a pet would possibly hurt their friendship if she said no. He let his craving for her build and his hate for the men she chose grew. He punished his pets as harshly as he wanted to punish her for her choice in men. He was standing right in front of her and she still didn't see him. It got to the point he was craving her so much he finally gave into asking her.

Was that a mistake?

Had he stayed her friend, Taehyun might not have found her again. He felt responsible for her pain. Here she was all scarred up and nearly broken. He had told her he loved her, something he hadn't said to any one else except the woman that betrayed him. Y/n was his, all his. She didn't even have to be his pet to belong to him. He decided long ago he adored her.

So she was his.

He had been standing there for several minutes taking in her beautiful body despite the scars she had. Every curve of her waist, the thickness of her thighs, her cute little ass, her neck and her round breast. She was wet and covered in suds and all he wanted to do was dive into her and eat her up. By now, his length stood at attention and all that was left was to remove his boxers and his shirt and get in. He removed his clothes slowly trying to build the anticipation for himself. Her taste was still on his tongue. He got in the shower behind her and his hands met her shoulders. She just squeezed fresh suds onto her breast from her wash rag. His hands scooped up her breast to play with them. She let out a small delicious moan. He had her moments ago but right now he wanted her a second time in a different way.

"Baby, do you know how much I want to bend you over and fuck your tight little ass?" He whispered in a low hungry voice.

"Do what you want to me."

"What I want is to fuck you hard my little bunny. Can you handle that right now?"

"Yes Ju Ju. Take me." She said ready.


He turned her around and bent her over. Her hands were placed up against the shower wall. He used the soap as a lubricant and started to ride up against her ass as a tease. He moved slow but his heat was throbbing already for her. His hand held her waist as he came up to her ass. He slowly pushed inside her.

"Ahh." She moaned.

Her voice still bounced off the walls. It echoed endlessly with her beautiful turned on voice.

"Ju Kyung!"

"Yes Bunny."

"You're in- the wrong one." She said.

He chuckled and leaned over her body. He bit her shoulder, her neck and then her earlobe. His lips came up to her ear and that dark turned on voice entered her ears.

"I've already dirtied that up baby girl. Plus this tight little ass of yours is squeezing me so much."

"Haaa. Ju Kyung." She moaned.

"You want me in you don't you bunny? This little ass likes being teased."

"Ju Kyung."

"Keep saying my name baby it sounds so good coming off your lips. Let me fuck you so good."he said in her neck.

His hips started moving slowly, pushing into her ass, getting her used to being stretched out. She felt amazing and he was sure her walls were closing in. She was tight, she didn't do a lot of anal play and when he did fuck her little ass he used smaller toys than him. As he pulled out, she backed into him wanting to keep him inside. His hand snaked around her body and had her straighten up a bit more. He circled his finger around her nipple and traced around it. He started to move harder against her, making her cry out more against the bathroom wall. He smacked her ass and the sound of the smack turned him on even more.

"Play with yourself baby."

"No-ahh. I can't." She moaned.

Her hands balled into fists against the wall. He grabbed one of her hands while still fucking her from behind. He guided her fingers to her clit. She pushed back into him just as he came into her body. She screamed so beautifully for him.

"Keep playing with that little clit baby. Don't stop until you come." He said.

His voice was ragged as he continued inside her. His groans were deep and he held a harsh grip on her hips. His fingers pushed into her hipbone and her fingers moved faster on her clit drawing quick circles.

"Ju Kyung." She moaned loudly.

"Don't cum yet my little bunny." He said.

She was his, she'd always be his and he loved it. He loved that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. She tasted so damn good. He pushed up against her body. One hand came to the shower wall as he pushed her chest up against it. He slowed his pace but his thrusts were just as powerful. He was breathing heavy in her ear, she made him feel so good. So fucked out.

"Fuck I want to eat you alive." He growled in her ear.

He bit her ear and she threw her head back in response. Her moan was loud as he kissed her neck. His tongue took long strides up the sides of her neck tasting every inch of her. Her hands on her clit stalled and he tutted. He quickly pulled out of her and turned her around and pinned her up against the wall. She sighed when the wall met her back. He smiled as he came down to kiss her. Her hands were above her head but his hands had come down to either side of her ass. He kissed her long and slow, chasing away his own growing orgasm.

"I told you not to stop until you came bunny." He said.

"I'm sorry master." She whispered turned on.

Her face was red and she was panting but she was enjoying this. She was calling him Master. He hadn't called her Velvet, only Y/n but he was still calling her his bunny. For the most part she was obedient. He could make the pain feel good too. He smiled at her,

"Shall I spank you for being naughty?" He said.

"Yes." She responded breathless.

He chuckled and said,

"Bend over bunny, let me see that ass."

She nodded and turned around and bent over for him; he smacked her butt on one side and she yelped.

"Don't forget to count Velvet." He said.

She looked back at him when he said her pet name. She didn't show much of how she felt hearing her pet name again but she turned back around and said,


He smacked the other side of her, while he soothed the smack on the other side with a little kiss and the rubbing of his hand.

"Two." She counted.

He smacked her butt again, the sound played off the walls.

"Three." She said.

"My sweet bunny, you've got three more."

"Master." She whined.

He smacked her ass again.


He made the next two slaps quick and then turned her around again. She was facing him and her eyes fell to his chest. Her hands came up to the tattoo he had on his chest. He brought her in closer to him. She kissed his tattoo making his eyes widen. Her hand met the back of his neck and she pushed up on her tip toes to kiss past his collarbone and to his neck, up his jawline and then to his lips.

"Are you getting bold bunny?"

"Aren't pets supposed to please their masters?" She said.

"You're not my pet right now baby. I'm just teasing you." He said.

"Still I can please you." She said.

She pulled him down to kiss her lips and his hand went up the small of her back. Her hand trailed down his body as they kissed and she found his heat hard and wanting attention. She started sliding her hand up and down slowly and he groaned in her mouth. He pulled back, her lip between his teeth and he said,

"Damn it baby, you're a curious little bunny."

She nodded and he could see how dark her eyes had gotten. She made a trail of kisses down his chest until she was on her knees in front of him. She looked up at him just as she opened her mouth to lick up his shaft. Her tongue made long strides up his length. She licked him up like he was melting ice cream. Her mouth covered his tip and her tongue swirled around it making him moan softly. His hand brushed back her short hair as she started to take him inch by inch into her throat. He watched her head bob up and down while her warm mouth invited his dick to invade. Her tongue cradled his member, sliding up and down while she bobbed her head. She hallowed her cheeks and sucked on him making him moan out loud.

"Oh fuck baby keep going." He encouraged her.

He moved his hips to get deeper into her mouth. Her soft lips ran up and down his heat and he started throbbing inside her mouth. She took him deep and held him in her mouth. He could feel his orgasm rising. He held the side of her head and pumped into her face, her sounds were amazing and furthered his arousal. He held her down on him a little longer until he heard her choke and he released her. He quickly came down and crashed his lips onto hers. She turned him on so much; he was near his edge. He kissed her hard and hungry. The more adventurous side of her was coming out, he noticed. She was getting back to her old self. He made her stand up and quickly pushed her against the wall again. He lifted her up and hooked his elbows under her legs,

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard bunny. Tell me where you want me baby. You want me to cum in your ass?" He said.

She shook her head,

"Master I want you inside me." She whined.

Her arms wrapped around his neck when he pushed up closer to her. He was practically growling his pleasure. His heat came up to her entrance quickly and he said,

"You want me in here baby. You want me to fuck this tight little hole?"

"Yes. Please Ju Kyung, fuck me!"

He pushed into her quick making her scream.

God damn her voice was such a turn on.

He pushed into her without giving her time to adjust, which only made her tighten around him more. Her voice took over his. His face buried into her breast while he fucked her quick. Her walls closed around him giving him every sensation possible as he ran along them. It was bringing him closer than before. With each deep thrust he was threatening to explode inside her again. This time harder than when they were in bed.

"Come on baby, ask to cum. Beg me to make you scream." He said.

"Please Ju Kyung-ah! Oh my god make me cum please Master. Let me cum." She screamed.

"Cum for me bunny. Same time as me." He said.

He kept hitting her inside; he leaned her out a bit to hit her g-spot. He slammed into it. He pushed against her like he was repeatedly hitting a button. He kept encouraging her to come.

"Come on. Come on. Come on bunny. Scream for me." He said.

He hit an amazing spot that brought her release the same time as him. He shot his hot sticky seed in her while her walls squeezed him tight enough to milk him dry. Her moans continued while she gripped onto his shoulders. Her body was still tense and trying to come back down. He kissed her softer this time. As he did, he remembered back when she asked him to touch her. She asked him to make love to her. She wanted tenderness and sweetness and back then he couldn't give it to her. He still couldn't consciously be sweet to her but he loved her so much. His craving for her body had turned to love. He wanted nothing more than to keep her safe. He wanted to make her happy. He would live for her smile and kill any one that dared hurt her. Minjun and Taehyun were at the top of that list.

He sat her down on her feet. By now, the water was lukewarm and they both still needed to wash up. He brushed her hair back with his finger tips and kissed her forehead. He pecked her lips but a peck wasn't a long enough visit. Her soft small lips were too inviting, they weren't plush and plump just small and soft.

Innocently inviting.

"My water bill is going to be through the roof if we keep doing this." Ju Kyung said.

"Then stop sneak attacking me in the shower." She said with a grin.

She's back.

That's my girl.

He leaned down and pressed his forehead to hers.

"No I'll never stop. You taste too good." He said.

"Then your water bill will suffer."

"It was bound to anyway. I'm a duck we like the water." He joked.

She laughed, when she did her hands found his face.

"You're an idiot." she said.

"No I'm a duck."

She scrunched her nose before laughing.

"Bunnies don't like water as much as ducks do." She said.

"Alright then maybe I'll take you out into the wild and fuck you in the open air."

"Sounds hot." She said.

"Yes it does. Hot enough to take you again." He said scooping her up.

She laughed and gave him the cute bunny kiss he'd taught her.

"We've probably already missed breakfast by now."

"That's not good. Let me feed my precious little bunny. We can talk about the pet thing later." He said.

She nodded and they quickly cleaned themselves up. She got dressed while he had to take a call. He stepped out of the room so she wouldn't hear anything. His men had called him about Minjun and asked what should they do with him.

"Keep a hold of him. I'll stop by to see him later on sometime." Ju Kyung said.

"He needs some medical attention if he's going to survive the beating we gave him." His boy said.

"Give him enough to keep him alive. As much as I want him dead, I can't have him dying just yet." He said.


Ju Kyung hung up the phone but soon thought about the exchange he would go through. He called up Catlynn. They had spent the entire morning having sex and it was already noon. Catlynn was hopefully available for lunch.

"How's she doing?" Catlynn asked.

"Better. She's not quite herself yet but better. Listen, I really don't want her to be alone right now but there's somewhere I need to go really quick. Do you mind taking her to lunch? I'll pay, I just need someone to be with her while I finish up this business."

"Sure I'll be over in a few minutes."

"Actually just meet us there. The place I'm taking her is close by where I need to go."

"Okay text me and I'll be there." She said.


He hung up and headed back in the room.

Y/n's POV

You were touching your hair.

Despite Ju Kyung still touching your hair, you hated having it this short. It felt so strange and unnatural. Taehyun would do anything to make you feel worthless, taking your beautiful hair from you was beyond cruel. Part of you wanted Ju Kyung to just kill him but you didn't want Ju Kyung's life being effected by you.

The door opened and Ju Kyung walked in. You two had gone two rounds already and some how when he walked in he seemed like he wanted more. He gave you a smile and his hands cupped your cheek. He kissed your lips softly and said,

"Catlynn is going to meet us at the restaurant. It's already twelve so were going to have lunch okay."

You nodded.

He pecked your lips again, then again, then deeper. You grabbed his arms and pulled back a little.

"We won't make it to lunch if you get me in bed again." You said.

"I'll just have to train you to cum quick." He grinned.

"If you put me in training you might as well make me your pet again."

He sighed,

"I love you."

He kissed your forehead. He was super reluctant in taking you back as a pet yet you two just and some fun in the shower. He played with you and he kept calling you his bunny despite using your pet name once and you called him Master. He kept telling you he loved you. You wanted to be able to say it back but you didn't understand it. You weren't sure if you were feeling it or not. You liked him and the sex but being with him was more than sex. When it came to him, you didn't want him leaving your side. You wanted Ju Kyung beside you always.

He took you to the restaurant so that you could have lunch with Catlynn. He asked for a table for three yet when you two came and sat down he announced he was going to attend to some business. He left you, giving you a kiss on the forehead and petting your head before he walked out. You should've known, he had dressed up in a suit rather than his casual clothes.

"How are the bruises?" Catlynn asked.

"They still hurt a little but the medication she gave me has taken down a lot of the swelling." You answered.

"Y/n, I really need you to try and find the courage to send his ass to jail."

"He'd kill me before I get the chance."


You sighed. A waiter came over to take your order and Catlynn ordered for you both. Ju Kyung wasn't around to be hostile towards him but the guy was innocent enough. You looked up at Catlynn.

"I'll do it." You said lightly.

"Really?" She said with hope.


"He won't be able to touch you bunny. Ju Kyung wouldn't let it happen." She said.

You cleared your throat before you looked up at her and said,

"He says he loves me. He's been saying it for a little bit now but-"


"I don't know what that feels like. How do I know if I love him back?" You asked.

She took a second to think. Then she smiled,

"When I kiss you how do you feel?" She asked.

"Horny." You said.

She chuckled at the answer and the way you said it.

"When Ju Kyung kisses you, how do you feel?"

"Horny too."

She laughed.

"It depends on how he kisses me though. I feel-safe. Part of the reason I keep trusting him even when he doesn't live up to his promises is because he gives me this feeling- I don't know how to describe it but I never want to leave him. Sometimes when he kisses me I kind of don't want him to let go. One night he kissed me at the club and there was this odd sensation. Like a tingle, it was like seeing something beautiful for the first time and I didn't want to let it go."

"How do you feel when he leaves you?"

"Alone." You whispered.

"When he smiles at you, how do you feel?"

"Like I want to touch his face and smile with him. I feel happy. I feel relaxed. I don't know....I feel... real." You answered.

"You feel love. Everyone has their own way of feeling it but if Ju Kyung were to walk out of your life right now, forever, you'd be upset and hurt beyond what words could describe. A man that makes your heart race is fine but a man that can make your heart settle and keep you calm is better. Ju Kyung is the first man in your life that would literally walk through the gates of hell and challenge the devil himself just to save you. You love him bunny girl and he loves you." She smiled.

Love was a hard concept for you to grasp but Ju Kyung meant so much to you, she was right. If he left you, you would be so distraught, it's possible you would've died from a broken heart.

But in order to die from a broken heart, didn't that mean you had to feel something strong enough for him to effect you?

You loved Ju Kyung.

Your heart was racing and you were feeling a rush through your body. Your hand covered your mouth as you whispered the realization.

"I love Ju Kyung." You said.

"Y/n are you okay?"

"If Taehyun finds that out."

"He's not touching you Y/n. Let me put it this way, there are always eyes on you even when Ju Kyung isn't around. Taehyun can't get you." She said.

You wanted to believe that. You weren't sure you could...

Ju Kyung's POV

Taehyun's office was just a few minutes away from the restaurant that he took Y/n to. He kept her on the roof area which was nice and beautiful but high enough she wasn't necessarily seen as soon as someone walked in. Her fact still had traces of bruises and she had tried covering it with a little make up but it hurt too much. In the moment, he had grabbed her face and body harshly but once the high wore off she started feeling a little more of the pain. The medicine helped keep the worst of it down though.

He came in to see Taehyun. He made it seem like a friendly visit, just stopping by to see how he was. He stepped into his office and closed the door behind him and locked it. He turned and smiled at Taehyun.

"How are you doing my friend?" Ju Kyung said.

"Well and how are you? I heard your bunny quit on you." He said.

"Yes but luckily she's still with me. She was just a bit upset I let Hyunsu violate our contract." Ju Kyung said.

"She's still with you?" Taehyun asked.

"Yes because she's mine, even if she's not my pet she belongs to me."

Taehyun chuckled,

"So then I'm assuming you're here to give me a warning?"

"A warning isn't nearly enough for you my friend." He said.

Ju Kyung walked around his desk.

"I don't like it when people touch what's mine but I hate it even more when someone hurts who I care about. You cut her hair, you beat her face and you whipped her. All those things have made you an enemy to me." He said.

"Oh really and what will the famous Sun Ju Kyung do? Risk his entire life all for a slut? You say she's yours Ju Kyung but she was mine first and she's mine always and I will do what I want to her." Taehyun said.

"Is that so?"

"Yes. You're so angry with me for touching her but did she tell you how many times I came inside of her? I filled that sexy little pu-"

Ju Kyung broke the glass sitting on Taehyun's desk and took the biggest piece of the broken glass and shoved it into Taehyun's hand. Taehyun groaned and shouted in pain and the more he moved the deeper he dug the glass into his hand. As blood started flowing out without rest Ju Kyung came to his ear. He grabbed the bottle of bourbon on his desk and poured it into his cut. Taehyun groaned deeper in absolute pain at the burning sensation entering his wound.


He stood up straight and headed for the door. Taehyun was still groaning and writhing in pain.

"Ju Kyung." He said.

Ju Kyung had stood up and walked away to the door but when he heard Taehyun he turned around,


"I'll fuck that bitch till she's screaming my name loud enough for all of Seoul to hear and then I'll kill her nice and slow." He said.

"Try and put your hands on her Taehyun. Give me a reason to kill you. I'll give you war that will end in a blood bath." Ju Kyung said.

Taehyun chuckled as he raised his bloodied hand. He pulled the glass out slowly from his hand, groaning with each movement he made.

"Get that patched up old friend or it'll get infected." Ju Kyung said.

He smiled and walked out of the office. He nodded to the secretary who seemed a bit startled after having heard Taehyun's screams. He got out of the building and his man called him.

"Taehyun has an underground chain with four hundred men trained to smuggle drugs and weapons in and out of Seoul."

"Do you know when his shipments go out?" Ju Kyung asked.

"Once a week on Thursday, midnight on the dot."

"Good, I want the shipment stalled and his warehouse burned down. Destroy it all." He said.

"Yes sir."

He hung up the phone and headed to the restaurant again. He got up to the roof seeing that Catlynn had snuggled up close to Y/n. He didn't know if she was upset again but Catlynn was all over her. She was touching her hair and her hand was on her thigh. She gave her a smile and her hand smoothed up her arm. He saw her kiss her ear and then she turned her face to look at her. Catlynn kissed her and Ju Kyung found some discomfort in it. He was closing in to a point he didn't want anyone else touching her. Then he saw their drinks on the table and realized Catlynn had let her drink, this early.

He sighed and walked up to them.

"Oh Ju Kyung your back." Catlynn mused.

Y/n reached up for his jacket and pulled him down.

"I want you two to fuck me." She said drunk.

"Y/n why did you drink you know how you get." He said.

"She was getting upset and the drink took her mind off of it." Catlynn said.

"Even you know that's not healthy." He said.

"Please Ju Ju, come fuck me."

"Okay baby keep your voice down."

"I want to do it here. Right in the bathroom." She said laughing.

Catlynn chuckled,

"I have a better place in mind sweet bunny."

He cupped her cheek and kissed her again. She kissed her deep and then their tongues rolled over each other. Y/n reached out to grab him and she rubbed at his pants to get him hard. Catlynn came off her lips and she said,

"Ju Kyung you're paying for lunch so how about we make it worth your while."

"I want you." Y/n said.

It was harder to resist when Y/n said it rather than when Catlynn said it.

"Alright let's go you two." He said.

He threw money on the table and grabbed Y/n's hand and walked out with her and Catlynn. It had been a while since he had done this...

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