Dongwoon - Protection

Your baby cries down the hall, your eyes flutters open as Dongwoon lets go of your hand, turns over and gets out of bed, you watch him as he looks back at you when he reaches the door frame. You always admired his dedication to the family, the way he only wore his pajama pants to bed and left his abs uncovered, and the way he always took the night shift to get the baby. He was your everything and your true love. He always held the baby with soft hands and looked at the baby like it was your whole world, you loved the way he cooed to the baby and played with the baby when he rocked the baby to sleep.

You saw this dark figure in the door way, you thought it was Dongwoon, you hand fell to his side of the bed, waiting for him to grab it so you can fall back asleep. Instead a dark figure crawled onto your bed and grabbed your wrist and forced you upwards. You started to get anxious since you knew Dongwoon doesn’t act like this. You tried to find the dark masses face, you saw something reflect the moonlight, you just made out the shape. It was a knife. You were quite sure that this wasn’t Dongwoon, you started wiggling and kicking and screaming.

“Dongwoon…Woonie!!!!!” You started getting more desperate. Kicking and screaming more with each passing moment.

The dark mass lifted you off of the bed, you stood up on the hard, cold wood floor, the dark mass, his arm moved down to under your chest. He had both arms and the knife was up by your neck by this point. He started pushing you and you walked forward. Still being pushed you walked down the hall to the living area with the kitchen and the sitting room.

“Babe? Babe, where did you go.” Dongwoon whispered in your room. You saw your bedroom light flicker on as you saw his figure moving around the room with the baby in his arms. He called down the hall one more time for you.

You heard his feet on the hardwood floor walking towards you. The dark mass placed the knife on your neck now and you held your breath.

“Babe? Are you awake? Where are you?” Dongwoon started to have a playful voice. Dongwoon flipped on a dim light, to try and not wake the baby. He saw you in the corner of the house by the door.

“Babe? Are you OK? Why are you over there?” Dongwoon started to walk towards you with the baby, when he stopped dead in his tracks.

He saw the dark sleeves of the dark mass around you. He started to stare at you then looked up and down at you, then you saw his eye catch on to the foreign object that was placed up on your neck. Dongwoon shifted the baby into his left arm. His right arm hung by his side. You saw his muscles ripple as his eyes started to change from fatherly to protector. With the baby cuddled in a blanket in his left arm, you wiggled your hands free from the dark masses’ grip. He grabbed you tighter.

“Can I just hold my baby?” Tears started to fall when you whispered that phrase.

“Mr. Put the baby on your couch and she can pick him up. DO IT!!!” The dark mass ordered, the baby started to whine as he finished.

it’s OK

“What can I do to get them back.” Dongwoon said with a broken voice.

“Well, you can do nothing, unless… never mind.” The dark mass commented fading away

“Please, they are my whole world and I will never be the same if they are gone.” Dongwoon looked at the ground as a tear began to fall.

“Turn on the lights and we will have a talk.” The dark mass started to get friendlier. Dongwoon turned on the lights and resumed his previous position. “OK, now that I can see, we can make an agreement. I keep the girl and you get the baby? Or you could get the girl and I get the baby.” the dark mass started smirking. You started to cry quietly.

“Look at me, ________, I will never let anyone hurt you or our baby, OK, do you hear me?” Dongwoon started walking towards you.

“Don’t come any closer I will hurt her.” The dark mass threatened. Dongwoon kept moving towards you, the knife began to dig into your shoulder. “Stop now, I am warning you!” With one swift strike he pulled the knife from your neck and slit your shoulder. You screamed in pain as you tried to keep the baby asleep. “Are you going to do what I say now Mr?”

“Never! I want my wife and baby back in one piece do you hear me?” Dongwoon started to soften.

“Too late…” With another swift move the dark mass cut you again and again. “I will spare your baby, but you cannot save your wife.” He let out a nasty chuckle as he cut you three more times until you fell on the ground. Blood ran down your arms and down your cheek.

“I told you to leave her ALONE!” Dongwoon was now infuriated. You curled up on the floor protecting the baby and with one swift move Dongwoon jumped over you and the baby and knocked the dark mass to the ground.

The dark mass cut up Dongwoon too, he let out a couple screams and the rest was all mumbled, you clung to your baby. Dongwoon and the dark mass fought on the ground for several moments until the dark mass broke free, ran over to you and stood beside you as he cut you three more times on your uncovered legs. You fell to the ground again, in pain.

Dongwoon rose from the ground, looked over at you and the baby. Dongwoon stood up slowly as the dark mass began to move again. Dongwoon grabbed a coat rack and hit the dark mass, the dark mass fell to the ground cold.

Dongwoon ran over to you and the baby. He held your head against his bloody chest, and looked down at the baby. He opened the top of the blanket that was protecting the baby, that was now blood splattered and torn. He looked at you and held you close to him.

The cops barged in through the door holding their guns up and ready to shoot. The sheriff looked down at your little family huddled on the floor and the dark mass was knocked out cold on the floor. Dongwoon got up and talked to the sheriff as you looked over your baby, you found no scratch on her. Then you examined yourself, six cuts along your arms and four cuts on each leg, and several cuts on your face and neck. The deputies began to secure the dark mass and get him locked up.

Dongwoon came over and picked you and the baby up, wedding style and carried you to the car. He drove as quickly as he could to the hospital where you began to lose unconsciousness. Dongwoon took the baby from your hands and helped you limp into the Emergency Room.

You were placed on a gurney, you sat up and looked back at Dongwoon. Dongwoon was placed in a wheel chair and you both held hands until you were wheeled into one room and Dongwoon in another.

“Dongwoon…Woonie.” you began to loose consciousness and you felt weak.

“Hold on… Hold on… I will always be with you.” Dongwoon whispered and kissed your hands as your hands let go of one another.

You stirred at the sweet smell of flowers , you squeezed your hand and another hand was in yours, you began to panic again. You woke up immediately you looked down at the hand that was grasping yours. You followed the hand to the arm then you saw bandages as you followed the arm higher. The next thing you saw was so beautiful, Dongwoon was sleeping, with the baby in his arms asleep as well in a new blanket. You kissed Dongwoon’s hand, his eyes opened and smile appeared on his face.

“Are you OK?” You asked him as he awakened

“I am now. What about you?”

“I am feeling OK, still a little scared, but I am glad that you are alright too.”

“The doctor said that you had the most injuries and you are going to be OK with a little TLC.”

“What about the baby?” You sat up as the words poured from your mouth. Dongwoon looked at the baby who was fast asleep and then back at you.

“Doctor said she didn’t even get a scratch on her, just all of you blood that fell from your arms and face fell on here and that is why she had blood on her. Thank you for protecting our beautiful baby.”

Dongwoon kissed your hand as you blushed endlessly. Dongwoon got up and gently pushed you over to the edge of the bed, and he sat on the bed with you. He handed the baby over to you, he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you in close.

“Thank you for protecting me and the baby.” You said with wet eyes.

“That is my job isn’t it?” You smiled at him and kissed his lips. “I didn’t want you to get hurt, when I saw that he cut you. I was worried for your life not mine, for the life of our baby. I would have done anything for you and the baby’s safety.” Dongwoon started to get really quite, “I did it because I loved you, nothing will change that.”

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