Spring Day MV Screenshot

I know the mv has been out for 2 hrs already but I couldn't take screenshot until now. I was too into watching the video over and over. Then I had to have breakfast with the fam sooooo on we go to enjoy the pictures from this aesthetically pleasing Music Video.

At first I screamed TaE!!!! Noooo don't kill yourself....you know I figured train was coming with the horn.


Holy crap Rap Monster killing it with the first lyrics of the song and is it just me or is he really tan with very bright eyes.

Don't smile like that Jimin!!!

Ugh sexy man!

tried to catch the shadow of rap Monsters walking by...and handsome kookie

King Namjoon and that look!!!

Birthday cake!!!! (He's throwing my bday cake* and those who also have birthday today* at Rap Mon.

They look like they are having so much fun


ear peircing is happening!

Yup Jhope is brushing his teeth with his finger...who hasn't done that before lol I love it

Kookie why you gotta write on his face then sleep on him...ahh you playing it off like it wasn't you lol

Why are they sad now! It's Birthday cake!!!

Jimins still carrying the shoes he found on the beach...and that background is beautiful

At first I thought all the guys were there and he was laying on them but then...

pulls back and I'm like wait that's all clothes and no guys besides Suga! what! lol

Jhopes riding on the top of the train with a beautiful background.

he's flying!!!

"choooo" or "schooo" for a flying sound is what I'm imagining here as I was watching.

I loved this part with the guys all running around blurrily and then Kookie goes from still to blurriness.

This is like where's Waldo? Can you spot all 7 of them????

I love these close up so beautiful

beautiful... I love the colors!

Final scene the tree with the shoes Jimin found...what is the significance of this?!!??!

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