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This fanfiction will have seven different stories too. It's set up just like the BTS fluffy fanfiction. So here's the intro, be warned it's pretty long.


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I stepped out on the balcony of the new apartment I shared with my roommate, Sierra, and breathed in the sweet Seoul air. The streets below were filled with cars. I wasn’t use to this city life and sometimes I longed for home, which was in the more rural area in Busan. I sighed looking at the busy streets. I wished I could just take a trip back home more often than I do. “(Y/n)!” Sierra, my best friend and roommate called me from inside. I walked into the living room. “Where you at?” “In my room!” “Coming!” I walked to the back of the apartment and went into the first door on the left. “What’s up? Need help with that?” I could see Sierra struggling with the box that she had in her hand and was trying to put it at the top of her closet. “Yes, please!” she replied with a strained voice.

I helped her slide the box on the shelf and she took a deep sigh. “I don’t know what I would do about you…” She smiled. “I don’t know either…” I laughed. She hoped down off the ladder and gave me a slug on the shoulder. “Oww… you know that’s domestic abuse, now right?” I joked. She rolled her eyes at me. “Yep, now that we’re roommates!” she screamed excitedly. I laughed at her enthusiasm. Suddenly, her phone does off. “Oh, someone replied to our ‘roommate needed’ ad.” We both huddle close to the phone and look at our responses. So far, we had four replies. One male, which was defiantly not going to happen and three females. “Okay, let’s look at their profiles…”

We pulled up the first one:

Name: Kim Chan-Mi

Nationality: Korean

Language(s): Korean, English

Hobbies: singing

About myself:

Hi! I’m Kim Chan-Mi. I have a degree in the fine arts and I’m in a band. I was hoping to maybe get a place where we could all chill…

I stopped after skimming a few lines and let Sierra continue reading. Having a band in our apartment would be loud, especially when we have such thin walls. She looked up at me and we both shook our heads. NEXT!

Name: Park A-Young

Nationality: Korean

Language(s): Korean, Mandurian

Hobbies: Shopping

About myself:

I’m A-Young. My parents want me to learn how to live on my own before I take over the company, but they said it was alright to have roommates…

She sounded familiar, so I looked up her name on the internet. Her parents own a fortune five- hundred company. Which I would be okay with because I would know that the rent would be on time, until I looked at other news about her. She had been charged with shoplifting, theft and various other charges and her parents are suspected to be well know mobsters. I showed Sierra the report and she scrunched her eyebrows together. “Okay, no, not that one.” Please be a good one next!

Name: Natalie Martin

Nationality: French

Language(s): Korean, English, French

Hobbies: taking photos, reading, writing

About myself:

Hello, my name is Natalie Martin. I am from France and I came to Seoul to study photograph…

I liked her already, but I decided to look her up, too considering the fact that we could have potentially let a mobster’s daughter be our roommate. All I could find was some social media websites viewing her photos, which were beautiful. “She looks promising… do you want to email her a set up a day to meet her?” “Sounds good to me…” Sierra wrote an email quickly and sent it to her. We then continued to unpacking our things and when the sun set we both went to the living room and watched a couple of episodes of our favorite drama together. As we had gotten through one of the episodes Sierra had gotten an email back from Natalie. “I’m free anytime tomorrow to meet…” She read out loud. “Do you want to do lunch at noon at that café down the street?” She asked me. “Sounds good to me…” We set the date with our potential roommate and continued to watch our show.

Sooner or later we both pass out on the couch. We woke up at nine am and dragged ourselves off the couch, so we could get ready to meet our potential future roommate.

“So, what made you come to Seoul?” I asked the first question. Natalie have vary fair skin and light brown hair matching her eyes. “Well, Seoul has some beautiful sceneries and I loved the culture…” I looked at her in confusion as she spoke in English. All I understood was Seoul and beautiful. “Sorry, do you speak Korean?” “Oh, sorry, I assumed you spoke English… my bad,” he replied in Korean. “Where are you from?” “Busan… Oh, because I look like a foreigner. I grew up in Korea.” “Oh, okay, good to know,” she looked interested in knowing more, but I didn’t want to get into it with someone I really didn’t know.

Sierra did most of the talking for the rest of the time. Towards the end we both nodded at each other saying that she was great. “When can you move in?” She laughed, we made a new friend and roommate. “Today, if that’s okay?” “Perfect we can help!” Sierra giggled.

We helped her move in and we all grabbed some wine to celebrate. “Is this your family?” Natalie asked pointing at my family photo with a bit of a slur in her tone. I nodded taking a slip of my wine. “You look nothing like them…” she pondered a bit. “If you must know I was adopted… my parents wanted a daughter after my brother, but my mother was having problems conceiving another kid. That’s how I got here…” “So that’s why you only speak Korean and look like foreigner… you grew up in a Korean family….” I nodded in agreement to her realization. “So that guy standing next to you in the picture is your brother? He’s kind of hot…” I almost choked on my wine. “Ewww, so grow! Please don’t say that to me again!” Sierra and Natalie both laughed at me. “Not funny guys,” I said in a pouting tone.

After we all had our fill in wine we went and crashed in our beds. Tomorrow I was going to go get food for the apartment. I needed to get plenty of rest, so I will be awake enough to make sure I get everything.

When I arrived at the grocery store, I pulled out my list and started to go down the first aisle. Picking up some salad stuff when I started to notice a couple of men looking at me then talking then doing it again. I decided to ignore them and go to the next aisle. They practically followed me, but stayed at the end of the aisle to stare at me. Getting the stuff and moving on was my best bet. When I got to the next aisle I picked up what I need and was about to turn to go to the next aisle when one of the men approached me. I allowed him with caution. “Do you speak Korean?” he asked a bit hesitantly. “Um…yes… can I help you?” “Oh, thank God.” He paused. “My name is Mr. Park I work at JYP... can I perhaps get your name?” “Um, it’s (Y/n) …” I replied. “Okay, that’s great…and I was wondering if you would be willing to go to an audition?” “audition?” “Oh, hell, just take my card and let me know when you’re free…” he hands me his card and walks off. When I get home, I told Sierra what had happened and she was happy for me. She told me I should call and I did…


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