Jeong Joon-ho comes back with "Faith"

First project after marriage, looking forward to 'bad' role Actor Jeong Joon-ho is returning with a drama. He is currently going through the offers for new SBS drama "Faith". Producer Kim Jong-hak sent him a love call and Jeong Joon-ho showed interest in it and seems like he is going to make a final conclusion. Jeong Joon-ho is going to take on the role of Gi-cheol, a high authority person in the Koryeo times. He is a character who wields absolute power and conflicts with Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho), maintaining tension throughout the drama. Jeong Joon-ho is looking forward to a change in character unlike the funny roles he's played so far. JeongJoon-ho is taking a break from work after MBC drama "Queen of Reversals". He had been looking through his many offers to come back with something after his marriage in March last year. "Faith" is a fantasy historical drama that draws the adventures and love between a warrior and a modern day doctor. The cast includes Lee Min-ho, Kim Hee-seon, Seong Hoon, Choi Philip, Ryoo Deok-hwan and more. cr: hancinema

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