The left engine was lost in the crash.

= Today's expressions for Mon-Feb 13th = 1. The left engine was lost in the crash. 왼쪽 엔진은 추락 때 유실됐어. 2. That is what my youth was for. 내 젊음은 그걸 위해 존재했어. 3. I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of people. 사람들 앞에서 너를 난처하게 만들 의도는 아니었어. = My story with today's expressions = A: Hey, Peter. Have you seen my tumbler? I think that I brought it when I left my house. P: Well, actually I've seen a tumbler in the restaurant when we had a lunch, but I forgot to remind you to take it when we left the restaurant. But, I didn't mean to embarrassed you. A: It's shame that it's too late to get back to the restaurant to bring it. I guess somebody might have taken it. P: Hey, man. I'm afraid I have to say that you'd better think of it as lost.

Making mistakes is better than doing nothing.
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