Bloody Cold (OC x Jeff the Killer)

Ch. 6 -You Left Me-

"I know damn well you can hear me! You think a little anesthetic can stop me?!" The patient continued to ramble on, his gaze locked on the window. "Well? You gonna just stare at him, or are you going to actually speak?" Tucker pressured me. In reality, I wasn't sure what to say, exactly.. What COULD I say? 'Hi! You tried to kill me! What'd you do that for?' Torn in two, I just decided to go with what I thought was best, "U-u-uhm.. H.. hi.." Silence followed. Could he not hear me? "Oh, you forgot to press the speaker button." Tucker giggled. I looked down, spotting a sizeable microphone with a button on it. Now or never.. Pressing the button, I spoke into the microphone again, "Who.. w-who ar-re youuu?" My question seemed to agitate him. He leaned his head against the wall and let out a loud groan, "For fuck sake, why is it that none of you doctors know my name? And you sound a bit young to be a doctor.." "Well.. th-th-that's be-because I'm.. n-not.." Anyone could clearly see the interest peaking in his eyes. He tilted his head to look at the window again. "Shame. You sound like you would make for a sexy nurse~" He chuckled low. I was going to respond, but Tucker pushed me out of the way and spoke into the microphone, "Enough of this. Listen, 3.470, She asked you a question. Answer it." "MY NAME IS JEFF THE KILLER YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER! HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF ME ALREADY?!" He screamed at us. As I looked over Tucker' shoulder, I noticed that 'Jeff' was starting to squirm around, probably trying to break free from his restraints. "I told you who I am, now I think I deserve to know who YOU are!" He yelled after giving up his struggles to escape.

"WELL?!" He sneered. Tucker pushed down on the button, about ready to speak, but I pulled him out of the way and spoke for him, "Why.. why a--a-are you b.. bound up l-l-like tha-at?" Jeff tilted his head to the side, his eyes boring holes into the glass as he spoke, "We're not all as innocent as we seem here, Sweetheart.. Why do you think I'm bound up like this? So I don't hurt anybody.. The guards don't trust that I'll 'behave'." He did have a crude point. I listened as he continued, "And why are you stuttering so much? You sick?" "Ye-e-es.. ju-just a liiittle cold.." Came my reply. A moment of silence passed. The patient shifted a little bit so that he looked over at the metal door which kept him caged in the room. "Would sure be nice to know your name." I took a moment to ponder. "Do you really trust him this much to give him your name?" Tucker whispered in my ear. I was considering it.. I reached forward to push the button on the microphone, about ready to reveal my name, when abruptly, we were ushered out of the black-room by a doctor. "Come along now," The doctor chirped, "It's time for bed!"


"Hello?" I grumbled from where I sat, turning my head to look over at the one-way glass. "Time for bed, 3.470." Came the reply- not from her, but from the lousy doctors. "Fuck you! I was having a conversation!" I snarled, rage building up inside of me. I scrambled to my feet, leaning against the wall for support. "Goodnight, 3.470." The doctor replied, ignoring what I said. Abruptly, the lights in my room shut off, dousing me in darkness. I shook my head, falling back to the floor on my knees as I waited for my eyes to adjust. I let my mind wander as I waited.. 'So far, I have three girls to look for.. Kiera Turner, the girl with that cold, and the girl I saw standing outside the lunchroom window.' I shivered, delight coursing through me. I imagined the sheer terror glittering in each of their eyes as they stared up at me, my knife pressed against them.. I pictured them begging for mercy, begging for their lives.. "I'll get you all, soon.." I chuckled eerily as I curled up on my side, staring at the opposite side of the room as I waited for the doctors to come in and give me my nightly 'medicine' of eye-drops and anesthetic..


"So, did I do good?" Tucker piped up from beside me as we walked down one of the corridors. I could barely hear him, I was concentrating on that mental patient.. what was his name.. Jeff? "Hello?" Tucker spoke up again, jolting me out of my thoughts. "Ye-yeah, yeahhh.." I mumbled quietly. I felt him grab hold of my hand. "Da-damn, you're.. hottt.." I spoke up, shocked by how warm his hand was. "Oh? Why thank you, miss." He smirked slyly, causing me to blush as I pieced it together. I opened my mouth, about to reply.. but I quickly clamped it shut, deciding against it. Better to conserve my energy for later. Meanwhile, we had arrived at our 'room', and Tucker led me inside. "You're freezing.." He mumbled aloud to himself. I shivered in response, causing him to giggle slightly. I decided to look around the room as he sat me down on a bed. I noticed that a surveillance camera sat in the upper right corner of the room, which was pointed towards the bed.. Were they watching us?? Tucker's voice snapped me out of my thoughts again, "I think I'm gonna hit the hay. Might as well end the day. After all, we go home tomorrow. It was then that the strangest thing occurred to me. "Wh-where d-d-do.. you go-o to sc-schoolll?" I spoke up through my chattering teeth. His eyes darted over to look at me, an unreadable expression on his face as he replied, "Oh. I uhm.. I go to a school near yours, I guess." Logical explanation. I took a small, nervous breath before speaking again, "Ma-may.. I.... ha-have yourrrr.. pho-pho-phone nummmber?" He came with a quick reply this time, "I don't have a phone, sorry.. Night." I watched as he layed down beneath the covers, my mind wandering with distant thoughts as I joined him, crawling under the covers and letting myself drift off to sleep.

I woke up with a start to hear the door to our room being unlocked. I was still half-asleep, my mind still swimming with thoughts, but abruptly, I was awakened as I felt hot air on my neck. 'Doesn't seem like my condition improved any..' I thought to myself as I stretched and turned over, coming face-to-face with a sleeping Tucker. At first I was confused, but then I remembered that-- Oh yeah, we're in a mental asylum.. I 'mentally' cursed myself. Why didn't I follow my dad's 'advice' and just leave? My eyes widened slightly as Tuck's eyes fluttered open. God he looked hot.. He let out a deep, sleepy chuckle, "Hey~" I sat myself up and took a look around the room. Nothing changed, it was all still a blinding white. "How's your cold?" He spoke up again. I actually didn't know. I opened my mouth and spoke for the first time this morning, "I-I-I don-n't.. O-o-oh-" I was cut off by a sneezing fit, losing my balance and accidentally falling off the bed in the process. "Guess it's still not going well." He spoke up, pulling me up off the floor. I blinked a few times and glanced up at him, my face going red. He was in nothing but boxers! The fuck?! "Yo-you're.. u-uhm.." I trailed off.. He looked down at himself, then looked up at me, grinning widely. "Nu-uh. Do-don't youuuu even th-th-think abou-ut it." I grumbled with my eyes narrowed. He shrugged, giving me an innocent look as he walked over to the side of the bed, grabbing a pair of jeans and pulling them on.

I walked out of the room. Thankfully I had been able to change my clothes, but I felt like I was being watched the whole time. Not by Tucker, no, he had already dressed and was getting breakfast.. 'It's that damn camera!' I thought to myself. I examined my clothes; A purple shirt and a pair of jeans. I doubted that this would help my cold.. And come to think of it, I didn't feel hungry, either. But I guess hanging out with Tucker wasn't such a bad idea. My footsteps echoed around the corridor as I headed towards the lunch-room. Every now and then I would come across a doctor who was leading a patient into their room, but nothing more. "There you are, thought you would miss breakfast!" Tucker's voice alerted me as I stepped into the cafeteria. I could see Brittney glaring at me from the other side of the room, but I ignored her as I sat down by the black-haired male. "I'm not that hungry, sorry.." I mumbled quietly as I sifted through my backpack. Where was my phone?.. "You sure? I could feed you~" He purred. I stifled a laugh. "No, goof." I shot back playfully through a cough. A group of doctors passed by me as they lead a patient towards one of the tables. Wait.. was that..? I narrowed my eyes, watching as the guards dispersed. 'No, it's not Jeff.' I concluded as I looked over the dusty-brown hair of another patient. I would have continued studying the man, but Tucker poked me on the shoulder and distracted me from my curiosity. He held a fork in front of my face with pancake on it. "Eat. Don't make me kiss you." He laughed stubbornly. "Well, at least I know that you don't want to." I shot back as I took the fork from him and put it in my mouth. It didnt taste, at all, satisfying.. but at least it was enough to get him off my back. "You know very well that I didn't mean it like that, Miss." He faked a british accent while delicately taking the fork out of my mouth.

Tucker rubbed my back as I relaxed against the cold, wooden picnic table. I was tired-- exhausted, even, from this trip. I didn't learn anything I hadn't already known. "Th-this trrrrip.. su-su-sucked.." I grumbled through my arms, which were curled around my head. "Hey, I thought you liked me!" He whimpered, a pout evident in his voice. I couldn't suppress the smallest of chuckles from leaving me. "Ye-yeah, I diiiid, but-t I mi-might.. nnnot ever.. co-con-contact you again-n-n, than-nks to.. your no-not hav-v-ving a... phone." He stayed silent after this. So silent, that I could actually feel the guilt that emanated from him. I sighed.. Looks like I said the wrong thing, yet again.. greaaat.. "I have yours." He piped up, a cheeky grin covering his face as he placed my phone in front of me. I said nothing as I grabbed it and put it in my backpack, too shy to say anything else.

"Alright everyone, time to leave!" The bus driver called out from a metal door that lead into one of the hallways. Tucker immediately got to his feet and followed the others, leaving me to stick behind the group as I heaved myself up and walked over to them. As I was doing so, I thought of something from last night. 'Tucker said he didn't have a phone.. so how was he able to check for Wifi?..' I let my mind fumble around as everyone walked along, towards the freezer. "Hey." A familiar, all-too-cheery tone sounded from behind me. It was Brittney.. The fuck does SHE want? I looked over to her, my eyes half-lidded with anger. "I want to show you something. I promise it's not.. bad." That doesn't sound fishy.. no, not at all.. "I-I'm not.. du-dumb, Bri-Bri-Brittney. Donnn't act like... I-I am." She frowned.. "Look.. I'm really sorry that I bullied you.. a lot.. but this is important." I shivered as we entered the freezer, a cold sweep of air causing me to feel dizzy. "Fi-fine.. what issss i-i-it?" I stopped in my tracks to stare at her. The group was on the other side of the freezer by now..

I half-expected her to say something heartless as she opened her mouth, but I was sadly mistaken as she rushed at me and shoved me against the unbearably-cold wall of the freezer. My mouth opened as I fought for air, the action ripping the breath out from my chest, but I had no time to recover as she rushed at me again, armed with a sizeable block of ice. I used all my strength to move out of the way, but it felt like the whole world was spinning around me. The next thing I knew, she had swept me off my own feet and was pinning me down with her foot on my chest. "Do us all a favor and DIE in here!" She hissed at me right before she sent the block of ice crashing down on my ankle. I couldn't even scream, nor feel any of the pain.. the breath was caught in my throat as I heard a sickening crack echo around us. She.. she broke my foot! The bitch broke my foot! Before I could react, she had snagged my money out of my pocket, turned, and ran to catch up with the group as the sliding-glass doors began to close. My gaze was redirected to Tucker as I saw him look back at me.. We locked eyes, but nothing more as the doors sealed shut and the temperature began to drop...

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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