Making Korean Valentine's Day Treats!

Happy Valentine's Day from Korea!


Around the beginning of February, stores start to sell all kinds of chocolate making kits, and when I saw this one I had to get it!

The donut chocolate kit came with two kinds of chocolate (milk and strawberry?) along with two icings, sprinkles, the donut mold, and a few gift bags.

They look pretty ugly, right?! I thought this was going to be a disaster...

But once I popped them out of the mold, they looked pretty cute!

A few had air bubbles in them so they weren't perfect, but I could cover that up with icing :)

I pretty much just copied the designs from the fron of the box since I'm not that creative haha but they turned out SO ADORABLE.

My boyfriend really doesn't care about holidays and doesn't actually like chocoalte all that much, so I packaged them up and will be giving them to my friends today^^

Have you ever made chocolate like this? This was my first time :)

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