Favorite B.A.P Moment - B.A.P Anniversary Week


Hello everyone~ B.A.P's 5th anniversary was on Friday the 27th! In order to celebrate, the B.A.P Mod Team arranged a Tag Game to celebrate!

This was for the seventh and final day! Sadly, towards the end of that week I got really sick and ended up virtually bedridden, so I was unable to post it then. Better late than never, I suppose~

The final theme is: Favorite B.A.P Moment!

Let's go~

This video certainly takes the cake! It's how I learned their personalities~ Haha!

Thanks so much for reading, and for being patient with me these past couple weeks. I'll tell you one thing, catching up on schoolwork after a week and a half of being sick is no easy task ^^'

I've caught up for the Anniversary Week, so that's one thing I've completed~ Hopefully I can get out more content soon~ See you tomorrow~

Also it's worth mentioning that I tried to upload this card about 15 minutes after some others the last time I uploaded, and it wouldn't let me ,,,so I guess I'm still having problems with Vingle lmao. Here's to hoping I will be able to upload soon!

Matoki Team:@MaeLyn@ChaErica @XxGummybear92xX@yehetmyohorat97@Starbell808

Baby Taglist:


If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know in the comments!~


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