The Heirs Episode 3 - preview

I can't wait for the next set of episodes to be air this week.. I am always anxious and looking on the net if there would be a preview of the upcoming episodes. And I am so happy to find one. cr: Musings of a Twinkie Dialogue Translation: Eun Sang: Are you all right? Tan: I’m not all right. Eun Sang: (inside a room while Tan starts to change his shirt) Is your goal to have us be misunderstood as a couple? Tan: Don’t even dream of it. Rachel: (to Young Do) Tan is doing well. Young Do: (Holding up a sign that reads “Welcome! My step-sister!” LOVE the emoticon and his expression!) Has he run away, wondering why the tiger isn’t in his lair? Rachel: (to Young Do) What are you…? Young Do: My greetings end here. Tan: (to Eun Sang) You’re quite cute. Eun Sang: (pertly) You just figured that out? (rough translation to make better sense in English since she literally says, “It’s enough that you know.”) Myung Soo: (to Young Do, making a cute “V” sign and winking) Eh-heh! Young Do: (in joking reply) I’ll kill you! Tan’s Mom: (gasps when discovered on phone by Eun Sang’s mother) Oh my gosh! Did you eavesdrop on everything? Tan: (to Won) I’m not returning. Allow me to stay. Won: This is not a situation in which you have the option to decline. Chan Young: (to Eun Sang as she gets out of Tan’s car) Cha Eun Sang! Eun Sang: Chan Young! Chan Young: I was worried about you! Tan: (to Chan Young in confrontation) Do you know me? Chan Young: Do you know me as well? Tan: Argh! I’m so irritated! Bo Na: (to Myung Soo as he looks at her in disbelief) I wonder what Tan said about me? I’m certain that he couldn’t have forgotten about me. (Heh…I take it that she has a bad case of “Princess Syndrome”?) Eun Sang: (to her mother) I’m so sorry, Mom…for abandoning you like that. Eun Sang’s mom: (to Tan’s mom in writing) “Do you trust me?” Tan’s mom: OMG OMG OMG…Am I being blackmailed right now? Tan: (walking with Rachel) If I go there, I feel as though she’ll be there. Rachel: We’ll just see if it’s coincidence or fate.

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