What is the way to experience the K-POP?


city of Seoul presents a K-pop experience program designed to allow foreign tourists to enjoy K-pop more directly. It is a great opportunity to learn the newest hit K-pop dance choreography adapted for beginners, get some singing tips, and to visit the Hallyu star experience zone free of charge. Make memories to last a lifetime with the K-pop experience program.

Through Visit Seoul's unique K-Pop Dance Program, you will learn K-pop dance moves from one of SM Entertainment's top choreographers. In addition, participants will get a tour of the SMTOWN Studio! See the actual outfits that SM artists have worn on stage, the training room, the photo studio, and the music video set during the SMTOWN Studio tour.

[How to apply: Dance Program]

○ Eligibility: Any tourists, non-natives visiting Seoul

○ Program Duration: April 2016-Feb. 2017


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