Why do koreans have so many dishes on the table?


Korean food consists of lots of small dishes of food and rice, compared with western food which tends to serve only two or three things.

In Korean all the different dishes are called 반찬 (banchan). It's not really a lot of trouble to wash them all because the dishes are very small. Lots of the food, like the kimchi and pickled vegetables is prepared days, weeks or even months in advance so there's not a lot of preparation to be done.

[Traditional Table Setting]

In the traditional Korean table setting, all dishes are served on one table at the same time as an open space pattern. The basis of the table setting is for one person. Table settings are classified as bap-sang (regular dining table) with cooked rice as the main dish, juk-sang (porridge table), myeon-sang (noodle table), juan-sang (liquor table), dagwa-sang (refreshment table), and gyoja-sang (large dining table).

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