Sunken Soul Carousels ~ D. James Breaux

Let's collect 10,000 days together

And leave them all behind us

And then collect 10,000 more,

Just another out of whack

Lucid dream sequence,

Memories of you

Still stuck in the back of My mind

And I

Wonder why I can't pretend

You've been forgotten,

And try to not love you forevermore,

Because the past convinces me

Of one thing,


Once upon a time

Was irreversibly reversed

And um perpetually postponed,


Out of sequence,

And I realize something,

There's no more searching

For a reset

Because I'll never find it,

The design was deleted

Millenia ago

In favour of

Cold gray days

Spent wondering


The program crashed

And the dream ever had to stop,

And even though

It's better forgotten,

I still remember,

Because lost in your eyes

Was the best place

I've known.

Random, abstract splashings from some invisible inkwell in a dusty basement hidden in some parallel universe....#OutlawInCharge ❤️
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