(Spoiler alert) Goodbye Hansung

I don't know what to feel.... I feel so sad, frustrated, tired etc.... I feel like I lost a son when the character of our very own Taehyung (Hansung) died last night. in the drama he has a very bright and innocent personality... he wants sunwoo that much... all he wants to do is to play with his hyungs ...when he smile I found my self smiling too (you'll agree with me right?) last night tears falling down from my cheeks and I can't stop it... I hate it I know its a drama and not reality but my heart aches when his character died... my baby hansung wae?? wae?? I can't hate his brother cause I love him too... but where do I put the blame? to the queen? I don't know I haven't watch it yet , maybe later I can watch it... to be honest the reason I'm watching this drama it's because of my taehyung but later on I found my self falling in love with dansae, ahro, yeol wool, ban ryu, soo ho, sunwoo and ji dwi ...I really love this drama so much.. all of the characters doing a great job I really love them so there's no reason to stop watching it even though my baby Hansung died.....on the brighter side.. I'm so happy with taehyung's acting... I can say that for a rookie actor he did it well... I hope in the future he will casted in other dramas too.... but I figure it out that he's character died but I didn't see he's riding a horse or doing a fight scene with the 5 hwarangs? (that's what I wish for... seeing him holding his sword and showing his skills in fighting or holding a bow ) oh well that's enough his character are now gone.. I won't forget this drama... I really love this drama... but there's one thing I realize... his mother lol Byun Baekhyun (Wang eun) in moon lovers scarlet heart :ryeo has a same personality with Kim Taehyung (Suk Hansung) right? and theyre both the youngest? and both of them died? why is that??? oh well I think the directors did it it's because they're new and rookie so that their characters died earlier... any ways Kim Taehyung our beloved baby Hansung we won't forget you.. you did a great job as an rookie actor... you can improve more in the future... we love you Kim Taehyung ...good luck to the wings tour and do your best.. saranghaeyo

Ps: army's let's continue watching hwarang arasseo? not because hansung died there's No reason to stop watching ...the drama is great same as the actors okay?? I'm sure taehyung wants us to watch the drama even though his character are now gone... that's all hwarang fighting...

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