Yoongi/Yoonmin Fanfiction: Chapter 15

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Arlene's P.O.V:

Their second TV Music Show appearance. I sat in their makeup room against their knowledge, monitoring quietly. I'd missed the first one, working day and night on a solo dance for V. The lack of sleep was slowly eating away at my usually bubbly personality and sane mind, but it didn't matter. Everything was coming together the way I wanted.

I regretted not watching the first performance as soon as I saw Yoongi's face appear. He was starting off their title song, J-Hope jumping in from his left to continue, and Namjoon last before they all joined together for a dance break. They were perfectly in sync, feeling themselves through the music. Jin missed a step, getting too lost in his singing, almost falling but caught himself. Luckily, it wasn't that noticeable. I tapped my knuckles against the wood of the chair I was sitting in, attempting to thank whoever saved him. I'd watched him attempt to remember the footwork myself, and he was struggling to no end. I'd just need to work with him before their next broadcast. Yoongi flirted too much with the camera, as this comeback was his "time to shine" as Jimin put it, and also, it was his birthday. Needless to say, the fucker was feeling himself.

"Aish what a rush. I need a nap." I heard that familiar rasp of Yoongi's as they walked in.

"What kind of statement was that hyung? You literally make.. no sense-"

"yah! Namjoon-ssi, that's 'genius hyung' to you."

"Ha! In yo-"



Jungkook and V screamed, making me jump in my seat. My eyes snapped over to them as they came running to tackle me in a hug. I groaned in protest, but wrapped my arms around their sweaty figures.

"Yah, let me go guys," I giggled, poking at their toned sides. They let me go, but that didn't mean I was free. Yoongi took over, squeezing the life out of me. Jimin slipped behind me to hug me as well.

"I didn't think I'd get to see you today-"

"I wouldn't miss your birthday Oppa. Did I miss Hobi's? Noooo I did not," I giggled doing my best to not kiss him in front of all these people. "Happy birthday Oppa."

"Thank you Jagiya," He whispered back. Jimin giggled, just listening to us Until Yoongi pulled away. Jimin snakes his hand tighter around my waists, trying to hold me closer.


"Nooooo," he whined, resting his head on my shoulder. That earned me some looks from the makeup artists that made my heart race in fear that they'd say something. Anything. Absolutely any rumor getting out was not a good thing.

"Jiminie it'll raise questions," I spoke softly, looking at the makeup artists. "I don't need you guys in a scandal because of me. We spoke about Bang PD-nim's warning. Jiminie please let me go."

He huffed, reluctantly letting me go and walking away. I reached up to scratch my eyebrow, before nodding to Yoongi. "Yah play the part!" I warned him. He smirked before reaching out his hand as if to shake mine. I hooked our thumbs together, grabbing his hand, pulling him in for a clap up. "God this is weird." I whispered before pulling away. He winked at me, walking the same way that Jimin disappeared.

I, on the other hand, went to find Jin. He was sitting in a chair at a makeup station alone. I sighed, knowing damn well that he was beating himself up over that misstep.

"Oppa," I called softly as a makeup artist worked on him. He gave me a soft smile, and I kneeled down in front of him. He didn't look at me, crack another smile, or try to tell a joke. I took his hand in mine and sighed. I rubbed slow smooth circles over his palm with my thumbs. "Stop beating yourself up over a misstep. I'll work with you tonight and you'll be perfectly fine for the next broadcast. You knew the step Oppa... I know you did I watched you learn it. I helped you learn it. Trust me, I'll help you and you'll be fine."

He looked at me as if he was going to cry, but smiled. "Alright. Tonight yes?" He giggled and I nodded, giving his hand a small squeeze. "I'll make you some food for being nice enough to help-"

"Aish Oppa! For one, it's my job. Two, I love helping you guys! I'll always be here to help you as well, even if someday I do something stupid and lose my position, yes?" He scoffed in disbelief that I'd actually do anything to jeopardize my position. It was true though. I wasn't perfect, and anything could happen. I could slip up, just like any other human.

My phone rang, and I excused myself from the room. Once I saw the contact name, I sighed annoyed, but answered it.

"What do you want?" I asked my mother annoyed.

"Your Father's dead. I can't pay for his funeral so you'll have to pay for it. Maybe find a way to get your ungrateful ass back here and take care of me while you're at it? I am in my mid seventies you know! Anyways, that's all I had to say. I can barely afford for them to hold his body for a week, so you might want to hurry." And she hung up.

Yes, I lied to the boys when I said my mother supported my move to Korea. In fact, I borrowed money to get away from them... and finished paying her back not three months before that day. My mother hated me, but my father.... he loved me. He adored my little self till the day I couldn't handle it anymore. It being my mother, and I needed to leave.

My phone slipped from my loose grasp, clapping against the tiled floor beneath me. A small whimper escaped my lips as I held myself, sliding down the wall I was leaning against. My heartbeat was too loud for me to think straight, and my tears clouded my once clear vision. I couldn't feel when J-Hope tried to get my attention, or when he tried to call my name. I could only see fast images of my father flash through my mind, and I couldn't imagine him being dead I just... I just couldn't.

I was being lifted on my feet and dragged somewhere, but I could barely breathe as it was. I faintly heard a door open and close.

"Jagiya! Jagiya please please stop crying what's wrong?" Yoongi's voice sounded so far away. I knew he was there, right in front of me... gripping my hips tightly as though I would fall if he didn't. It felt as though an ocean was separating us. "Jagi please," he whispered, moving closer to my face. I felt one of his hands slip from my hip to wipe my tears softly. I sighed in comfort, but shook my head. Something was missing... I felt as though I couldn't say a word to Yoongi until-

"I'm here I'm here! I'm so sorry Noona we had to film some behind the scenes stuff really fast but I'm here-"

"He's gone," my voice broke, barely sounding like a whisper. Even though I spoke in English, it wasn't so much that they couldn't understand. Jimin moved behind me as he usually did, wrapped his arms around my stomach comfortably, and that was it. I realized why I couldn't say anything to Yoongi. Jimin was missing. I needed them both... I felt I would always need them both.

"Jagi please tell us what's wrong? Who's gone," Yoongi pleaded, moving my hair to one side so that Jimin could rest his head on my shoulder.

"M-my father... he's dead," I could barely trust my voice and I bit my lip harshly. Holding back tears was never easy for me, but they had a right to know. I took a deep breath, quickly wiped the remainder of my tears and nodded.

"My mother... didn't support me coming here. I borrowed the money from her... to move here. I couldn't.. take her constant hate towards me... She was my biggest bully, making it hard to live. I've paid her back, but she never... forgets to remind me that I've abandoned her... and was ungrateful. My... my father was the only one who ever loved me... and now.. now she calls to tell me I have to pay for his funeral, and move back to take care of her-"

"Hyung just hug her," Jimin sighed, clearly seeing that Yoongi didn't know what to do. He nodded, slipping his arms around my waist and holding me just as close as Jimin.

"I'm sorry Jagi, I'm not really good at this." He whispered. I smiled a bit, knowing that information well already.

"You're.. not actually going to leave us, right?" Jiminie pleaded in the form of am innocent question.

"He was my Father Jimin. I can't just not give him a funeral-"

"He means are you going to move back to America to take care of cunt claiming to be any sort of mother to you." I could hear the venom in his voice, but it was completely understandable. I shook my head.

"In her dreams," I sighed. "Let me go... I want to see you both." My whisper was audible enough. Slowly and reluctantly, they let me go, and Jimin moved to stand in front of me.

I smiled up at them both, feeling my tears matte to my cheeks. In the faint darkness of the room Yoongi pulled me into, I could see the worried looks on both their faces. Even though I was smiling, they could tell it wasn't as genuine as usual. Though my heart ached, I couldn't help but feel happy still, because I had them. I took Jimin's hand in one of mine, and Yoongi's hand in the other.

"She wishes I'd leave for her. But no, I'm not moving back for her. She's been digging her own grave with me since I was born. Now, she can lie in it alone. As for my father, he deserves better, and I have to give him better." They looked to each other, and nodded. They both gave my hand a squeeze before kissing my cheeks.

"Now go. I'll walk out in five minutes so no one suspects anything-"

"I walked in here with you though-"

"Maybe no one saw that. Go go." I rushed them. The others probably know already, because of J-Hope, but the staff most likely doesn't. "And thank you... For being there for me."

"Always," they both said in unison, giving me one last smile before walking out.
















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