Coffee Break part 64

Hi Hi! Popping in with update at long last. lol since I've been busy I've been writing less, even as I made another story (crazy me), but finally set a sced for myself to get back a rolling So you'll see a few more updates :)



Mia’s View.

“I can't believe she just did that to me” I huffed as I took a seat on a log. It looked like it was actually used as a bench but it was still a log.

“Are you upset about something?” Keri came over to ask. Layla had already run off with Tae but keri and Yoongi were still here.

“I'm just upset Layla up and ditched me” I sighed. Concern crosse her face and she looked back towards yoongi than back to me.

“You could come with me and Yoongi” she offered. “It'll be fun” she smiled at me.

Keri, she was sweet, but I kind of knew I would be a third wheel with those 2.

“Thanks for the offer, but I'll stick with the guys” I said.

“Well if you change your mind, we'll be the last group going up” she said confusing me.

“Really? I thought you would be head out now, or at least when we do” I questioned which made her laugh.

She sat down next to me.

“No, because of that contest who goes up first, they, and by they, I mean yoongi, Tae and Kooki decided the order. Tae goes up first since he will get lost somehow, than your group because of them being slow and since yoongi is good with directions.” She chuckled. “I'm horrible with them but I'm just following yoongi so yes” she shrugged. It made me laugh at how well thought out the boys actually made this.

“So head start for everyone but you” I said in short.

“I'm okay, I'm not drinking so it doesn't matter to me” she said.

“In that case” I grinned. I wanted to know what would happen if she got drunk Now, I was curious.

“What?” She asked.

“I'll make a bet with you” I started. “If you do beat me to the top, you have to do a couple shots tonight” I challenged her. Keri’s eyes went big than she grinned and stood up.

Challenge accepted

“Yoongi!” Keri called out, yoongi and the rest of the guys looked over at us. “Mia wants me to drink tonight” she said.

I was confused, why did she just announce that. Oh crap, that deadly look Yoongi was shooting me.

“Your not allowed alcohol! If you so much as look at it I'm dragging your ass down this hill and right back home where you will leave me alone!” Yoongi called out as he stomped over to us. He glared down at me.

“Don't even think of tempting her” he said.

“You lost your chance we're going on ahead” yoongi turned to the other guys than grabbed Keri pulling her up and towards the trail they were taking.

“Okay” I blinked several times.

“ don't worry about them, yoongi isn't upset at you, the fear of her getting drunk now terrifies him” kooki said standing over me. I looked at him.

“That woman terrifies him? How?” I questioned making him chuckle.

“Let's just say last week she had a bachelorette party got drunk came home and he had to deal with crazy plus clean up. She agreed after the wedding no drinking” kooki explained

“I still don't understand” I blinked.

 Okay I understood, but I wanted, really wanted to know what Keri did to him.

Jimin came up wrapping an arm over kooki’s shoulders.

“Keri strip danced like she saw them proceeded to get sick on his favorite sweater and shoes. He didn't forgive her for it either” Jimin answered.

Strip danced? Keri? I burst out laughing.

“I know but yoongi recorded it so now we’ve all seen it. It's the funniest thing” Jimin laughed.

Oh I really wanted to see this now.

“Hey! Lets get headed out!” One of the other guys called out.

“Come on” kooki extended his hand for me and I took it.

We started up the trail. Jimin and Hobi were singing together and Namjoon and Jin were talking. I walked next to kooki at the end of the group.

“How is your dance class going?” He asked.

“Good. Its been cold outside so we moved to an indoor location” I said.

“That's why I haven't seen you in the park” he said

“You actually looked for me” I said

“Well yes, I mean. I run through there all the time” he said

“Ah that’s how you knew” I nodded.

We spent several minutes talking about dance and at one point when we looked up at the four guys in front of us, Hobi and Jimin were dancing as they walked. Namjoon had put music on his phone for them to dance to, it was one of their songs I figured that out at long last when Kooki started to sing along

“You have a really good voice” I commented. His face turned red.

“Thanks” he mumbled as he stopped singing.

“He better have a good voice, he is a singer” Jimin commented ahead of us.

“He could just be good looking and have crap for vocals” I pointed out.

“Excuse me? Did you just call my baby good looking?” Jin stopped and turned full around to look at me.

“Did I touch a nerve?” I cocked an eyebrow. He stared at me, the other three guys stopping to watch what might happen. All of a sudden Jin started to laugh.

“Kook is handsome, but I’m better looking” He caressed his Jin “And I have a sexy voice too” he purred. I started to giggle at that.

“Of course, you are the prettiest among us” I agreed.

“Princess Jin!” Jimin called out. He came over and wrapped an arm over Jin’s shoulders.

“Don’t you forget it, I am the pretty pretty princess” Jin declared. All of a sudden, Jimin, Hobi, and Namjoon started to tease Jin about what he just declared.

“I think your prettier than Jin” Kooki leaned over to tell me. I smiled looking away from him.

“That’s sweet.” I said and turned to him. “But he is totally into boasting he’s a pretty princess, I”m going to let him have it, even if he isn’t a girl” I said.

“But he is prettier than most girls” Kooki pointed out. He had a good point, it was very true.

“His skin looks so smooth, I’m slightly jealous of that” I sighed.

“Your not allowed to touch him” Kooki’s voice was a little rough.

“Uhm I didn’t know I had the option to” I said. “Or that I’m not allowed to” I added.

“I have smooth skin too” He said randomly as he took my hand.

He lifted it up and put my hand on his cheek. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but I went with it. I ran my fingers down his cheek and up again forming a little circle with my fingers.

“Hmm very smooth” I noted.

“Yah! What are you too doing?” Namjoon called out as we heard rustling in the trees.

“Getting along hyung” Kooki said.

“Don’t get along too well” Namjoon said than mumbled something about yoongi being a bad influence.

There was more rustling and than a scream, all of a sudden hobi broke out screaming and running up the trail. I didn’t know who screamed, but I knew it wasn’t like they were screaming murder.

“I think we just lost hobi” Jin pointed out the obvious.

“I’ll go get him” Namjoon sighed.

“And get lost yourself? No,” Jin sighed. “Come on buddy we’ll grab him together. Jimin stay with these two” Jin instructed. Jimin just shrugged.

Namjoon and Jin took off running up the trail.

“What do you think that was?” I asked.

“Probably other hikers” Jimin said.

The three of us were walking at a decent pace but neither seemed to be in a rush to get to the top.

“Hobi gets scared easily” Jimin said.

Kooki started to slow his walking down even more, Jimin hadn’t noticed but I had and slowed down to walk with him.

“Are you getting tired?” I asked. Kooki just shook his head back and forth.

“Enjoying the outdoors” he said.

“You like the outdoors?” I asked.

“Yes, i’m fortunate to be able to enjoy it a lot” he said.

“Lucky you. I’m always inside, classroom, work, gym, work. Yea always indoors. Its why I have that dance class outside when we can” I chuckled at my train of thought. Kooki looked at me, giving me a smile than looked forward. I watched as a frown spread across his face.

“Where did Jimin go?” he asked looking around. Looking forward I saw Jimin really was gone. He had just been there a moment ago.

“Should we call out to him?” I asked. He stared straight ahead than shook his head and yelled out.

“Jimin if your getting murdered yell out now!” Kooki yelled out. I had to stifle my laughter. “IF you don’t yell out in the next 10 second we’re leaving you wherever you are!” Kooki shouted than started to count to 10. By the end of the countdown there was no yelling back or any noise.

“Okay let’s continue” Kooki smiled. I gave him a quizzical look.

“You sure? He could have a gun to his head and not be able to yell” I came up with which made him chuckle.

I doubt that” Kooki said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up the trail.

We were silent for a few minutes before we started talking again. It was maybe ten minutes later we made it out of the tree’s and saw the top. People were already there.

I cannot believe they made it here before us” Kooki laughed seeing the group.

“I can believe it” I chuckled.



lol Oh the boys are so cute. lol knew they needed alone time, except didn't get as much as they thought. hehr next chapter you'll find out what happened to the guys to make them disappear. wink** wink** don't forget yoongi is up to something ** lol sry had to hint

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