I'm sorry I forgot to metion something else that was added to Pokemon Go. As we all know each pokemon has a genre well at least most of them. Anyways Pokemon Go has added that genre's to you Pokemon, long with what pokemon it evolves to.

The only one that does not have one which is Eevee mostly because this pokemon has more then one way to evolved. So that pokemon has a question mark by it. Mostly saying you have to gamble. Which is what I'm willing to do to get my Umbreon.

Then there's Pokemon that you already evolved but has an other evolved form by using a special items like Slowpoke or Seadra. Slowpoke/ Slowbro evolves into Slowking with a kings rock. While Seadra evolves into Kingdra using a Dragon scale.

But as to where to get the items I'm thinking the shop but right now pokemon go does not what to work with at the moment so I can't really tell you. If anyone finds out let me know or onces pokemon go stops acting up I'll add it on this card.

But on a different note I want to say thank you all for following my collection. I hit the 400 followers and I want to thank you all for it. I'm glad there are other Pokemon Master's that love Pokemon just as much as I do. So thank you all and I'll keep on adding more cards to my collection.

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