Bruised Love (18+ JacksonxReaderxWonho FF): Chapter 1


There isn't any smut right away but I promise as the story progresses more adult situations will turn up and so will smut. I belong to the House of Exctessy and I promise I won't disappoint you. This story is a mi I series so you won't wait to long for smut and maybe get a little bit of pieces here and there, subtle hints, to have you wanting, anticipating and gearing up for the main course but until then let's start the story. Get comfortable and sorry in advance for the tooth ache it starts off sweet foe the first two chapters...

CH 1


The day started off like any other day, except I thought the sun was shining more brightly in the sky and that the birds chirping was a bit more energetic. It was my first day off in like three weeks. Working as hairstylist and makeup artist at JYP Entertainment. It's a job I love but when comebacks are happening I hardly ever get a break or a day off. So on my day off I was so happy the sun was shining even in the middle of a chilly winter day.

I was using this day off to catch up on household chores errands. First thing to cross of my list is grocery shopping. A girl needs food, she just can't live off ramen and going to restaurants, besides this girl here loves to cook and to save money. Here I was following my shopping list written out like the layout of the store to make shopping easier and a breeze. I usually don’t stray from my shopping list but today the fruit looks to amazing to pass up on.

I was eyeing the bananas and apples as my hand reaches for an orange and collides with a male hand, a very familiar male hand. It looks like a hand from one of the artists I do makeup and hair on. I notice the artists hands because they all focus on their hands when I’m doing something to their hair to be occupied by their phones. I turn to look and say apologise just as he apologises too.

Shock was written on both our faces. My cheeks become flushed in embarrassment because he got me out in just sweats, no makeup on and my hair thrown atop my head in a messy bun.

“y/n, right?”

I nod my head, and say excuse me as I grab more fruit and other oranges. I go to step around him after I bow and he stops me by putting his hand on my arm. I look at him in a confusion.

“Y/n, to be honest I’ve been trying to gain your attention for months now as you styled us, and did our makeup. I've tried to make you laugh buy all I ever noticed was a small smirk playing on your lips. You intrigue me. I guess what I'm trying to say is will you have coffee with me?”

My cheeks heat up more in embarrassment and I'm dreading not having my hair down to hide behind. I look up to hopeful eyes and my throat goes numb, my hands began to sweat. He smiles and because he is Jackson I can't but help smile as well. His hopeful eyes turn into of eyes of anticipation as I open my mouth to speak.

“Nae. I’ll have coffee with you but not today.”

The look on his face of victory for a split second was too adorable but instantly turned to a frown.

“But why, noona?”

“I have too many household chores and errands to do on my day off plus, I look hideous and gross right now.”

He swings my arm and looks at me with puppy eyes.

“Noona, you look beautiful right now. Honestly truly beautiful. If not today when?”

“Tomorrow, I'm free all day. You can text me when you get a break in your schedule.”

He drops my arm and we exchange numbers. As he walks away I notice him bite his lips as he looks back at me and I push my glasses up the bridge of my nose and bring a hand over my heart.

Did my crush just ask me out for coffee and call me beautiful, I ask myself as i finish my grocery shopping in a blissful daze.

As I returned home and finished all my household chores I kept getting dings and notifications from my phone. Some from Jackson but some from my best friendlier Veronica, and another stylist who was dating an idol but wouldn't tell me.

y/n, did jackson ask you out for coffee?

“Nae, but how did you know?”

“I and Jinyoung sort of pushed him into asking you out. He was getting on my nerves asking me all about you when I shouted and Jinyoung shouted ask her out for coffee and find out yourself.”



Thank you, and is Jinyoung your boyfriend?”

“Shhh, that's a secret, I'm entrusting to you. FIGHTING! I know you lethal Jackson. So dress cutely tomorrow and not your sweats “

I laugh at that last remark. Jackson must have told everyone about how I looked and Jinyoung must have relayed it to Veronica.

I open the message from jackson and laugh at his 100 and 1 questions.

“Are you interviewing me?”

“Sorry, I just want to know every small detail about you.”

“I'm not answering any of these until tomorrow.”

“Please answer just one question.”

“Fine, one question. I'll answer one question What time did you want coffee?”

“Say about 11:30 am and my question is do you like me noona?”

I squeal as I read his question. I decide to toy with him a little.

“Should I answer this honestly or…”

I bite my lip waiting for his reply as I start typing out…

I think I more than like you a and I may or may not have incredibly indecent tho….

As I type I get a notification

“Or what…”

I delete what I started to write and enter a different reply…

“depends on how coffee goes and then I'll answer your question.”

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