“Betrayal is the greatest poem man could write. With every betrayal there is a consequence. And no one can plot revenge or vengeance better than the betrayal itself.”

I couldn’t believe what he said and told him that I needed some time to think about it. To trust the one person that fucked me over in the beginning, isn’t what I think of as a sound plan. It doesn’t help that those words he said keep replaying in my head like a soundtrack put on repeat. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Are you fucking kidding me? The mere fact that everything we plan boils down to whether or not, she can do what needs to. I don’t trust her to do what we expect of her. But Detective Kwon thinks that that’s exactly what we needs to happen.

I just don’t believe that. If that were the case, then Simon and Alexis would have already reaped what they sowed when they betrayed me the first time. 10 years ago should have been my indication, that I should have cut my losses then, but I just couldn’t.

10 Years Ago…..

I was the head of a large subsidiary that took over most of the streets of Seoul. It was mines for the taking and I wanted it all. My girl Alexis was right beside me. Our only problem from completely taking it over, was the other person who owned the rest of the block. He was known as a fuckboy around town for the shady shit he would do with females, but he was also just as ruthless as they came. He hated those who fucked him over, especially those who were willing to do so at the cost of his life. That he wasn’t going to have.

Simon rarely trusted people. The only people he trusted was his girl at the time and himself. I had to find a way to get him to be on my side and the only things he understood were: Women, Loyalty and Money. The only difference is that Simon's weakness truly was women. He would do whatever they wanted, no matter the request. It was never too big or too small for him. Even if it meant killing people. That was how he proved his loyalty.

In order to get Simon to agree to hand over his portion, I would need something tangible. Something that he wouldn't be able to refuse. The only thing that I knew he wanted more of, other than women, was money and power. I was willing to pay him whatever necessary to allow me to take over.

“No Deal!” Simon said, as I laid my offer out to him on the table.

“You're not gonna take the $20 mill that I'm offering you right now, to sell to me. Come on man?”

“That's right. I'm not taking that piece of shit offering.”

“Piece of shit offering? Have you lost your fucking mind?”

“No, I haven't.” He said with this this dangerous gleam in his eye.

“I want something more and I don't mean women and money!”

That very moment he said it, I knew what he wanted. But there was no way I was willing to share what I spent my whole life building for myself and my girl. And more than likely what he wanted was the largest share for himself and his girl Rae.

“What is it that you want?”

“I want 80%of what you have and I'll my territory into the mix with yours.”

“How about fuck off! There's no way in hell I'm giving you 80% of what I own.”

“Well then, this is a waste of my time and I'm out.”

As Simon and Rae got up to walk out the club, Alexis leans in and whispers to me,

“Babe, don't let him walk away we need that territory. Go 50/50?!”

“Alexis… Are you serious right now? You really enfant someone like that controlling half of this?”

“Look right now we need this and I know you Jay, you can be too stubborn sometimes.”

“Fine… But if this shit backfires it's on you. Just make sure we keep a close eye on him.”

“Alright, alright…. Just wait… how about this: we split it 50/50. You can keep controlling your area and I'll control mines and we make this expansion together. The parts we expand on together we split profit right down the middle and anything we make from territories before this merge we keep for ourselves. Deal?!”

Simon looked and thought about it. He looked over to Rae and she nodded in agreement.

“Alright, deal. Let's draw up the contract so we could conclude business. Partner.”

He sounded like such a fucking douchebag. But I shook his hand and agreed. That was how we got into business together. To be honest, I had my doubts. I didn't think this shit was gonna work out. But Alexis kept her eye on him, sometimes a little too close. But we grew and we expanded and more money than we knew what to do with. Within those first few years he actually stopped with all the bullshit killings and was ready to hang up that part of him for good. Until some money started coming up missing from Simon's side of his business.

For a moment we didn't know how or where this money was getting taken. We questioned everyone who knew about the money transactions and the drop offs. We still couldn't find who it was until one night, Simon and I were in the office conducting business trying to figure out where the hell this money was going. Then we heard someone in his office. We both look at each other, cause usually the only people on here this late was Simon and myself unless our girls were here.

We walked towards his office and heard drawers opening and papers being moved about. We opened the door to see Rae. What the fuck she was looking for we had no idea.

“It's been you all this time, huh Rae?”

At the sound of his voice Rae jumped and was looking to the side for a place to escape to.

“Babe what are you talking about? I came in here looking for the watch you bought me a couple of months ago? I thought maybe I left it in here.”

“Are you sure that that's the excuse you want to use? See because that drawer you were looking through is always locked. I have the only key. Which means one of two things.”

As he's talking he slowly starts to walk towards Rae and she begins to slowly back up into a corner realizing that she has nowhere to go. He corners,

“Number one you either jimmied this drawer open or number 2 you took the key without my permission and made am extra copy for yourself. I personally think that it's the second one. What about Jay? What do you think?”

“Considering she opened it ease, I'm thinking you're right.”

“Rae?!” Simon said to her questionably.

“Fine. I made a copy of the key and yes I have been taking your money. And I'm fucking glad that I did, you two timing bastard!” she said.

Simon grabbed her by her neck and pushed her up against the wall. I have never seen him look so fucking malicious. I knew he was about to lose it.

“Simon don't do it! She ain't worth it. Let her keep the what she's already taken and let the bitch go.”

“Fuck you Jay!”

“Fuck me?! Fuck me?! I'm trying to save your sorry ass, huh but you know what, this is between you and Simon. I'm done!”

“No, Jay it's not considering that the bitch he’s been fucking is Alexis. Now what you gotta say to that?”

I turned around slowly at the mention of Alexis’ name and see Simon squeeze Dad’s neck a little tighter so she could barely breathe. There is no way she would do that to me. No fucking way. All that I have done for her.

“Simon is this fucking true. You been fucking my girl?”

“Come one Jay? Look I know i have done some shady ass shit in the past but I was perfectly content with Rae until now.”

“Don't you fucking lie to me. I will end you!”

“Bro, I'm not. We're like brothers. I wouldn't do that shit to you!”

“You handle this. I need to go talk to Alexis.”

I ended up calling her and just like Simon she denied everything to and said that Rae was lying just make herself not look guilty and look more like the victim. I wanted to believe her. I wholeheartedly wanted to believe Alexis, but something in my gut was telling me not to. The signs were there but no real fucking proof. So I and no choice but to believe her. I walked back in and told Simon to deal with it. He took Rae and left. Don't know where. But I know they went for as he liked to call it “a drive”. Only God knows what happened the rest of that night.

2 Hours Later

Pulling up to his usual destination, Simon and Rae hopped out the car with his team behind him. He had her bound by her hands and gagged so no one could hear her. But then again who would out in the middle of nowhere.

“Fuck Rae. Why did you have to go and fuck this up? I was actually falling for you. I mean, yea I fucked Alexis. Once.. Well maybe twice… Okay you got me. Three times.. But that's all it was. I was only using her, just so I could figure out a way to get Jay out of the picture.”

Rae was talking through the gag but no sounds were coming out.

“Oh. What was that Rae? You have something to say?"

Pulling the gag off she yells,

“Why didn't you just tell me? We could have plotted this shit together. What the fuck Simon? Or was I just not part of your end game?”

“Well Rae, I had thought about it? You would have been part of my end game, but you started fucking up. Stealing from me and doing stupid shit. What do you think I wouldn't notice the body count that you were trying add up on my territory. I hid that shit from Jay. I know everyone thinks I'm the ruthless one, which is no lie. But you my dear. You take it to the extreme. I have boundaries. But you. You don't. You started killing kids for God's sake.”

“But it was all for you baby” she said coyly.

“No baby it wasn't. The only person you were looking out for was yourself. And now it's time for me to look out for me.”

Simon took out a gun and without any hesitation let 4 shots ring out. Her body hit the ground and rolled down the hill. Usually Simon, would take his victims bodies and bury them where no one could find them, but he decided to let the vultures finish the job since she thought she was one. With that he left, thinking she was dead.

The next day, no one asked any questions or said anything about Rae. Simon found the watch that she had been supposedly looking for on the night we caught her snooping. He usually wouldn't go back to visit the body but something said just take it there. As he approached the bill he looked over and saw no body. He thought that it was peculiar seeing as how this place was always vacant and not anyone knew about it. He waved it off and just threw the watch down below. Little did he know, maybe it wasn't as vacant as he thought. Especially since the body has not been reported as found.

“Goodbye Rae.” and that was that.

About a year later, it finally came to light that what Rae had said that night was actually true. Alexis and Simon had been fucking around with each other behind my back. Yea well how I found out, I saw them fucking in his office. At that point they had no choice but to admit it. If it wasn't for the fucking contract they would both be dead. Especially her. She can be lying side by side with Rae’s bones. Most people wouldn't have let that shit go, but me on the other hand, my business was growing and I wasn't gonna let some bitch fuck this up. So I let her go. But I have her fair warning as well

“If you think that he won't do to you what he did to Rae, you have another fucking thing coming. The grass ain't always greener on the other side baby girl. Just remember that.”

“Yea well, he would never do to me what he did to Rae. He loves me.”

“Yea… ha that's funny cause Rae thought the same thing and look at where she ended up!”

She looked at me and I walked away.


Yea that was 10 years ago. It all makes sense now. He was preparing himself for the moment that he knew he was ready to take me out. He calculated and he waited patiently for the right moment. Then BAM! It was done.

Detective Kwon is right. MJ is the only way. So we will do what he likes to do. Use women for his own gain except this time, we won't have to do much work. I pull out my phone and call the Detective

“I'm in. I'll talk to MJ so we can set everything in motion.”

I hung up and just stood there looking the glass window, wondering why now all of a sudden my past seems to be repeating itself.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and are enjoying this story. I truly appreciate all the support and love. Thank you so much for being patient with me.

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